Luffy's breath caught. He could feel Zoro's own hard cock against his own, pressing against it with vigor. His body ached with hunger as his hands grasped the moss green hair and his lips pressed passionately against the older mans. It was like he was in a dream. Before then he'd never thought of Zoro that way. He had always just... Been. Just been his first mate... Just been his first nakama. Zoro pressed harder into Luffy's body, pushing a thick, muscled, leg between his legs. Luffy, letting out a long moan, broke their lips apart, and threw back his head.

"Luffy, what the hell are you moaning about? Urasai na!"

Luffy's eyes popped open and scanned his surroundings. Yume... ga? He thought sitting up. To his right he saw Zoro sprawled out in his hammock, still sleeping. Zoro yells at me in his sleep, too? Henano. Slowly he rolled over and tried to fall back to sleep but found that he couldn't. The picture of Zoro pressing against him was still fresh in his mind and this for he could not stop thinking about it. He ran a finger over his lips and sighed. Somehow he'd have to get rid of the image. Almost an hour later he fell into a restless sleep. By morning he was so groggy he could hardly keep his eyes open. Thanks to even more "dreams" Luffy had woken to an unpleasant surprise. Quickly, to avoid being seen, he ran to the bathroom and closed the door Reaching down he began to rub himself, groaning. It felt so... Damn... Good! But as he continued he picture Zoro doing it, his rough hands rubbing the length of his shaft. When he came, the only picture in his mind was that of he and the older man together, sweating and breathing like animals.

A pounding came at the door. "Oi, Luffy! Haiyaku!" Nami whined. "I have to go!" In a flash he cleaned the mess he'd made and stepped out of the bathroom, feigning a goofy smile. "Mo, what the hell were you doing in there?" Wiping hair from her face she stepped angrily into the bathroom. Sighing in relief he walked sluggishly to the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen he slipped into one of the seats and whimpered, "Oi, Sanji! Haruheta! Omeshi wa?" The blond cook growled as he lit a cigarette.

"Hold your horses, baka. Breakfast is coming soon." Slowly Sanji made his way around the kitchen. To his surprise Luffy stayed quiet. Where as the normal Luffy would have been bouncing around, the Luffy right now laid his head to one side of the table and kept quiet. Something was troubling the young captain and Sanji would have loved to ask but he almost didn't want to know. Perhaps he was just depressed because he was hungry. But maybe it was something more serious. Having never dealt with situations like this before he moved around in an awkward silence. After not being able to take it a moment longer he asked harshly, "What's wrong with you sencho? You seem depressed."

Another elongated sigh escaped his lips. A silence filled the air and Sanji almost wondered if asking had been the wrong thing to do. That thought was quickly vanquished when Luffy asked quietly, "Nah, Sanji? Have you ever had dreams about people?"

Letting out a puff of smoke, Sanji replied with a shrug, "Sure. I dream about people a lot. Why?"

"Well... Have you ever dreamed about people of the same sex? I mean other guys...."

With skilled hands Sanji began to mince up the fish they'd caught earlier that day. He pondered the question in his head for a moment. Had he ever? When he finally replied, Luffy had nearly fallen from the table like a fish. "Of course I have. I sometimes dream of Chef Zeff, or the other cooks but never someone I'm not extremely close to." His answer seemed to send Luffy into a sort of frenzy. Quickly the straw hatted captain stood, nearly knocking over the seats. His eyes were wide as saucers and a cloud of depression and despair floated over his head.

Softly he asked, cautious of his words, "They've never been... Sexual?" He shook his head, continuing to chop up the fish. Had perhaps he had dreams of another man? Well the answer to that was quite obvious but why was he asking about sex dreams? He was much too young to understand exactly what they were and was definitely much too naïve. Slowly the captain dripped like water back into his seat. His body fell limp and his tongue lolled out from his mouth.

A plate was soon set in front of his face but he'd lost almost all will to eat. What was he to do about those images in his head? Could he just confront Zoro and ask him about it? Of course not! Not if he valued his life at least. The smell of food crept into his nose and his stomach growled. Despite his depression he just couldn't refuse the food Sanji served him. It was just too delicious. When he'd done cleaned his plate he set it in the sink and went to sit on the figure head of the Going Merry. There was a lot to think about, without a whole lot of space to think peacefully.

