Harry Potter and St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys:

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Chapter Twenty Four: Discussions and About Various Matters

After Harry left Snape hurried up to Dumbledore's office, if the Dark Lord had made Horocruxes, and more than one; then Dumbledore would need to be told. He quickly said the password, sour keys, and made his way to the office.

"Ah, Severus my boy, tea, lemon drop?" Dumbledore asked him

"No thank you. Headmaster, what do you know about the diary?" Snape asked, getting right to business.

"It is very dark magic, I have never seen the likes of it before, I ma researching what magic he used to make it. Soul magic of some kind and possibly blood magic as well. Why?" Dumbledore replied/

"I have reason to believe that it is a horrocrux, which would use both soul magic, and blood magic, it also explains why he was able to posses Miss Weasley and almost gain a body, from a 'mere memory'. The Dark Lord is terrified of Death, and he would do anything to avoid it, it fits his character. I am also worried that he may have made more than one. It would have served as a backup, and it would have stroked his ego to know that he had outdone everyone else. He once stated that he had gone further down the path to immortality than anyone, and others have made Horrocruxes in the past." Snape told him, what Harry had said, leaving out that harry had been the one to figure it out.

"Your assumptions may be correct, now that you have brought the idea of the Diary being a Horocrux to mind, it does fit, it also explains why it was destroyed with Basilisk venom, although, any other item would be as well. Voldermort did always like to collect things I shall see if I can find a mention of people who have made more than one Horocrux, and see if I can figure out where, and what they might be. The first one was given to Lucius Malfoy, so he may have given others to inner circle death eaters, if you can think of anyone, let me know." The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes had gone, and he looked old, Snape had never seen him look his age but he did now.

Snape left the office as Dumbledore started looking through his books, muttering out loud to himself. As he left the office he could hear Fawkes trilling, it was a reassuring sound.

Dumbledore looked through the books in his office, many of them were old and very rare, they contained material that was too advanced, or dangerous to remain in even the restricted section. He was looking for anything he could find on Horocruxes, he knew only the basics, about what they were, how they were made, and how to destroy them, there were not many things powerful enough to destroy one, fienfyre was one, Basilisk venom was another. He would see about getting as much information as he could about Tom Riddle, it would be necessary to get to know him.

Harry made his way up to the room of requirement and walked into the room, he wanted a place where he could look at obscure and little used branches of magic, Dumbledore hade done wandless and nonverbal magic at the start of term feast when he lit the candle. Sure it was a little thing, but it could be used to cast spells, it would be very useful for dueling, and taking people by surprise. He had also come across the mention of other branches of magic when he had looked at some of the books that Tom Riddle had read. There was something called soul magic, as well as blood magic, as well as wild magic. He wanted to know more about them, if he kept fighting Voldermort every year his skill and knowledge would have to improve.

With these ideas in mind Harry made a note of things that he wanted to study, at the top of the list was, learning more about Horocruxes, , learning more about Parsel magic, learning about the Dark Arts so that he knew what he was up against, that way he could give Voldermort a taste of his own medicine, Blood magic, he was curious about the blood wards, and Soul Magic and lastly learning about any other type of magic that he would encounter, he also wanted to know how Professor McGonagall had managed to become a cat.

It would be a good idea to learn about Lord Voldermort's rise to power, and other Dark Lords. If Voldermort was going to be back he wanted to know what he was facing. Harry had his work cut out for him, hopefully he would have some time before Voldermort tried to return again, but as it was he had better get started. Harry though about getting information on Horocruxes, picking a book off the bottom shelf he began to read.

The month of November brought a chill to the air, and the ground turned hard. This was perfect weather for Quidditch as it made takeoff quicker, they didn't have to worry about the pitch getting muddy as it was too cold to rain, it was still warm enough that it wasn't icy though. Everyone was looking forward to the match between Slytherin and Huffelpuff, it was the second match of thee season, and Ravenclaw was ahead in points.

"come on Harry get up!" Draco was calling his name, telling him to get up, was he late?

"Wha" Harry mumbled.

"You'll be late! It's our first game this year!" Draco practically dragged him out of bed.

Harry sat up, Qudditch, oh! He scrambled to get dressed and ran down to breakfast.

