Sweet Dreams

Edward's Point of View

You think driving would be simple. You keep your mind on the road, and maybe have a little bit of conversation with the rest of the people in the car. But I could barely do either. Who could have known what a little tease Bella could be when provoked.

The perfect curves. The ample breasts. The fiery personality. The way that sexy lingerie clung to her body like a second skin. What I wouldn't do to be that lingerie.

I looked at my rearview mirror to the bag in her lap and could imagine all the fun ways we could use that purchase this summer. I slowly redirected my gaze up her body, drinking in every dip and bend. I finally ended with her face and immediately noted her smoldering, big, beautiful brown eyes staring directly at me. As if she could read my every thought, a small smirk broke out on her face and a not so small erection immediately began to rise in my pants.

"Whoa Edward, stop swerving and focus on the road," Alice reprimanded.

I could hear her laugh in the backseat. With my erection straining hard against my thigh, I vowed that I would make her regret laughing at me.

Bella's Point of View

I was tired from shopping. Just because we girls can shop for hours doesn't mean we don't need a little nap afterwards. I plopped down onto my bed and stretched out my body. I grabbed one of the extremely soft pillows and climbed under sheet. It wasn't long before my mind floated off into sleep.

His breath was on the nape of my neck sending chills down my spine. I could feel his velvety tongue licking the bottom of my earlobe slowly and sensually. His mouth then covered where his tongue previously was, starting a slow sucking. He then began to move down my neck, slightly sucking and then kissing each area.

It wasn't until I could feel his fingertips grazing over the sides of my body did I realize I was naked. And it wasn't until I could feel his hard dick poking my back did I realize he was naked too. But I did not mind at all.

His hands moved from the sides of my body to my chest. And the same time he bit down lightly on my neck, he took his large warm hands and covered my entire breasts, and grinded his erection into my back. A low guttural moan escaped my lips.

His hands began to massage my breasts slowly, two fingers lightly playing with my nipples, making them painfully hard. I reached my hand up and grabbed a fist full of his hair. I couldn't handle it much longer. I arched my back against him so he could feel my ass collide with his erection. I earned an appreciative moan from him.

I turned around wrapping my arms around his neck bringing his sweet lips to mine for a deep kiss. I lifted on of my legs wrapping it around his waist and at the same time positioning his dick at my entrance. I held on tighter prepared to have him plunge inside of me when….

I woke up. Heated. Wet. And very horny.

Damn. I always had to wake up before the good part. But I was just too turned on, to turn it off. I pulled the sheet off my body. I closed my eyes envisioning Edward's muscular body above mine. I used my hand to trail the same path Edward did in my dream. I circled my nipples lightly and gave them a hard pinch. I moaned with satisfaction. I squeezed my breasts hard and left one hand to play with them still while my other hand went directly to the point of pressure.

I immediately attacked my clit with vigor. I started with a rough side to side motion. I needed to cum now and I needed to cum hard. I started rubbing my clit in circles as I could feel the urge building. I gave my breasts one last squeeze before bringing my other hand down to the other. I kept two fingers stimulating my clit while taking two fingers from my other hand and dived directly inside me.

I started moaning uncontrollably, imagining Edward's hands keeping a fast steady pace, pumping in and out while massaging my clit expertly. I could feel my body starting to arch off of the bed on its own accord. I moved my fingers faster in and out. I curved them slightly so they could hit my g spot as well.

The pressure was delicious and intense. I could feel my peak rising. I thought of Edward's dick in my mouth, rubbing against my body, and inside of me. It was all I needed to push me over. I shoved three fingers inside me as hard as I could while pinching my clit and yelled Edward's name softly as I came.

Edward's Point of View

I was pumping myself fast and hard. Her moans the fuel I needed. I watched her tease and tantalize herself through the crack in the door. She knew exactly what she needed to do to pleasure herself and unbeknownst to her, pleasure me as well.

Luckily everyone was outside joining the sunshine, but all I needed to enjoy was in front of me. I watched as she expertly penetrated her body, pumping two fingers inside her. I increased the speed of my hand.

I wish I could just barge in and fuck her right there. But that wouldn't leave any fun for her torture later. So watching her from the outside would have to do. I used my hand to pump my dick fast making sure to get tighter around the head. I pictured me doing to her what she was doing to herself.

I watched her start rubbing faster and increased to match her speed. I knew she was going to cum soon and felt myself coming close too.

Her body begin to arch off the bed and I watched her enter three fingers inside her and if that wasn't enough of a present, she moaned my name. I squeezed the head of my dick hard and let her moan push me over. I milked my cum into my other hand imagining me cuming inside her mouth, all over her face, and inside her.

Note: Just something short and sweet for your enjoyment.