Zoro, what seemed like a short while later, called from the kitchen, "Oi! Luffy. Lunch time!" Luffy didn't hear him. For once his mind was actually focused and he refused to break that concentration. All the time he'd been sitting up there he'd been thinking about his dreams and Zoro. Since the moss-haired man had been his first mate, maybe he'd felt some kind of extreme closeness to him. But after thinking about it he decided it wasn't possible. Technically his "first mate" had been Coby. Of course that wasn't at all possible because he didn't have dreams about Coby like he did Zoro. And if he did dream they were completely different. He'd dream about when he'd saved the pink haired boy from Alvida's grasp and sending him off to the marines. When he dreamt of Coby, that's what he dreamt of. Then he began to think maybe it was just an admiration for the older man that stirred him but that was quickly put to rest as well for Luffy had great admiration for all of his crew members. For all of their dreams. There was no logical reason he could come up with. He wasn't like Sanji who was just a natural pervert, and he wasn't like Nami or Robin who probably had feelings for someone but just wouldn't show it. And he wasn't like Usopp or Chopper who were both too young to completely comprehend anything. What possible reason was there? The thoughts bumped around in his head as he sat there, giving him a massive headache. "Oi!" Suddenly Zoro's voice cut with a sharp edge through his thoughts. "Luffy! It's lunch time. Eat now or never!" Surprised, Luffy scrambled from the figure head and to where all his nakama resided. Although his food smelled absolutely heavenly, he just couldn't bring himself to eat more than a bite or two. With a fork in hand he stabbed the food mindlessly. Everyone was utterly confused. Their captain, the brightest, most happy-go-lucky captain in the world, was brooding with a down look on his face and with a small imaginary gray cloud over his head. No one dared ask what was wrong and with the stale atmosphere it was hard to eat.

After bringing food to his mouth three times and putting it back down again Usopp set his fork down and declared loudly, "You know what I'm not hungry right now! Sanji, could you just save it until later?" Reluctantly Sanji nodded. He hated reheating food with a passion. For today he would make an exception. Soon after, like trains on a track, everyone followed. Soon six plates of covered food sat in the fridge. Luffy still picked haphazardly over his own food, staring off into space like in a daze. Before the food could do to waste Sanji plucked it away from him and set it on the counter.

Then slowly he sank down next to Luffy, a cigarette in hand and an open mind on hold. "Luffy who is it?"

He didn't reply.

Sanji set a firm hand on his shoulder and asked again more sternly, "Luffy, who is it? Who is that's got you acting in such a funk?Is it that shithead marimo?" Reluctantly Luffy nodded, choking up a little. He felt the tears welling up in his eyes but he refused to cry. In one swift movement he wiped them away. His head Sanji argued, there's just no way! There is no way in Heaven or Hell that Luffy could like Zoro! It just doesn't make sense! Through conflicting thoughts Sanji continued, "Have you asked to talk to him?" A head shake. "Why not?"

"For the sake of my life and the safety of the other crew members." Again another surprise. Luffy was actually worried about his own well being for once. Letting go of his shoulder Sanji stood and placed his hands on his hips. "Hm? Nani?"

With as much authority as he could muster, Sanji ordered Luffy, "You have to tell Zoro! If you don't tell him by the end of today, no dinner for you. In fact you don't get any food until you tell him. Understood?"

"NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANIIIIIIIIII?!" That made Luffy sit erect and wide-eyed. "No! No way, Sanji. I can't tell my swordsman something like that! I'm made of rubber, not steel. Swords still cut me." Sanji stood by his words. No food until he told Zoro. If he had to he'd sleep in the kitchen to make sure their "mouse" didn't got sneaking around for food. Now more depressed than ever Luffy slunk away to brood in solitude. What was he going to do without food for the entire day?

