Nami pounded heavily on their door. It was time to wake up and yet neither of them responded. God those two are lazy! I outta knock their heads together! She thought. "It's time to wake up, Zoro, Luffy!" She called. After pounding on the door for several minutes she finally just opened it. Almost immediately she pulled it closed again but she couldn't. In front of her was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen in her life. At least while on this ship. Zoro and Luffy laid curled up next to each other (both fully exposed) on the bed, sleeping soundly. Luffy had curled himself somehow into a ball that fit neatly into Zoro's partially curled chest. It was like a picture out of a romance book. Sighing to herself she walked up to the two of them fully prepared to hit them but decided against it. They had had a hard day the day before and deserved to rest. Silently she picked up a blanket and threw it over them before leaving the room.

When she got back to the deck Robin asked, "Where is sencho and swordsman-kun?" Even before she could say, the former enemy had snuck one of her eye-hands into the room and had seen it all.

"They're still sleeping if you can believe it." Nami muttered, irritated. "If that stupid swordsman slept any more he'd be a corpse!" Robin chuckled as she returned to her book. Sometimes the navigator just tickled her. "Any how, the rest of us still have work to do. Even though you're busy would you mind waking Akira up? I won't allow him to sleep all day like his lousy fathers'."

Reluctantly Robin set her book down and stood. Being a part of this crew had always made her feel like they were living together in a house on land. It didn't feel like a pirates ship. Of course that was good but it just made her wonder. It was a no brainer why so many people thought their crew was weak. Their ship just didn't have the right vibe. She drifted towards Akira's room where he too was still sleeping. Quietly she opened the door and walked over to his bed side. Gently she tapped him awake. "Ohaiyo, Akira-kun."

"Robin-obasan, ohaiyo." He murmured giving her a sleepy look. "Is it time to get up already?" She smiled and nodded. "Where's daddy?" Akira sat up.

"Navigator-san decided to let them sleep a little later. They were busy yesterday."

Akira yawned as he muttered, "I wanna sleep longer too, obasan." Robin gave a short laugh and brushed back his hair.

"Maybe navigator-san will be nice today. I'll ask so you just go back to sleep, ne?" He nodded and slid under his covers again, pulling the blanket over his head. Chuckling to herself Robin walked back out to the main deck. Nami sat at the front of the ship in a lawn chair reading the paper. "Kokaishi-san, Akira is going to sleep a little longer."

Nami looked up from her paper and pursed her lips. "What?! I thought I told you to wake him up!" She grouched.

Robin sat down in the chair next to and leaned back. "He's only two. And anyway he had a pretty big day yesterday after being into town and watching his parents fight. Give him a few more hours. Then he'll be so energetic you won't be able to handle him."

"Humph. After dealing with Luffy for so many years I most certainly can keep up with a two year olds energy. That stupid captain is rarely out of energy. If I didn't know better I'd have said he'd eaten the energy fruit, if there's such a thing, rather than the gomu gomu fruit." Nami reminded her, folding the paper and placing it on the table next to her. "But I suppose just for today I'll let it go." Sanji came up a moment later carrying a tray with two fruit glasses on it. He handed one to each of them and disappeared again. Sipping her drink Nami asked casually, "Don't you think Sanji has been acting differently since yesterday?"

Robin shook her head. "No. Cook-san is always this way."

Nami scowled. "No! He's definitely different. He's so distant today. At breakfast he hardly spoke a word and he didn't even try hitting on us when he brought us our drinks!" The other girl shrugged her shoulders. Just because she was Robin she already knew the reason. But there was no reason to let the navigator know. "Well, whatever. I suppose we should set sail. It's probably best not to stay on this island too long. Mostly for their sake, but partially for ours. So many islands already know that we're traveling with gay pirates. It's so stereotypical it makes me want to cry." She sobbed.

"Don't let swordsman-kun hear you say that. He might actually hurt you." Robin crossed her legs and reopened the book she'd been reading earlier.

