Hello Summer

He had me pinned to the bed. My hands held above my body with one of his hands while the other was massaging my right nipple. His lust filled stare raked over my body, hungrily taking in all of my features. When he made contact with my eyes, the raw emotion in them instantly created a pool in southern regions. I wanted so badly to reach up and grab on to that bronze tussled hair. His ministrations on my breast increased, making my nipple turn hard. He gave a low guttural moan, a small grin forming at the sides of his lips. In response, I arched my back wanting his hand to kneed my soft mound of flesh.

He pushed his body back against mine so I could feel his erection on the inside of my thigh. The wetness was dripping down the inside of my legs so when he pressed against me, his dick rubbed against the liquid, coating himself in my juice. It provided perfect lubrication and a temptation too great to ignore. He began to rub himself vigorously against my thigh and I tried to rub back wanting his erection to be rubbing against somewhere else.

"Oh… Ed…Edward… fuck," I moaned. I increased the pace of my motions.

"Goddamn Bella, don't fucking stop," he responded. Our bodies clashed against each other with unbridled passion. The friction of our skin caused a slick layer of sweat to form on our naked bodies.

"Edward I can't take it! Please, please, please!" I moaned.

"Please what?" he asked me with a smirk. I pushed especially hard against him, earning another moan from him.

"You know what Edward!" I yelled frustrated.

"Say it Bella," he commanded seriously. He stopped all motion. I stared at him with my brown eyes glazed over with yearning. I couldn't take it. I needed him right there and then.

"Fuck me, Edward!" I screamed. At that Edward positioned himself right at my wet entrance. I could feel his engorged head rubbing and teasing my clit. Then he pulled back and right as he was about to slam into my body…

I woke up.

I was lying in my bed. My body covered in sweat and my panties soaked through. Wonderful. Here I was, Isabella Swan, a successful twenty year old student from University of California Davis studying to be a doctor, having wet dreams in the guest bedroom of my best friend's house. I sighed a huge sigh.

This summer was supposed to be the summer of my life. I had been working hard all throughout high school and college to get the grades that would project me into a medical career. Sure I partied here and there but I have always been school-oriented all the way. But, after my sophomore year ended and I moved out into an apartment nearby my school, I made one of the biggest yet best mistakes of my life by moving in with the crazy, lovable Alice Cullen. We hit it off instantly. Best friends from the start and vowed to be best friends to the end. But, moving in with Alice is not without its consequences. All junior year she complained about my study habits. How I never partied enough, never shopped enough, never enjoyed life enough.

As summer approached, Alice and I had a serious talk close to summer and she sincerely wanted me to spend what she called 'a real summer' with her. I rejected it at first. I couldn't take advantage of her and I needed to study to get ahead for next year. But, Alice did a low blow and called my mother behind my back suggesting the idea. If that wasn't bad enough she then called my dad. And, both called me telling me, almost commanding me, to go with Alice. Damn her and her ability to get her way. My parents were putty in her hands.

So, I reluctantly agreed to go with Alice. Though secretly, I was excited. Once I sat and thought about my life, I realized that my party period was ripe and ready for the picking. And what better way to pick the fruit than with my best friend.

This summer was supposed to be different. It was supposed to be amazing. Don't get me wrong, it certainly started out that way, until I met one of Alice's older brothers.

Edward 'fucking panty dropping' Cullen.

And now look at me. Like a freaking hormonal teenager having wet dreams about my best friend's brother… for the third night in a row. Oh yes, this summer was turning out to be promising.


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S. Hisake