As the day wore on Luffy somehow managed to push food, and Zoro out of his mind. When dinner time came around he hardly heard his stomach grumble. Then, like a tsunami, all his previous thoughts flooded his head again. Meshi! Sanji hidoi na! He knew that Sanji had resolve and that he wouldn't be able to get even a moresale of food from him. Thinking that slowly Luffy slid beneath the deck and into his hammock. The soft rocking of the ship sent him into another restless sleep.

Zoro's hot breath was on his neck. A hand roamed near his hardened cock. A body, hard as rock, pressed into his, sending the wind right out of him. It was hot. So hot. He breathed quietly, "O-oh Zoro. No. Please. Zoro!" Luffy woke with a start. Not that dream again. He rubbed his forehead while looking around. It must have been pretty lately. Sanji and Usopp snored softly below him and Chopper breathed quietly on the couch. Everything was so peaceful it was almost sickening. Drowsy, and feeling unwell, Luffy once again climbed to the surface. Cool, night air, washed across his face, creating tears in his eyes. The deck of the boat was lit only by the light of the full moon and the stars that were so carelessly thrown across the black backdrop. I wish I were as carefree as a star. Never having to wonder about why they had certain feelings.

When there was a sudden clacking sound he swung around and came face to face with Zoro. He held the hilt of sword, fully prepared to launch an attack. After seeing it was Luffy he let his hand drop to his side. "Oi Luffy. Why are you awake? How come you weren't at dinner?"

Luffy took a step backwards. For now he'd lie. Maybe. Could he bring himself to lie? Of course not. Luffy couldn't lie if his life depended on it. "I couldn't sleep. Sanji wouldn't feed me even if I had come to dinner." He sighed and turned to lean against the railing of Merry. Zoro cocked an eyebrow in disbelief. A cook who would feed anyone who was hungry, even if they couldn't pay, refused to feed the captain of his ship? It was highly unlikely. Although it was hard to tell in this case because he had a captain who for the life of him just couldn't tell a lie.

Sighing Zoro leaned again the railing too and stared into the stars. "Is that so? And why wouldn't that shitty cook feed you? Were you sneaking food in the middle of the night again?"

"Of course not!" Luffy muttered, staring into the floor boards. "It's because... well..." With each word his voice grew softer until he couldn't even hear himself. What a wuss he was. He could face a God and one of the seven most powerful pirates in the world without fear and yet here he was wondering how to tell his first mate that he loved him.

"Speak up! I can't hear you when you're talking into the ground." Zoro demanded, growing more and more impatient. Unbeknownst to Luffy, Sanji had already told Zoro about it but being the person he was, he had to hear it from the captain before he would believe a word of it. Being a pirate had made him as untrusting of others as the government.

Suddenly he noticed the tears filling Luffy's eyes. Unusual. "O-oi Luffy. What's wrong?"

"Huh?" Luffy wiped his eyes and then stared at his hand. "I'm crying? W-what? It's n-nothing Zoro. I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Swiftly he began towards the mens quarters again but a hand grabbed him by the wrist allowing him to go no further. "What is it? We have to get up early tomorrow. I want to sleep."

He heard the older man sigh. "Luffy talk to me. There's something obviously on your mind. You're acting more moronic than usual. Now I'm not one who usually cares about others feelings but you are an exception. Why you ask? Because you're the captain. And if a captain is upset over something he can't lead his crew properly, whether it be six men or six million, okay?"

Sniffling, now, Luffy nodded.

"Now tell me, what the hell are you thinking that's got you all worried?"

Trembling like blade of grass Luffy replied, stiffly, "Zoro... Zoro I think I'm in love with you." Although he'd thought himself to be mentally prepared, Zoro's grip on Luffy's wrist softened. With his own ears he'd heard another man confess his love for him. Never had he thought about men that way. The only person he'd ever had even remote feelings for was Kuina, a girl now buried six feet under. "If you hate me I can understand. I don't know why I'm feeling like this but every night it's the same... damn... thing! I can't get you out of my head! All I see is you kissing me. All I see is me holding on to you like a kid trying to hold on to their mom or dad. What's wrong with me, huh?"