Nami frowned an even deeper frown as she replied, "I'll kick his ass." The older woman just smiled as she once again lost herself in the depth of her book. Irritated Nami stood and walked down the stairs. They had wasted nearly an hour up there. Now would be a good time to get absolutely everyone out of bed. Again she walked to Luffy and Zoro's door and pounded on it and then walked in. And again she was defeated by a picturesque scene she just couldn't ruin. Luffy had rolled onto his side and Zoro now had one arm draped lazily, but protectively, over the young mans side. His nose was nuzzled into the crook of Luffy's neck. It made Nami's nose bleed. No, she was not a fan of stuff like that. Two guys getting at it didn't turn her on at all.... As if. Mad at herself she stalked away and rustled Akira from sleep, which he of course greatly protested to.

The morning wore on without much happening. Before she knew it, it was noon. Nami sighed and leaned her head back against the chair. Zoro and Luffy were still cozied up in bed and she just couldn't bring herself to wake them. Perhaps she'd have Sanji do it. Yes. Sanji would do it for her as soon as he finished making lunch. She smiled a satisfied smile for figuring a way out of waking them up herself. Happy now she stood and nearly danced to the kitchen door. From inside she could hear the familiar sound of superhuman chopping. Knocking once she entered. Sanji looked up without stopping. "What can I do for you, Nami-swan?" He asked. The way he said it felt different than normal and it almost bothered Nami but she let it pass over her.

"Sanji-kun," She purred, "would you do me a favor? When you're done here would you be so kind as to wake Zoro and Luffy?" The question made Sanji's hand come to a grinding halt. His face had turned pink slightly. "Oi, are you alright?" She asked, concerned.

"Fine." He replied. "Sure. I'll be done here in a little while." Sanji went back to mincing the vegetables he had been working on. Confused, Nami exited the kitchen. What was that all about? All I asked him to do was wake the two of them. It was like I asked him to take their heads or something ridiculous like that. Sighing she went to the steering wheel and took hold of it. They'd gotten slightly off course.

Half an hour or so later, Sanji called everyone to lunch. After serving everyone he left the kitchen and headed to the bedroom where their captain and swordsman still slept. Raising his hand he hesitated before knocking. When there was no response he opened the door and stepped into the room. Inside the room, Luffy was the only one who was still sleeping. Zoro was sitting at one of the windows doing mindless arm crunches as he stared into the ocean. He didn't even look up when he heard Sanji's footsteps. "Oi, shitty swordsman. Nami says it's time to get your lazy ass outta bed."

Zoro ignored him and continued to exercise. Sighing and in no mood to be ignored the cook walked over to the man and forcefully took the weights from him. This made Zoro look up. His face clearly stated that he was pissed. "Oi you half assed cook give those back or I'll tear your arms off." Sanji took a step back with the weight still in hand.

"It's time to get out there. Lunch is served."

The angry swordsman stood and flexed his muscles. "I don't care what meal is being served. Give me back my damn weights, shitty cook." Sanji took another step back before placing the weight on a rack with all the others. Zoro growled. His eyebrows knitted together in fury. Now was not the time to make him pissed. He was mad to begin with but this just sent him off the rails. "God damn it Sanji give that back to me or I will punch you until you're dead."

Calmly Sanji lit a cigarette. "Worry about that later. It's almost noon. Even your son is up and he's nineteen years younger than you." Zoro didn't say anything more. He was through with the cook. He roughly knocked his shoulder against Sanji's as he left the room. Annoyed, Sanji yelled something after him and then proceeded to wake Luffy. Taking one shoulder he began to shake him violently and yell, "Sencho! Get up! Lunch!" Luffy didn't respond. Instead he rolled onto his side and took a deep breath as if going into a deeper sleep. But Sanji couldn't shake him again. It began to throb as he watched Luffy's face. All he could do was try and cover it with his hands. At that moment Luffy looked absolutely angelic. Currently he had bed head that would have sent any one flying off the handle. His mouth was closed and for once a snot bubble wasn't hanging out of his nose. He looked like he did after a long fight and was passed out. Beneath his hand it pulsed harder and he moaned slightly. All morning he'd tried to forget about but had miserably failed. In fact it was such a big failure he'd forgotten to hit on the two lovely ladies aboard the ship. It startled him.

As well, and as silently, as he could Sanji moved away from the bed. Quietly he undid the zipper to his pants and shoved his hand in. He'd never commended masturbation but there was no other way to get rid of it. He jumped when he heard the familiar voice ask, "Oi, Sanji. What are you doing in here? Is it breakfast already?"

