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10. I Will Always Return (Finale) – Bryan Adams

Sephiria didn't bother returning to the hideout right away; she had some steam she wanted to burn off, and she needed to prove to herself that now that she had a choice—now that she was free—she could choose on her own whether or not she wanted to return to Train and his friends. She wandered all day, having enough pocket change to keep thirst and hunger at ease.

By midnight, she returned to the hideout.

Closing the door quietly behind her and sliding the key Sven had given her into her pocket, Sephiria ran a hand through her hair before making her way down the hall into the kitchen, perfectly comfortable moving through the darkness. Judging by the turned off lights and general silence, Sven and Eve were asleep.

"I was wondering where you were."

Sephiria didn't even jolt as Train glanced up from the fridge, swinging it shut easily and resting the carton of milk on the counter. "My dirty little secret," he said with a smirk as he opened it. "Don't tell Sven, he'd murder me in my sleep."

"So noted." Sephiria watched him, leaning back against the counter slightly. "You aren't asking where I was?"

"It's your life, you can go where you please." Train smiled easily. "I figured you'd come back sooner or later. When a stray finds a place they can call home, it's hard to stay away from it."

Sephiria blinked, then laughed softly. "Are you saying that my home's with you, Heartnet?" she asked softly.

"Well, let's see." Moving easily, Train left his milk and stood in front of her, hands in his pockets. "For one thing, I kind of got you into this stray dog lifestyle. I feel responsible for you."

"I see." Sephiria nodded as he leaned in slightly, so their noses touched. "Anything else?"

"Yeah. For another, you got cut up pretty bad 'cause of me." His eyes darkened. "I don't like knowing that. Makes me rather protective of you, Sephiria."

"Hmm, I see." Sephiria leaned up slightly. "Do go on, I'm enjoying this."

"Last but not least, I have a weakness for how you say my name… when you choose to say my name, and you don't tend to do that a lot. But I still like how it sounds coming from your mouth."


"Yeah, just like that."

"I chose to come back." Sephiria swallowed slightly. "I'm free now, but I chose to come back. Does that mean anything to you?"

Train's eyes widened, then softened slightly. He smiled. "Means the world," he whispered, and closed the distance between them, gently pressing his mouth against hers.

"Train, didn't you say once that cats and dogs don't usually get along?"

"Well, usually they don't, yeah. And as it is… I'm kinda allergic to dogs."

"I see."

"But hey, we're both strays, right?"

"Strays with homes."

"Yep. And this cat's fallen pretty hard for the dog."

"I suppose it's acceptable since the dog feels the same way."

"So polite and to-the-point."


"… Sven, save me… Sephiria and Train are flirting again…"

The End


Lines in "italics" occur later on after Train and Sephiria kiss. I couldn't resist putting in Eve's line at the very end... I just could see her suffering so much while traveling with the odd couple that would be Train and Sephi, if they ever got together.

So this story ends... though I doubt it'll be my last time with Black Cat. I'll have to wait and see what happens. Thank you for following it to the end!!

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