The images Zoro got as Luffy spoke shook him to the core. And yet it made him want to smile. The picture of him holding Luffy to his chest made him feel warm on the inside. That thought was all it took to pull the captain to him and kiss him. Their lips touched and then their worlds exploded. Luffy's rubber arms wrapped around the rock hard body he'd always dreamed about and Zoro's arms wrapped around the captain's body without a thought. It was all so automatic. Slowly their body's meshed together, forming perfectly together. Like they had always belonged together.

Luffy's lips tasted of salt and tears. Finally he had let out what had pained him for so long. He could feel Zoro's arms around him and in that moment he never wanted to be let go. Zoro was better than food. Almost better than traveling the Grand Line with the rest of his nakama. When their lips parted, tears still filled Luffy's eyes but they were tears of happiness.

"Baka! What the hell are you crying for now, eh?!" Zoro muttered, staring intensely at him. What the hell was he doing? How could he of all people be standing here, making out with another guy? Both of them knew it was nearly impossible but it was happening. Maybe they'd both wake up the next morning and it wouldn't be a dream, but maybe they'd have been sleep walking... Maybe.

"Gomenasai, Zoro. It's just... I never thought this could happen. It's just too embarrassing to admit that as a captain of a pirate ship I'm in love with my first mate." He smiled and laughed, leaning into Zoro's chest. "I mean together we're worth 160,000,000 belli alone. You.... Well it's impossible to see you like this. You're so strong it's like there's some sort of demon inside you. Nami and Usopp are right when they say you've got demonic strength. Someone like you isn't supposed to love someone else. Although actually it's usually people like you are strong because they've got someone to protect. And yet you love, well at least like, me." He sighed. "And me? Well I'm someone who loves everyone except the bad guys. We fight other pirates to save countries and yet we don't take that country. We do it on my whims. Because I'm selfish."

"Ahoka? Are you stupid or somethin'? It's because you're selfish that Vivi is still alive, and that she can still rule over her country. You saved Chopper and his precious flag from Wapol, and gave us another nakama. And lastly you defeated a self proclaimed, moronic God and saved basically an entire world from defeat. Who cares that you're selfish and since when do you care?"

Luffy laughed. "You're right. What the hell am I saying." Cautiously he stretched his neck and kissed Zoro's lips again. The older man didn't protest. His hands moved from Luffy's back and came to rest on his ass. Luffy's face turned red in embarrassment. Slowly he opened his mouth. He could feel Zoro's tongue against his own. What an odd feeling, he thought, closing his eyes.

They broke apart but before Luffy could say a word his newly turned lover began to trail kisses down his neck and near his shoulder. They were butterfly soft. It was amazing. After a few minutes Luffy felt a tug at his shirt. Zoro was unbuttoning it. Not completely mentally prepared Luffy pushed him away slightly. What if tomorrow he woke up and this really was all just a dream?

"What? Am I moving too fast for you?" He mocked, continuing. Luffy shook his head but placed his hands on Zoro's chest more forcefully.

He stared directly into the dark eyes, his own very serious. "What if," he started, "tomorrow I wake up and this is all a dream?"

Zoro groaned in annoyance. "You won't know until tomorrow now will you? Stop brooding over it already." With that said Zoro pulled Luffy into a cobra tight grip again and resumed the button yanking until finally he could slip the red vest off the thin shoulders. His rough fingers began to trace the fine contours of the muscles of his stomach. Luffy couldn't help but moan. The roughness of the older mans fingers made him shiver. "Where the hell does all the food you eat go?"


Zoro scoffed. "Humph. Usotsuki." Slowly he began to kiss Luffy's hardened body, and running his hands closer and closer to Luffy's crotch. The closer he got, the more he could feel the pulsing cock that sat beneath his pants. He so wanted to touch it but was afraid. Once he did that there was no turning back. Confused as hell he mustered up the resolve and grabbed the erection that sat waiting for him. Surprisingly Luffy let out a moan loud enough to almost rock their ship. Zoro clamped a hand over his mouth and hissed, "Do you wanna be caught?!" Stiffly the captain shook his head. Letting out a relieved sigh Zoro let go. He began kissing Luffy again, more passionately and more feverently than before. As it pulsed beneath his hand he began to rub it. It was hard already. After a bit Zoro decided he wanted to try something else. Carefully he ran his hand up Luffy's crotch, stopping at the waistband of his pants. Then he shimmied the pants down to around his thighs revealing him completely

Luffy's face was lit up in embarrassment. He couldn't even bring himself to touch Zoro's own hard member. After a moment he felt the calloused hands touching him. They just barely brushed the surface but it made his entire body want to shudder. They just moved up and down, up and down. "Zoro, what are you doing?"