Having not yet come Sanji half moaned, half ordered , "You moron. It's lunch time already. Go eat." Luffy's face lit up as he jumped out of bed, completely exposed. It sent a shock through Sanji's body and it throbbed again even harder than before. Of course the mention of food would wake him up. Luffy started to run out the door still naked but was caught by the back of the hair. "You idiot, put some pants on!" Sanji groaned as his body spasmed again.

"Ah! Right." He grinned and laughed as he quickly pulled on a pair of pants that had casually been thrown aside. As soon as he left Sanji fell limp against the wall and slid down until he was sitting. He began to finger the base of his cock again. When he did this the only person(s) he could picture was Zoro (and Luffy). Oddly enough it was them together. As soon as he pictured himself with Nami, Robin, Conis, or Vivi, his reaction lessened greatly. His heart didn't pound loudly in his ears. It stayed at an almost normal rhythm, albeit still slightly irregular. Breathing heavily Sanji began to work his own throbbing erection. His hands slid easily along the shaft making him go even faster. When finally he came he was covered in sweat. His hair was matted down to his neck and face. His hand was sticky from coming and above all that which didn't matter he felt ashamed. Sanji had come to the image of Luffy and Zoro naked together in bed where their sheet only covered the bottom half of their bodies. After he finished Sanji leaned into his knees and cried, the culprit hand limp on the floor beside him.

In the kitchen things were just as lively as ever but Luffy wasn't in on it. He sat quietly thinking to himself. Zoro tapped him on the shoulder with a look that said what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you? Luffy leaned in and whispered as quietly as possible, "Sanji is acting weird. When I woke up he was masturbating." Zoro's face lit up like a Christmas tree and he had to bite his lip to keep from yelling. "We really need to settle this." Zoro nodded as he took a deep breath to gain control of himself again.

As though nothing had happened Zoro finished his meal but disappeared out the door as soon as he was done. No one even seemed to take notice. Agitated slightly Zoro began his search around the ship for the cook. Unsurprisingly he was still in their room. His head was buried between his knees while one hand laid limp beside him. Zoro sighed and rubbed his forehead. Ahoka? It's not gonna kill you, moron. "Don't get so depressed over doing something like this once." Zoro kicked his shoe with the toe of his foot.

Sanji didn't even look up. How could he look this man in the face after he did what he did while picturing the man and his boyfriend in bed? It was too disgraceful, even by his own standards. "I'm not depressed you shitty swordsman."

"Oh no? Than why are you on the ground crying like a little girl?"

"None of your business."

"It's a whole lot of my business you shitty cook. You're the one that's in my bedroom." Zoro retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. Sanji sighed but didn't move. He contemplated what he should do.

Finally, after five minutes of silence he muttered, "I came to the image of you and Luffy." Zoro's face changed from slight anger, to confusion and then complete bewilderment. What did the cook mean? "I couldn't get hard thinking of Nami, or Robin, or Conis. Not even Vivi of all people! The only image I could get hard to while thinking of it was you and Luffy.. Together..." Sanji lit a cigarette with the hand that wasn't limp beside him.

As it sunk in Zoro let out an exasperated sigh. What a day and it'd only just begun. "It looks like your mind is changing the way it thinks..... Just because you saw Luffy and me holding hands and then kissing us?" Sanji shrugged and let the smoke curl in front of his face.

"Don't get your hopes up. I will think I'm straight until I myself decide otherwise."

"Unless you find some beastly man you fall deeply in love with," Zoro teased, laughing. "Anyway," he said, suddenly serious, "I'd better get this done with before I forget. Or before Luffy starts going ape-shit." He held out one hand, expecting Sanji to grab it. Which of course he didn't at first.

"Get what done with, shitty man? And beastly man my ass. You're beastly enough and I don't even want to be associated with you let alone sleep with you. And even if I did meet another man on some island I'd have to leave him behind because Luffy only wants pirates on his ship." Sanji ranted, after which, when he finished, took Zoro's hand. Surprisingly to Zoro it was sticky. He hadn't washed his hand off. And Sanji seemed to realize this, to little too late and was about to pull his hand out of Zoro's grasp but was yanked up harshly. Then he was being kissed on the lips. His body turned to jello. Zoro was actually a very gentle kisser. "What are you doing, marimo?"

"What the captain ordered me to." Zoro responded, pulling away.

