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(Kid Flash's POV)

I look out the window for the hundredth time…

…and she's still not there!

Come on Jinx! Where are you?

It's been three days since Madame Rouge and I haven't seen Jinx at all! I gave her my address and everything! Where could she be?

I should really stop worrying, it's not like she had to come anyway, it's her own choice. Maybe she's still with the H.I.V.E five…

No, she can't be. What about that newspaper article from the other day? It said that Jinx hadn't been seen with the H.I.V.E five for three days! In fact, she hasn't been seen at all…

If I could, I'd go look for her myself, but I can't, Robin says I have to stay in Star city, that's where I live. He'd know if I left the city, even for a second.

It's about two o'clock at night right now. Jinx still hasn't shown up.

STOP IT! If she hasn't shown up by now, then it's unlikely she will!

Maybe she doesn't want to see me. Maybe she's happier on her own…



It's raining now.


Note the sarcasm.

I hate thunderstorms! But I still can't get Jinx off my mind!

What of she never found the note?

What if she got lost in Star city?

What if she quit the H.I.V.E five but they came after her?

What if she's in trouble?

What if-?

GAH! What if this? What if that? I've got to be more positive! I need sleep"


I lay down in my bed and wait for sleep to take over.



Why am I in the middle of the street?




What's going on?

Where am I?

I just stand there doing nothing as scarlet raindrops fall steadily from the sky, onto the pavement, forming crimson puddles that litter the street.


Scarlet raindrops?

Crimson puddles?

Why is the rain red?

Now I realise the horrible truth.

It's not abnormally coloured rain.

It's not rain at all!

It's not water…

…it's blood…


It's raining blood.


When I finally get over this, I notice, out of the corner of my eye, a figure in black and purple in the distance. But that isn't what startles me.

It's the flash of hot pink.


I run over towards my Jinx to find her lying in a pool of blood.


My Jinx?

Well, I guess I do kind of like her…

I have for a long time.

I may be in love with her!

So anyway, I pick up her body and find a large gash in her side. It looks deep. Her skin is much paler than usual.

She isn't breathing.

Oh no!

This isn't good!

What do I do?

Call an ambulance?




Huh? Why am I in my bedroom?

It was a dream?

Thank goodness!

Well, of course it was a dream!

Since when did it rain blood?

But I can't say it didn't freak me out.

I glance at the clock and see I have been asleep for three hours.

It's still raining pretty hard.

I can't help it…

…I glance at the window, again, for the umpteenth time.

And there! I see it! A flash of pink making it's way towards 'The Rose Vault', that's the name of the flat I live in.

Hurriedly, I race down the stairs and throw open the front door as Jinx is about to collapse. I catch her before she hits the ground and take her inside. I lay her on the sofa.

She looks much thinner that before. Her skin is deathly pale and her vibrant pink hair is limp.

She doesn't look good.

I run to the kitchen and begin making some hot chocolate. (A/N I think its cocoa in America)

This is gonna be a long night

~A few hours later, at about seven o'clock~

It's been four hours and she still hasn't woken up! I've been in this spot by the sofa for hours!

Come on Jinx!

Wake up…


I hear a noise. Jinx is stirring. She groans and forces herself into a sitting position, leaning back on her hands before opening her eyes.

How I've missed her eyes.

"Kid Flash?" she mumbles when she spots me.

I can't help it.

I go up to her…

…And hug her…

…before kissing her.


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