"Nothing. It's just amazing that the only thing bigger than your stomach is you c-" Before he could finish his sentence Luffy punched him on top of his head. "What the hell was that for you shithead?!" He screamed, as quietly as possible. When he looked at Luffy's face he couldn't help but start laughing. It was lit up like a tree at Christmas. Quickly Luffy pulled the brim of his hat over his face to cover the red that speckled his cheeks.

"U-urasai na! Don't say such weird things so suddenly."

Zoro rolled his eyes. "You asked what I was doing." With that said he wrapped his hand around it and began to pump it faster. Luffy's breath left him in one big whoosh. The hand was rough with callouses but he could hear himself hissing through his teeth. What was wrong with him? Why was he acting so weird? Men didn't like other men and yet here he was enjoying himself as a man worth less than him did all this embarrassing stuff. Yet he couldn't stop it.

Now there were fingers in his mouth. Choking he began to pull back but the fingers were forced in again. Was he supposed to....? He couldn't even think the rest of that thought. It lingered in his mind though as he began doing exactly what he refused to think about. When finally his mouth was free he started to say, "What the hell?!" But was silenced by a kiss. An evil kiss. Zoro's mouth was curved into an evil smile.

"Just shut up." He breathed into his ear. His hand made a trail down his back, stopping right at his ass. "This is gonna be painful Luffy. Bare with it for a minute." With that said he forcibly shoved both fingers in. Luffy's eyes grew wide as pain flooded his body. To keep from screaming he bit his lip, hard enough to draw blood. The pain began to subside as his body got used to Zoro's fingers being inside him. With every thrust though his cock pulsed harder. He started to come but stopped when the fingers that infiltrated his body were rudely pulled out. "We're just getting started. Now it's time for you to do a little work." Taking Luffy by the shoulders he forced him down until his face was right in front of his own hard member. It throbbed with every thought of Luffy's hot mouth around it.

"What am I supposed to do?" Luffy asked, acting childish and naïve. He glared at Zoro, wondering why suddenly he was being so rough. Zoro slowly slipped his own pants down to around his ankles. Luffy stared. It was.... Huge! Precariously he touched the tip with his finger. When he pulled back a string of Zoro's seaman followed. Was he expected to? No way. Absolutely not. He looked up at Zoro with a questioning look on his face. Zoro's arms were crossed and he still had that evil smile on his lips.

Groaning Luffy leaned his head back. It was basically unavoidable. Slowly he returned his head to his shoulders and then leaned forward. He stuck his tongue out and licked the crown and pulled back. It was so bitter. How was he expected to...

"Oi, Luffy. Niku. Think of it as a piece of meat."

"It is meat you dumbass!" Luffy cried, glowering. "Do you expect me to bit it off, baka!?" With that thought lingering in the hair he plunged it. The sour taste erupted in his mouth but he didn't pull back. Instead he began to nibble along the side, listening as Zoro growled in the back of his throat. He continued sucking until Zoro almost came and until Zoro pulled out himself. Their first time would be together.

"Stand up Luffy."

"Don't give me orders, Zoro!"

"Just do it already, will ya? We haven't got all night." Stubbornly Luffy stood up and faced Zoro. He hardly noticed the fact that he was completely nude in front of this man. He was surprised yet again when he was pushed roughly against a wall. "I don't know how well I can do this but I can try." Forcefully he hoisted Luffy up against the wall and pressed close to him. "Wrap your legs around me." Luffy did as he was told. Taking a deep breath Zoro slowly began to push his stiff erection inside Luffy. The further he went the more he heard Luffy whimpering. Did it really hurt that much? "You okay?" He asked, huffing as he continued. Luffy's body kept contracting allowing him to go no further. Luffy grunted that he was okay.