"Is that so? Well then let's go back to my bedroom. I won't be doing this in your filth." Sanji muttered, letting go of the warm hand. He started out the door and could hear the swordsman's slow, lumbering, footsteps close behind. When they arrived in Sanji's bedroom it was like stepping into another kitchen but without all the kitchen utensils. It was just as impeccably clean as the kitchen and had a sweet aroma, like cake, floating in the air.

"When you meant filth..." Zoro mumbled. "This is just ridiculous for a man's bedroom."

"Not all men are pigs you know." Sanji flipped on a light but it was quickly switched off again. A pair of cobra tight arms were wrapped around his waist and lips, light as butterflies, trailed down his neck. The other mans hot breath made his neck start to sweat. "What are you doing, Zoro? Hanashite."

"Not until I've fulfilled my order from Luffy-sencho." Sanji felt firm hands around his waist, tugging gently at his waistband. His body pushed hard into Zoro's, leaving him breathless. Although the other man wasn't hard yet he could feel his own erection growing larger by the second. This was so not happening. Not to him. He was dreaming and when he woke up this will never have happened. Simple as that. Then again, if this was a dream, maybe he didn't want to wake up? Finally he could put his experiment to a true test.

Suddenly he could feel Zoro's teeth against his neck, right behind his earlobe. It made him take a sharp breath. It was unexpected. It was already quite obvious that Zoro was an expert and that he was aware of all the most sexy parts of the body. Behind the ear, Sanji thought, was the sexiest place in the world. Farther down his body Zoro's hands tugged at his belt but Sanji was completely useless. He'd lost himself to pleasure and could only do so much as to keep himself standing. God what was he doing? This was so wrong. Right about now he should have been eating lunch with the rest of his nakama (and Akira). But no. instead here he was in the midst of a sexual act with his sencho's boyfriend.

After a moment he heard the click of his belt being undone and a slight tugging around his waist as it was removed. Soon he heard the clear clink of the metal against the wooden floor. Now it was definitely too late to go back. This could never ever ever be undone. A moment later he felt Zoro's hand against him, pressing it to his body. "You talk so much less than Luffy. It's nice." Zoro mumbled, smirking.

"Urasai na!" Sanji moaned, leaning his head back. Things were getting so out of hand but he couldn't stop. Right now Zoro only touched it through the cloth but it was obvious he was going to go further. "How can you not feel disgusted touching another mans?" Sanji moaned again. Zoro's lips were touching his neck again and Sanji could feel him grin a most certainly evil grin.

"Why, shitty cook, are you asking me this two years later, after I've been doing this to the captain for so long?" He fingered the base for a moment, listening as the other man moaned quietly in his pleasure. His lips were slightly parted, making Zoro want to kiss them but he resisted. For as long as he could he would resist kissing him again.

Sanji half growled his response of, "Because it seems so weird you can do this without a second thought." Zoro's other hand rested on the inside of his left thigh but he brought it closer to his already throbbing member when Sanji spoke.

"Maybe you do talk just as much." Zoro muttered as he began to kiss his neck. Finally he decided to go the rest of the way. Like an expert, if there's an expert for such things, he pulled Sanji's pants down to his ankles, leaving him now almost completely exposed. When the warm hand touched him it sent his breath flying from his lungs. Even a woman had never gotten this far. Not that any of them had wanted to. Zoro's touch sent shivers through out his entire body and now he could finally feel the growing arousal in the others pants. It almost surprised him. He'd expected to be the only one who'd felt anything. Clearly it wasn't that way. So he can get off from other men. Stupid just won't admit to it. The thought made him smile slightly. Somehow he'd use it against him. Maybe. Although perhaps he was in the exact same situation. "Wow. You're so hard already and I've barely done anything. Makes me kinda happy."

"You of all people should get happy from such stupid shit." Sanji responded.

"Nope." The man replied. "Let's try something since you're turned that way anyway. Just pretend they're a sucker or something." Before the other could ask what he meant two fingers were shoved roughly into his mouth, nearly choking him. They tasted bitter. It was probably the hand that had been used to help him up. Unsure of what to do he began to suck on them, making sure to use his tongue as often as possible. "You're not as stupid as you look."

"'Ou 'ouln' 'e 'alking." He managed to grumble through the fingers. Annoyed Zoro gripped his cock hard which made him bite down on his fingers in surprise.

