This might not be any good and it might not make any sense, but I can still say I tried, again, to write a decent KidflashxJinx oneshot. (my first didn't go to well…heheheh…)

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Stupid, stupid, STUPID! How could I be so stupid? I'm stupid, the H.I.V.E five are stupid, the world's stupid and most importantly he's stupid!

Okay, maybe he's not stupid as such… but I still hate him!

I can't believe that guy! He spends ages trying to convert me and make me see the errors of my ways and as soon as I do, he abandons me! I can't find him anywhere! It's been…what…three days since the Madame Rouge fiasco and I haven't seen head or tail of him! And I am not going back to the H.I.V.E five!

So, here I am, sitting in an alleyway in the freezing cold at about eleven o' clock a night. All I've got is a soaking piece of clothing which is my outfit, or at least was my outfit, and a rose. Yeah, I've still got it.

I spent the first day looking for him but failed. The next day I looked again but not as hard. Today I could hardly get up. I haven't eaten for three days! I considered stealing but I just can't.

"You can do better."

UGH! Can't he leave me alone for one second? I keep hearing him in my head! Not a good sign.

If he were here right now, I'd punch his perfect face so hard that…



I guess he is kind of cute…

And sweet…

And funny…

But it's not like I like him or anything…


Who am I kidding? Of course I like him! Heck! If I'd known him for more than a few days, I'd say I was in love with him!

I guess that's what makes it hurt all the more.

I fiddle with the rose in my hand. I'm surprised it's still alive! I would have thought that it'd be dead by now and…hey! What's that?

Strange…there's some paper in this rose…

Flat 7

The Rose Vault

Clover road

Star city

Flat seven…Clover road…the rose vault!?!? What is this?

Why is there an address in the rose?

Who's address? His?

Should I go?




It's raining.

Just my luck.

Well, 'Flat seven' has got to be better than here.

I walk across ti the tourist information shop. Conveniently, there's a map that shows you the whole of Jump and the surrounding cities, including Star city, in the window.

Star city's quite far away…but I can make it…


I start to walk.

~Three hours later~

Clover road, clover road…oh, there it is.

Took me three hours but I'm finally here, and exhausted!

It's too dark to make out much. Even if I do find 'flat seven', no one will be awake.

Ah, that must be the rose vault!

I use the last of my energy to run through the rain towards a large building that looks suspiciously like a block of flats. Sure enough, it says 'The Rose Vault' in large writing on the front door.

I can already feel my knees weakening as it begins to get harder to stand up. My eyelids are drooping. It's getting increasingly hard to stay awake. I manage to brush my fist uselessly against the door as my vision gets cloudy. The colours began to swirl into complete darkness as I begin to fall to the ground.

Suddenly, I feel two strong arms catching me before I completely black out.


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