When he finally pushed as far as he go Zoro began to move his hips, thrusting at first softly and then with more and more vigor. Soon both of them were moaning loudly and pushing so hard the ship swayed with the momentum. Tears swelled in Luffy's eyes as he gripped the rock hard body as hard as he could. "H-h-huh. Z-Zoro. S-stop. P-please. I'm gonna die." He huffed.

Zoro didn't reply. His body only responded by moving faster. Within five thrusts he felt his own body clench as he released himself. Luffy soon came after, panting heavily like a dog on a hot summer day. When Zoro pulled out a stream of his sperm slid down Luffy's leg and Luffy laughed. All of a sudden all he could do was laugh. Laughing until it hurt. When he could finally spit a word out without laughing he muttered, "Well that was unexpected. Can't go back no I 'spose. Now... What to do about this mess? Should probably got a mop...." Clambering clumsily around he began to pick up his clothes that had spread across the deck. When he'd placed them in a pile near the wall, he walked, naked, over to the closet that held the cleaning supplies.

Zoro just stood speechless with a blank stare. What were they going to do tomorrow? They'd probably just act normal. Like nothing had happened. They'd have to. That was the only way not to raise suspicion. If Luffy wanted to come out... That would be a problem. A swordsman should never love any one except a woman he wanted to protect. Which led to two problems.... A: Luffy wasn't a woman nor B: did he need any kind of protection. When he finally turned around he noticed Luffy putting away the mop and bucket. He'd been so dazed that he hadn't even noticed Luffy cleaning.

"Sa-te. We're done here and," he yawned, "I'm ready for bed." Being the person he was, Luffy stumbled to the bedroom where the guys slept and was instantly asleep. He'd seriously had nothing else to say? Or was it that he just really didn't care? Either way it irritated Zoro. And the moron and forgot to put his clothes back on! Grumbling to himself he slipped down to the bedroom just long enough to pull his pants on. It didn't really matter about his shirt. After that he resumed his post in the crows nest to watch for attackers.

Yeah. Right. An instant later Zoro was snoring just as the sun peaked its head over the horizon.


Luffy woke up the next morning bleary eyed and sore. Whatever happened last night had really happened. His body could still feel Zoro's warmth against him. With that thought in mind he didn't want to get up to greet the day. But Nami would never allow that. Right next to his ear, Nami hollered, "Luffy! Get up. You can't sleep all day!" He moaned and muttered something before he rolled to his other side. "Luffy get up!" She said more gruffly, taking his hammock and flipping it. Luffy fell with a thunk to the floor. Sitting up he rubbed his nose.

"Ite! That hurt Nami. What the hell was that for?" He glowered at her. She shook her head in annoyance as she climbed up to the deck again. Soon after Luffy followed when he heard his stomach rumble. It had been fifteen or so hours since he'd last eaten. As soon as he reached the deck he yelled, "Sanji! Meshi meshi meshi!"

"Urasai na! You're so noisy. You'll get food when it's done. How many times do I have to tell you not to rush me when I'm cooking?" Sanji yelled back as he walked into the kitchen. Luffy stuck his tongue out. Immediately after he jumped atop Merry's figurehead, watching as waves crashed across the vast sea.

The day passed slowly and passed just like every other day. Except that Luffy couldn't stop thinking of the night before. At some point he would have to ask Zoro about it. But to his surprise, Zoro came up to him some time after lunch and pulled him away from the others. "Luffy, are you feeling okay? Cause I'm seriously in pain."

Luffy cocked his head to one side in confusion. "Sure. I'm okay. Mostly."

Zoro let out an exasperated sigh. "Good. Although you should be pretty damn sore after... Last night." Sweat began beading on his forehead as he remembered the steamy passion from the night before. Lucky for him Luffy seemed very indifferent about it. He really was still just a child (though Zoro shouldn't talk since he was only two years older.)

Luffy shrugged. "Don't worry about it. So it wasn't a dream?"

Zoro shook his head and sighed. "Nope. It wasn't a dream."