"Ite!" Zoro pulled his fingers out. Although they weren't as wet as he wished they were it would have to do. "Now we'll put your experimental test to the fullest. This is gonna hurt worse than anything has ever hurt, shitty cook. Better be prepared." His wet fingers made a trail down the small of his back until they reached the entrance to inside him. Then slowly he pushed one finger in. Unlike Luffy Sanji didn't scream but his body obviously wasn't ready. Every muscle tensed and clenched. His body responded worse than the captains, Zoro noted. Maybe he was still a virgin?

"What the hell are you doing?" Sanji roared as fire lit up his eyes. Even in his position he was still feisty and it made Zoro want to laugh until he died. (Or passed out. Whichever came first.)

"Just relax, cook-san or it'll hurt worse."

"Like hell it will! Did you shove a freaking board up my ass?!" He screamed.

"Just shut up will you? Do you ever stop complaining?!" Zoro screamed back. Sanji closed his mouth, very, very tight-lipped. His lips turned white in fury. For now he'd close his mouth. Later he'd bitch about it til his hearts content. Another finger slid in and his body contracted again. Zoro grunted as his fingers began to move. His other hand kept moving, grasping the even hardening erection. His body was pleased which was very, very obvious. Sanji moaned. It hurt so much and yet he didn't want it to stop.

Both he and his body moaned when Zoro suddenly pulled out. "Now," he whispered, nibbling Sanji's earlobe, "we're going to do something else even more painful but whatever you do, you're not allowed to scream."

"Don't tell me what do, baka marimo." Sanji breathed. It was becoming harder and harder to take a proper breath. His body felt airless and every pore sweated. Today would be a good day to quit smoking. If he didn't, he might die screwing someone some day.

"If you scream I'll leave you to finish the job. And I won't allow you to imagine us either."

"How do you plan on stopping it?"

"Just don't scream and you won't have to find out now will you, shitty cook." The last remark made him quiet himself again. This was no time to argue. His entire body felt like it was going to explode if something wasn't done soon. "We're going to have to do this dry because the only mouth I want sucking me off is Luffy's...."

"What an embarrassing thing to say." Sanji huffed, sucking in as much air as his body could manage. He could feel Zoro's hands running along his bare thighs and his ass which sent him into near ecstasy. It made him want to come right then and there but he wanted to know what was going to happen next. It was such an unusual experience that he didn't want it to just suddenly end.

"Just shut up already. How many times do I have to tell you?" Zoro's lips touched three places on his neck before he finally brushed them along the very outside of Sanji's own partially parted ones. Barely turning his head, Sanji's lips were captured by Zoro's. His mouth today tasted of sex and salt. Or perhaps because his lips tasted of sex they also tasted of salt. The young man couldn't tell. Their tongues met but Zoro didn't stop there. He took the very end of Sanji's tongue between his lips and sucked on it for a minute or so, grazing his teeth along the top. Every movement made Sanji's cock throb so hard it hurt. Even before things were over he already had his answer about his little experiment. He was in love with both Zoro and Luffy with no question about it. From this moment on his life would completely change.

Their lips broke leaving both breathless but Zoro carried on. Instantly he too had pulled his pants down to his ankles leaving himself fully exposed. His size completely shocked the blond. Dekei....! He thought. What's he plan to do with it? He didn't have to ponder that thought long for soon his entire body felt like it was on fire. Zoro shoved himself further and further in until it could go no further. When he'd gone as far as he could he took a deep breath and released it as he waited for Sanji's body to relax enough to move. He had forgotten how tight it was when a man first did it with another man. Under his hands, he could feel Sanji's body trembling as he told his mind to calm the fuck down and relax. After a few strenuous moments it did. Well as much as it was going to on it's own. Satisfied Zoro began to rock his body back and forth, grabbing Sanji's cock with one hand and wrapping his other around his toned stomach. Zoro grunted with the force he had to exert to move. Every time he pulled back a line of blood trickled down, worrying Zoro. Perhaps he should have done something to lube it up? "Are you alright?" He asked when he heard Sanji take a hissing breath. The cook nodded. His eyebrows twitched as he tried to keep a straight face. It was obvious, so obvious that he knew, that he was making an embarrassing face. He could hear his breath come in fast, short spurts, and could feel his lips keep slightly parted at all times. Sweat dripped down his face and into his eyes, forcing him to keep them closed just like a girl who was doing it for the first time. As time passed on Zoro's thrusts grew rougher and faster. They were both nearing their climax but were determined to make it last as long as they could. Twenty heavy thrusts later Zoro's body clenched hard as he released himself into Sanji and soon after he felt Sanji's body clench too as he released himself into his waiting hand. Zoro slid out of him and stumbled backwards two steps, staring at his hand. He just came to another man besides Luffy which surprised him. Sure he had expected to get hard but so would just about any normal guy but he'd never expected to come. Certainly not inside him to say the least.