"Hey Harry, Draco, ready for the match? The weather's bad, and it looks like it's going to get worse. Put a warming charm on your uniforms, and gloves, as well as the broom, so you don't freeze. It's a good thing you got rid of those glasses, Harry you wouldn't have been able to see I know the weather sucks for your first game Draco, but you'll do fine." Higgs greeted him as he started putting food on his plate and eating.

Harry walked down to the Locker rooms with the rest of the team, the weather had gotten even worse. Silently they got changed, a grim determination had settled over them, they all wanted the game to be quick.

"Alright, we need to win this, and fast, Harry Diggory is heavier than you, and his weight will be an advantage today. Try to fly with the wind, not against it, otherwise you'll tire out easily. Put up impervious charms everyone, and heating charms, that way you can see, and you won't freeze. Fly like you did and practice and you'll do great Draco. Let go!" Higgs was the new Captain, Marcus having left last year, Draco had made the team as the new chaser, as the spot was available.

The entered the pitch and took off. Harry circled looking for the snitch, but it was no where in sight. Draco was doing well, and had gotten the quaffel, he was now flying towards the Huffelpuff goal, he passed it to Pucey, and they scored!

"Malfoy is in possession of the quaffel, he passes to Puecy who shoots, and scores. Slytherin is in the lead 10-0!" Lee's voice sounded over the stands.

Harry still couldn't see Cediric Diggory, the Huffelpuff Seeker was tailing him. Then, he caught a glimpse of something flash out of a cloud near the top of the Huffelpuff goal post he took off after it. Following it as it went higher and higher. Diggory had an advantage, as he had been closer, but he was gaining speed. They had soared over the bleachers, and goal posts and were still going higher.

Lightning flashed, and suddenly it went colder, his broom handle froze he reached out desperate to get it his hand brushed it. He heard screaming, and he felt them, the demetors came closer, he sized up and fell.

The crowed gasped as Harry fell from his broom, the demetors swooping around him. Diggory had managed to grab the snitch, but all eyes were on Harry, people screamed. Snape raced to the pitch, as if to stop Harry's fall. Dumbeldore pulled out his wand and a silvery phoenix swooped towards the dementors. Lupin joined him, an Hawk taking flight Snape's patronus followed a silver Doe taking form.

Harry was still falling, but the dementors had left. Dumbledore pointed his wand at Harry. "Aressto Momentum." Harry slowed down.

Snape cast a cushioning charm on the groaned and Harry hit the pitch. Snape was quick to cast a warming charm and levitate him. The team followed as he made his way up to the Hospital wing.

"Well, what happened this time?" Madame Pomfrey asked seeing Harry's limp form. She grabbed a couple of pepper up potions and handed them around.

"The dementors came onto school grounds, he fell over fifty feet the Headmaster managed to slow him down and I put up a cushioning charm, but I don't know how much good it did." Snape informed her, the Quiddtch team was gathered around wanting to know how he was Madam Pomfrey did a scan. He seemed okay, a little bruised, but other than that he was okay.

"Just bruises, he's suffering from the effects of the dementor's though, he should wake up sometime tomorrow." Madam Pomfrey told him before shooing them out of the infirmary.

Harry woke up, and quickly ate the food that Madam Promfrey gave him before heading to the common room, he needed to finish his homework, it was Sunday, and he still had an essay for history and herbology. He made his way to the common room, and entred.

"Harry! We were so worried, you fell over fifty feet! The Headmaster looked so angry, so was Professor Snape, it was scary!" Pansy hugged him.

"Hey, how did the game go?" harryasked.

"Diggory caught the snitch, he didn't even see you fall, the visibility was so bad. He wanted a rematch. Harry your broom, when you fell off it..it blew into the whomping willow…" Draco trailed off, not sure how to continue.

"I need a new broom, don't I? We aren't too behind in the points are we, if Huffelpuff lose to Gryffindor, and we beat Ravenclaw, then we'll make the final." Harry said thoughtfully doing some quick calculations in his head.

"Yes, you need a new broom, and we aren't that far behind in points, we were up by fifty, when you fell, and they didn't have anything so we are behind by one hundred." Draco agreed.

