AN: I know the events of "I'm Dreaming of A White Ranger" happens after Kat shows up, but since she is not nor is she mentioned in the episode, I'm putting it before she was added to the series.

Chapter Three-A Sad Goodbye

When Christmas came that year, the Rangers and I volunteered at the Youth Center to help entertain the local children. We decorated the juice bar and Kimberly and Aisha worked with the children's choir. It seemed like it would have been a normal time, but, like every other day in Angel Grove, Rita and Zedd could not let us enjoy the holidays. They had kidnapped Santa Claus. Yes, he's real, who knew? Anyway, like always, we were able to stop our enemies' wicked plot.

The holiday celebration went well. The children got to meet Santa Claus. Not the Santa Claus, but Bulk dressed up as Santa. I got to kiss Kim under the mistletoe. I had been trying to all that day and it was bliss to finally place my lips on hers. I didn't know then that that would have bent the last time our lips would meet under the holiday plant.

A few days later, we met a girl by the name of Katherine Hillard. She was a gorgeous blonde with long legs and beautiful blue eyes. She was Australian and had just moved to Angel Grove. She had quickly befriended me and the other Rangers. She was sweet and kind. We had no clue she was under one of Rita's evil spell.

Kat's job was to defeat us and Rita and Zedd took a different approach. Instead of attacking me first, they went after Kimberly. Kat stole Kim's power coin, leaving her power draining, weakening her slowly and nearly killing her. Rita and Zedd even kidnapped Kim to further drain her power. We were able to stop them, saving Kim and breaking the spell on Kat. We regained Kim's power coin.

Around the same time, Kim was participating in a gymnastics competition. She was constantly practicing. The team and I were seeing less and less of her. We all knew she was pushing herself too hard. She even ended up in the hospital one night. She had fallen off of the balance beam at the Youth Center. Thank goodness Kat was there and able to get help.

Kimberly recovered quickly and able to go through the competition. She did well, so well she was offered to train in Florida for the Pan Globals. It was a dream come true for Kimberly.

Unfortunately, in order for her dream to become a reality. Kim would have to leave the team. A decision that did not come easy for her. We all encouraged her to follow her dream, that the team would be fine without her. In the end, Kimberly decided to follow her dram and passed her power coin to Kat.

It hurt to see my first love go. It was my job to drop her off at the airport the next day. We spent the night alone; we made love the first time, sharing everything with each other.

It was hard to let her go. To just let her board her plane and leave Angel Grove, the team, me. But I had to remain strong. I had to let her go.

Even though, I did not want it to, life moved on. Kat settled well into the team. She and Aisha quickly became best friends. Kat was a great Ranger. She was not the skilled fighter Kimberly had been, but Kat had the drive, the kindness, and the compassion to be a Power Ranger. She fought well and by my side as though she was trying to fill the void Kim had left.