Sanji wobbled in his spot and then slumped to his knees as Zoro's seed slid out of him onto his legs and heals. He stared at his limp cock and wanted to scream. His worst suspicions had been confirmed. Now that his body ached there was no escaping the fact that he'd done it. Really, truly, he had just done another man. The sencho's boyfriend none the less. (Although after being with him for so long it was more like the sencho's husband.) In just his shirt Sanji stood and wobbled over to his bed and fell face first into his pillow. At the moment he didn't how dirty he was or how dirty the bed got.

He turned his head at Zoro's voice. "That's that. We're not saying a word about this to anyone you hear, you shitty fucking cook?" Zoro growled as he pulled on his pants and stomach band.

"Damn right swordsman. I don't need you of all people tarnishing my name. Whether Luffy likes it or not I'll remain a ladies man thank you."

"Do what you want." Zoro muttered, opening the door to the bedroom. "Clean yourself up and get back out here."

"Don't tell me what to do, marimo! How many times am I going to have to tell you?" He heard a short laugh in response. As the door creaked closed Sanji called, "Oi, marimo!"


"Let's do it again sometime." Sanji couldn't even imagine the evil smile that was curling on Zoro's lips.

"Whatever you say, cook-san." The door clicked shut, leaving Sanji in the darkness. Outside Zoro was silently muttering to himself about what he'd done. Luffy had told him to do it but after coming like that, Zoro couldn't deny the fact that he liked Sanji as more than a friend or comrade. Not in the family way either, although his version of family was different. If Zoro were truly a gay man, which he would deny that he was until the second he died, than he knew that Sanji would be on his top three boyfriend material list. Which scared him more than any shichibukai or admiral they'd fought. Damn it all. He thought running his hand through his cropped hair. What the hell was he supposed to tell Luffy? Annoyed more than ever he stormed towards the kitchen where peoples voices still rang out loud and clear. Man their lunch break was long... How the hell were they surviving without Sanji?

Sanji stayed back in his room where he buried his head deep into his pillow. Every time he took a breath his body ached. Every muscle felt like it had been set on fire. But he was pretty happy despite it all. Everyone else but him had experienced a lot more pain than he had. Today was just so not his day and he felt extremely uncharacteristic but in a good(ish) way. Slowly he began to drift into unconsciousness albeit he wasn't tired. Perhaps that's just the way his body wanted it to be. Life, and sex, was strange. Now the only thing he felt he had left to do was have sex with a woman because it obviously worked in a whole different way. Then, and only then, would his experiment be satisfactorially complete.

Robin looked up as Zoro entered the kitchen with a smile on her lips. "Welcome swordsman-kun. Where have you been all this time? Sencho-san has eaten almost all the food."

"You should be thankful we managed to save any for you!" Nami hissed before Zoro could answer.

"It's none of your business Robin and I never asked you to, Nami."

Nami got an evil glint in her eye as she said, "So then I can just give it to this glutton?"

"Idesuka?!" Luffy asked, excited as a boy on Christmas, with drool dripping down the side of his mouth.

Zoro swiped the plate from Nami's hand. "Never said you could give it to that moron either. And while I'm at it Robin, keep your ears to yourself, will ya?" Robin blushed and laughed.

"Hai, swordsman-kun." The captain looked back and forth in a confused sort of way, with childish innocence in his eyes. This boy just didn't get it and probably never would.

"Zoro what the hell do you mean?" Luffy demanded as he shoved another piece of meat into his mouth.