Harry went upstairs and grabbed his homework before heading to the library, hopefully he would run into Neville and he could get help with Herbology. He entered the library, not may people were their, some upper years and a handful of ravenclaws but that was it. Harry opened his textbooks and got to work. Three hours later he had finished all of his homework, and he was left to sit their and think about the Quidditch match.

The dementors; how he hated them. He couldn't fight them, he didn't know how, he was weak, vulnerable, he needed to know how to fight them. Professor Lupin, he had gotten thedemetor on the train to go away. So he could try and figure it out on his own, but he would need something to practice on; which meant he would have to talk to Professor Lupin. He didn't want to spend time alone with him though, so he could ask someone to come with him. But who? Not a slytherin, sure he liked them and all, but he wasn't about to show any more weakness to them than he already had. He didn't know Neville well enough to ask him to come. This left Hermione or Luna.

Hermione was a nice girl very smart and curious, she liked puzzle, and she would want to learn with him. She may also pry, and would pick p certain behaviors, if he wasn't careful l. She was muggle raised, which meant that she probably knew the sings of abuse. He would be in a new situation that he was scared of. Not where he wanted to have curious, too perceptive eyes cluing things together.

No, Luna would be safer. She was perceptive, but kept things to herself, and wouldn't tell anyone. If Hermione thought that he was abused she would tell someone, she trusted authority too much. Luna wouldn't tell, and might not pick up on the signs. Besides Luna had made Professor Lupin nervous when she said that he was dangerous on the train, he had tensed at those words. If she could make him tense then Harry would be in a better position if anything happened. Yes, Luna was a better choice. Having made his decision Harry went to find Luna.

Harry made his way to ravenclaw tower, with luck he could find a ravenclaw and ask them to get her. If she wasn't in her common room he would check the astromony tower. She often sat there and looked at the view. If Luna wasn't in any of those places then he would go see the Theasterals. The winged horses lived near the edge of the forbidden forest and Luna often went to feed them. They were gentle creatures, although quite protective. Luna had been able to see them since her mother had died in a potions accident, she had been nine.

He didn't make it to Ravenclaw tower. He found Luna in an abandoned classroom, she was holding what looked like a charms book, she looked upset.

"Hi, Luna, what's wrong?" He asked her softly coming into the room and sitting beside her.

"Oh, hi Harry. The other Ravenclaw's stole my charms book and hid it here." She told him quietly.

"If you want I can show you how to put a locking charm that requires a password on your stuff, and a locator charm so you can find it easier, if it does go missing." Harry told her, he knew that most children called her 'Lonny'., and thought she was crazy. She wasn't, Harry thought that she might have some seer abilities, she had moments of very clear perception and just seemed to know things. She would even give advice and help you, if she thought you needed it. Not that anyone other than the person she was talking to would understand. She had tried to help Ginny last year. She had told them, that the snake had taken over the little red one. They had not understood at the time, Harry had figured it out later.

"Thanks Harry, what was it that you wanted?" She asked him, seeming much happier.

"I was wondering if you would come with me to go see Professor Lupin." Harry asked.

"Oh, about the dementors? Of course I will." She stood up and took his hand skipping out of the room.

They reached Professor Lupin's office quickly. The offices were attached to the classrooms so that people could find them easily. Harry took a breath and knocked on the door. Luna smiled at him encouragingly.

"Lupin heard a knock on the door and went to answer it, glad to have a break from marking the second year's essays. He opened the door, and saw Harry and a younger blond girl, Miss. Lovegood, he though, standing there.

"Come in." He said.

Harry and Luna entered the room, Harry had changed his posture and no longer seemed nervous, instead he looked alert and confident. Luna had her usual dreamy expression on her face as she waltzed in, sitting down in a chair.

"Hello Mister Potter, Miss Lovegood, what can I do for you?" Professor Lupin asked.

"Professor, can you show me how to repel the demtors, like you did on the train?" Harry asked, getting right to the point.

"The patronus charm is advanced magic way beyond NEWT level, most fully trained wizards can not perform it, and there was only one on the train, it is harder if there are more." Professor Lupin told him.

"I would like to learn how to, I can not keep fainting whenever they are around." Harry stated firmly.

"Does Miss Lovegood, wish to learn as well?"

"Hmmm..oh, it might be interesting, Harry you have jiigwarrlas surrounding your head." Luna informed them.

