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Why didn't I listen to my parents when they told me to stay on the property? I just had to wander through the woods and get completely lost. I decided I would just walk all the way in one direction and pray to find another city or town. As I stepped over a fallen down tree I heard the strangest sound ever. Now I am scared. I kept going until I heard it again, slowly I turned around. Nothing. Hmm, come on Bella you are just imagining things now. I turned back around slowly and there were two huge guys!

"Hello there honey"

"Hi, excuse me I need to be on my way" Shit! I'm in trouble now.

"No you won't" said the other guy "you are coming with us"

"What?!" I let out a huge scream and began running as fast as I could. Well not fast enough, because an arm wrapped around my waist suddenly. The other guy began tying my arms together. I was kicking and screaming so hard!

"Jasper, use the chloroform!"

"Sorry Emmett I forgot!"

And with that being said a cloth was firmly pressed over my mouth and nose.


Man my head hurts like crap! I went to rub it when my wrist was stopped by something. I flung my eyes open and saw that I was chained to a bed. Everything from the woods came crashing back to me. Man I am in so much trouble. I started yanking at the restraints, and I had no luck they didn't even budge. I did the only thing that I could think of next. I screamed.


I guess that wasn't my smartest move because Jasper, the guy from the woods, came running in with Emmett and another girl with black spiky hair.

"You're awake" said Emmet

"Where am I? Please just let me go" I begged

"Sorry we can't do that, now I'm going to untie you so you can put this on" The girl said while holding up a white dress.

She came over to untie me and I was ready, as soon as I was completely untied I was going to make a run for the door. Both my writs were free and I was waiting for my last ankle to be untied. Slowly she set free my ankle. I was off the bed and past her in about two seconds. I almost made it out of the door when my hair was yanked back and I was thrown to the floor. The girl, whose name is Alice, was now straddling me.

"Oh bella, we could have done this the easy way. I am very disappointed in you" cooed Alice.

I just started sobbing.

"Bella now stand up and strip" demanded Emmett.

I stood up, but there was NO WAY I was going to strip in front of them

"No" I tried to sound forceful, but it came out a squeak.

"Bella, NOW!" yelled Jasper.

Slowly I took off my jeans and t-shirt. I stood there as the stared at me. I knew I had to take my underwear and bra off. Slowly I took my bra off and slid my panties down. I had no more tears I was just sobbing now. I closed my eyes and waited. Someone cleared their throat and I glanced up slowly. Alice had the white dress held out in front of her. I took it and quickly put it on to cover up. Someone attached a cuff around each of my wrists and attached them behind my back, while someone else attached a collar around my neck. I just wanted this to be over. Someone pulled on a rope that was attached to my collar and I stumbled forwards.

"Come Bella. You must meet you master."

Whoa that snapped me out of my daze!

"What the Fuck! I will not have a Master! Now let me go!" I started struggling only hurting myself in the process. Suddenly Emmett reached out and slapped me so hard!

"You will behave or you will be punished severely! Now shut up."

Again I was being pulled, I was still fighting in when Jasper sighed from behind me and hoisted me up over his shoulder. Now I was so embarrassed because my butt was showing completely since I was allowed any underwear! He kept walking for awhile with me pounding on his back, and it didn't even hurt him! Ugh.

"Asshole put me down right now! I will not have a 'Master' and you will let me go right now! My parents will be looking for me and when they find me you are so DEAD!" I was about to keep screaming when they shoved a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it around my head.

"Ah! Peace and quiet now, you know your mouth will get you into so much trouble."

"Mmmhmgm" stupid gag.

We came to a door and someone opened it for Jasper as he carried me in.

"Jasper, Emmett, Alice I take it this is the new pet?" Who is that!?

"Yes my brother! And she is a feisty one, but nothing you can't brake" Said Alice.

Jasper set me down and turned me around and said, "Sorry we had to gag her, she has a big mouth"

The guy I didn't know just chuckled!

He suddenly grabbed me by the chin and cooed "You are mine".

Those three little words put me over the edge and I completely blacked out.

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