"Nothing." Zoro responded sharply as he dug into his meal. The raven haired boy looked taken aback. Never before had he been so harsh. Mezurashi na... Luffy thought, staring at the top of his green hair. Confused, and a little irritated, Luffy leaned back in his chair, finally satisfied with his meal. Akira was falling asleep at the table and so Usopp decided to take him back to bed where he could sleep. Nami and Chopper soon followed them out the door after losing their appetites to the gloomy atmosphere in the kitchen that Zoro had created.

Robin stayed behind and watched as Zoro devoured his meal. After a moment she asked playfully, "Swordsman-kun, what was it like?" Without stopping for an instant he managed to glare daggers at her. "I was only asking."

"You're not one to pry into others personal lives, Robin." Zoro muttered between dishes.

"No but I find this a rare interesting time to do so. Is that so wrong?"


Robin smiled one of her secretive smiles as she replied, "It was so much fun to listen to I just couldn't help myself."

"Humph. Bitch."

Luffy looked between the two of them, feeling very out of the picture which bothered him. "Na, what is he talking about, Robin?" She turned to him with her smile still placed on her lips.

"Apparently it's secret, Luffy-kun."

He scowled. "I have every right to know!" He argued. "Zoro! Tell me! Won't you please?" Zoro continued to eat as though he hadn't heard the young captains whines. The taste of the food had gone bad because of the argument but he continued to eat. Now wasn't the time to discuss what he'd done. Luffy slammed his fists on the table like a child as he screamed, "God damn it Zoro tell me what the fuck is going on with you before I seriously lose it!" His sudden outburst startled the two other occupants at the table.

Zoro's face became as smooth as a piece of glass. Inside him he boiled with anger at Luffy's persistence but on the outside he was like a perfect doll. Still and emotionless. "Stop acting like a kid, Luffy. You're nineteen for God's sake."

"I am a child, Zoro! And what about you? You're twenty-one and still acting like a kid!"

That made Zoro go off the handle. His eyebrows knitted together and his lips turned hair thin. "You wanna know what's wrong, Luffy? You wanna know what's fucking wrong with me? Fine. I'll tell you. My own fucking body just betrayed me, okay? I came when I screwed Sanji. I came inside him just like the first time we did it. I kissed him and it made my heart race almost as fast as when I kiss you. That's what the fuck is wrong, okay? You told me to screw him for my sake but now I'm even more confused than when you told me to." As he spoke he'd stood and started pacing with his hand pressed to his forehead, his thumb and middle finger rubbing his temples.

All Luffy could do was stare. That's what he was so upset about? Slowly he stood and walked up to him and without warning, embraced him from behind. Immediately Zoro stopped pacing. Robin melted into the shadows to watch as the scene unfolded. It was like a scene out of a bad romance novel (which Robin of course never touched). "Zoro I fully expected that, okay? Even though you two fight all the time it's pretty damn obvious that you like each other more than you let on. Just settle down. If I hadn't expected this reaction then I wouldn't have told you to do it."

He sighed. "Luffy let go." His captain held on to him. "Luffy let go or I'll snap the bones in your arms." Luffy's arms slid from around him and fell limp to his side. "Leave me alone for awhile. If anyone disturbs me I'll kill them." With that said he left the room, slamming the door behind him. Robin watched him go with an almost shocked look on her face. So the two of them did fight.

"Robin. Tell the others I want to be left alone please." Luffy murmured. She nodded and watched as he too left the room. Now both of them were in a foul mood and it was only two in the afternoon. How were they to survive now? It was time to let their dramatic romance tale completely unfold.

Outside the kitchen Luffy had gone to sit on the figurehead where he knew that he wouldn't be disturbed for the most part. Sometimes he wished he was Akira. No worries at all and no dramatic scenes like the one that had just happened. Everything felt so out of place today. As he thought about the fight he felt a few tears slide down his cheeks and then they just wouldn't stop. He struggled to wipe them all away but they just kept coming so he let it be and let them flow. The day passed in a blur. Soon dinner had passed, which neither had attended, and then everyone began heading to bed, which neither did.

Luffy didn't notice but after dinner Sanji had come to sit against the figurehead with a cigarette in his mouth that wasn't lit. When it had gotten fairly late Sanji finally said, "Luffy, I'm sorry."

"What for?" He asked. He was too exhausted to care that someone had invaded his space.

"About making you guys fight."

"It wasn't your fault. It was more mine."

Sanji sighed. "What do you plan to do now?"