Not sure exactly how to respond to her Lupin responded to Harry "Very well, but it will have to be after the hiolidays, and I will need to find something for you to practice with. I still have the boggart, that will work."

"Why did you stop me from facing the boggart that day in class?" Harry wanted to know.

"I assumed that it would take the shape of Lord Voldermort and I did not feel that it would be a good thing to have a likeness of him in the class, it would cause panic." Lupin explained.

"Okay, that makes sense, but I don't fear him, I'm not scared of things I can fight." Harry replied as he stood up to leave. He said goodbye to the Professor and left the office, to go for dinner.

Harry ate dinner in silence busy thinking about his talk with Lupin. He was unsure about what to think of him. He was a good teacher, and seemed like he cared about, and wanted to help his students. However, he was also quiet, reserved, and patient and was the type of person who would get lost in a crowd, people wouldn't remember his face. He also seemed very patient and had an air of restraint about him constantly, like he was holding something back. This could make him very dangerous. The quiet ones were always the sneakiest, and the hardest to see coming. You were always stabbed in the back by those who blended into the crowed, those who no one noticed. They had a better opportunity to observe people. The patience and restraint meant that he was used to waiting for things, and he would be less likely to let emotions cloud his judgment. Lupin could be very dangerous, he would have too see how things played out.

Harry spent as much time as he could trying to figure out where, or what the Horocruxes might be, and how many he may have made. The greatest number of Horocruxes that had been made was four, this had been done in 1575 by Mahal Nofgroff a Russian Wizard who had actually been semi successful in his rise to power as a Dark Lord, he had managed to take control of most of mainland Europe before he was stooped by the middle eastern empire who had feared that he would try to take control of them. This meant that Tom had made at least six, one extra to make sure.

He remembered Draco mentioning that Gringoots was one of the safest places, except Hogwarts, did so it could be possible that Riddle had left a Horocrux in Hogwarts and a Horocrux in Gringotts. It was also quitepossible that there was one in the ministry as it was the central place in Wizarding Britain, and would be hard to get into. It was also possible that he had left horocruxes with thee inner circle Death Eater, he had left one with Lucius, so it made sense, and he trusted them, well as much as he was capable of trusting. He would see about getting a list of inner circle deatheaters.

Between classes and doing research on Voldermort and Horocruxes, Harry had little free time, and before he knew it it was the beginning of December and he had two week until Christmas break. Everyone was going off to Hogsmead, he was staying behind, it would give him a chance to go to the room of requirement.

Harry headed to the courtyard, that way he just had to go up to the fifth floor, and not to the other end of the castle. He opened up the doors and stepped into the cold December air, as he was walking across the grounds he was grabbed by the Weasley twins. They were lucky that he grabbed his arm, as it had been the only thing that stopped him from going for his wand and dagger. As it was he rolled backwards and came up behind them crouched in a fighting position before he realized who it was. The twins just looked at him in surprise, but instead of questioning him about it like he expected they simply motioned for him to follow them.

"Come on, we've got something to show you." Fred said impatiently.

Harry got up and followed them into the castle, they stopped under a deserted stairwell and pulled out a square of yellow parchment.

"This here, is the secret to our success, we've memorized it, and figured that you needed it more than we did." They told him.

"A Piece of Parchment?" Harry was skeptical.

"Not just, any piece of parchment, this is the Marauder's Map, watch. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." One of the said tapping it with his wand. The words 'Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfood and Prongs present The Marauder's Map' appeared on the parchment. Harry opened it up, it was a map of Hogwarts. Not, just any map! Closer inspections showed that the kitchens were labeled as were the secret passageways. Wait, was that really!

"Is that.." Harry was shocked.

"Dumbledore" They said.

"In his study, pacing" Gred continued.

"It shows everyone" Forge picked up

"Everyone, everywhere, what they're doing" They said together.

"Every second" Gred continued

"Of everyday." Forge finished.

"Wicked!" Harry's head was already filled with all the possibilities that it had. Not that he would use it to sneak into Hogsmead, like the twins probably intended, but it had other uses. This was incredible.