Luffy jumped down and gave him a genuine Luffy smile (even though it was a sad, genuine smile). "Sanji, I think you should be with Zoro. Even if it's just for a bit. We need to take a break. We've been together so long we just can't handle being around each other any more."

This made the older man look up at him with a shocked expression crossing his face. "What the hell do you mean? I could never do that to you! And it's not like I wanna be with Zoro. Wasn't it your idea in the first place, sencho?"

"Sure it was." He nodded as his grin faded a little. "But we really need a break. If he gets anxious from that then that means he doesn't trust that he can have self restraint. As a swordsman he has self restraint to spare." Sanji humphed showing his agreement. "And it also means that he doesn't think that he can stay loyal to me and Akira."

"Which brings up another point. What about Akira?"

"Sanji, it's not like we're living on land where if two parents get a divorce they can just move out. Both of us will still be here we just won't be... Together." Luffy cringed as he completed his last sentence.

For a moment Sanji stopped to think about the possibility but soon shook his head violently. "I can't allow that! You guys have been together for years now. I really don't care. You have each other. I have Nami and Robin. We're both set for life." Luffy stared at him blankly. "Oi! Are you listening to me?"

"Weren't you depressed because we were together and because you didn't want to be gay?"

Sanji took the unlit cigarette out of his mouth and threw it over the railing. "I wasn't depressed moron. Just confused. It's all good now. I don't want my selfish ways to ruin a perfect relationship. Although, compared to you, I'm not selfish at all." Luffy finally let out a bellowing laugh.

"You're right, you're right. I'm completely selfish." He fell into side-splitting fits of laughter. When finally he settled down he said, "I should probably go apologize to Zoro. He's probably still completely pissed." Sanji nodded but refrained from saying anything. Things would smooth over. He hoped. Carelessly Luffy headed back down towards the main deck. And Sanji's eyes followed, watching how every step had an added bounce to it. Like he was made of rubber. The lame joke made the blond smile, if even the slightest.

On the lower, main, deck Luffy searched high and low for the green haired swordsman. What felt like forever later the black haired boy found the said person in their room with a large weight behind his head. His entire body glistened with sweat as he swung the weight over his head and back again, counting under his breath. His eyes were angry and furrowed close together. Every muscle on his body flexed with tension. Even as Luffy entered he didn't look up. For an hour Luffy sat there silently and watched every swing, making sure to make not even squeak. For once he remained perfectly still. It was eerie beyond description.

Sometime near eleven the older man stopped and placed his weights back where they belonged and grabbed a towel, wiping sweat from his face and neck. Then without a word he exited the room. A short while he came back, pointedly ignoring Luffy, and smelling of soap and shampoo. The aforementioned towel was wrapped carelessly around his waist sending numerous amounts of shivers running down Luffy's spine. Still silent Zoro stood half naked in the middle of the room as if waiting for something. Not being able to take it anymore, and with his knee jiggling like it was a vibrating chair, Luffy leaped up and captured Zoro in his arms, gripping him until he could practically hear bones cracking. Viciously his lips began to attack his neck like he was going to eat him. His hands gripped his stomach and moved further and further down his body until they reached the towel, there of which they ripped it off and threw it aside. Under his hands he felt the soft skin accompanied by a sparse amount of hair. Despite his movements Zoro was as rigid as a tree on a windless day.

But Luffy didn't hesitate. Continuing he let his hands drift down the older mans inner thighs, bringing them up again in one fluid motion. His lips continued their attack, kissing lines down the mans neck, sucking on the sensitive part behind his ear. Not once did he get any indication that Zoro was paying any attention to him. Despite his desperate tries at seduction Zoro, nor did his body, respond. Reluctantly Luffy gave up, letting go of the body he wanted so badly to hold. He had, in vain, hoped that things would loosen up between them because they couldn't stay mad at each other. Right? How wrong a young boy could be. Things always got worse before they got better. If they ever did get better.

Slinking away Luffy began to sulk. He slipped into the kitchen before Sanji locked the door and fell into one of the corners, He hadn't even had the chance to apologize. As soon he had left the room Zoro had climbed into the bed and had covered himself up to his head without a word. That had been the worst shock of all. Even their worst fights had never caused him to not speak to the captain. Ever. Was this really their end? Only God, and Robin, held the answer.