Harry grinned and thanked them before leaving. He could walk around at night, go to the room of requirement without getting caught, he could keep track of people's movements, find people without looking all over. Know what anyone was doing whenever he wanted to. He could sneak to the kitchens, keep track of people, the possibilities were endless. It was the ultimate weapon, you could sneak up on people, find good places to launch an attack, or defend from, find weaknesses in the defense line, coordinate attacks, come up with battle plans and strategies, spy on people. It was amazing.

Harry headed to the room of requirement, studying the map, and all the features it had, it told you where the passages were, and the passwords as well. He got to the room of requirement and got out the saia's, he needed practice with them. Harry finished dueling by the time everyone was back for Hogsmead. He even had time to owl order Christmas gifts for everyone, except for Snape, he got parts of the basilisk, skin, fang, and venom, from the chamber of secrets. He would have to go and explore it, see what else was in there, but not today.

It was almost Christmas vacation, and most of the teachers, had planned their lessons around this. They were learning how to make, and charm Christmas ordiments, as well as learning how to make Christmas gifts, and how to wrap presents. Classes were not too taxing although, the homework was piling up, it was all they could do to keep on top of assignments, never mind working ahead on anything.

Finally, it was Christmas break, and everyone, even the teachers were relived. Not that they could relax, they had a huge amount of homework to do. Not to mention the spells they had to learn and practice, and the chapters that they were to read, as well as studying for a bunch of tests, in every subject. It was insane, Harry swore that the teachers were trying to kill them with the homework load.

This was how, when Christmas break started the third years that were staying could pretty much all be found in the library or in their common rooms writing essays, reading or practicing spells. If they were not frantically doing last minute wrapping and gift buying for people.

The amount of work that they had to do made the week before Christmas passed in a blur, if you were to ask someone later what they had learned, or done that week all you would get was a blank stare, and be told that they didn't learn anything, and could not remember half of what they had done. With all the time people were spending on homework the amount lessened, and for a few ceased to exist, so by the time Christmas eve rolled around, most people did not have much, if any assignments left. Except for practicing the odd spell.

Harry woke with a start and jumped out of bed it was Christmas! Draco had already woken up Theo and Blasie and they were trying to wake up Greg and Vince, not that they were having much success. Harry greeted his roommate and headed for the shower. B the time he was out and dressed everyone was awake and they headed down to the common room. Draco started to hand out chrustmas tore into his small mound of presents. He had received gifts from all of the Weasley's as well as Neville and Hermione. He also had a gift from Luna, and Professor Snape. Most of the slytherins in his year had given him presents as well as one from the quiddich team, and one from Aria.

Luna had given him a year's subscription to the Quibbler, Neville had given him an 'encyclopedia of common plants'. Hermione had given him a book on Aritmancy, he had told her that the subject sounded interesting. Aria had given him a book called 'Understanding the Dark Arts' which looked interesting. The quidditch team, and Professor Snape had gotten together and bough him a Firebolt, it was the fasters broom on the market. Professor Snape had also given him a cream that would help to reduce the appearance of scars over time, he would have to thank him, he was very happy with that gift, he hadn't thought that it would be possible. The other slythereins in his year had given him some an assortment of candy a pair of quidditch gloves, a book about the different kinds of snakes, and the girls had gotten him a fur cloak. The Weasley had given him a jumper and Treacle Tart, from Mister and Mrs. Weasley, 'Quidditch through the ages', from Ron and Ginny, and the usual Prank items from Fred and George. He also had a photo alum that contained picture from his first two year as well as pictures from his parents years and wedding pictures as well as a few pictures of him as a baby, there was no note with it.

Harry spent the rest of the holidays having snowball fights, skating, play quidditch and having fun. No one wanted holidays to be over. The one thing that Harry was looking forward to was learning the patronus charm. Being around the dementors had started the nightmares again, and they were really bad, he wished he could take dreamless sleep more often but he did not, for fear of becoming addicted to it. He had also grown quite a bit, mot of the damage his relatives had done to his growth had been healed thanks to Madame Pomfrey and Professor Snape. He was even tall for his age, and he had quite a bit of muscle from Quidditch and practicing dueling and sparing as well s hand-to-hand combat in the room of requirement. He was not overly muscular instead he was lean, and wiry. Add the fact that he no longer had glasses and he looked older than his age.

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