Chapter Two-New Powers

After my not so long absence, I was going to return to Angel Grove a new man. I was more confident and the guilt I had felt as the Green Ranger was gone. I was finally going to allow myself to be happy for the first time in months and I meant truly happy. No more false or temporarily smiles I was showing my friends and family to show them that I was okay.

A few days before I was to return to Angel Grove, I was transported to a secret room. Inside, I was transformed into the White Ranger. I was happy and surprised. I didn't think I would ever be a Power Ranger again. Seeing the look on my friends, faces when they first saw me as the White Ranger was priceless. They were all happy for me. Kimberly fainted as soon as she saw my face. I went to her and held her as she woke in my arms. We exchanged some romantic words and she embraced me.

With my new powers, I gained a new zord, the tigerzord and became the new leader of the team. It was a shock to me and I felt guilty about my new position, but Jason did not seem bitter at all about Zordon's decision. In fact, my best friend was happy for me and supported me. Plus, he was able to still lead the team when I was not able to for some reason or another. It was as if he knew that it would be better in the long run.

My life as a superhero was not the only thing that was new, I began to date Kimberly full-time after my return. When I asked her out on our first date, she did not hesitate to say yes. We made plans for the next day and I fell back onto an old habit of mine of being late, but after that it was smooth sailing, well almost. I supported her when she needed me to and she supported me. Even though, we were constantly in danger, we did not pressure each other to push our relationship too far. There were a few spells that came between our relationship, nothing that left any permanent damage.

Just when the team was getting settled, Jason, Trini, and Zack had been chosen to join a Peace Conference in Switzerland. It came as a shock to all of us, but we were happy. The Peace conference was an excellent opportunity for them to see the world and learn new things, but with our Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers. Luckily, we had met three perfect candidates a few days before. Adam Park took Zack's place as the black ranger; Rocky DeSantos replaced Jason as the Red Ranger; and Aisha Campbell became the Yellow Ranger in Trini's place.

It was awkward at first, gaining new Rangers, but after a few weeks we were a well oiled machine again. The only thing that truly threw us for a loop was Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's wedding. Now, instead of having one enemy to stop, we had two. My friends' and my lives got a little harder, but we still ended on the top until Rita's crazy brother Rito Repulso came to Earth.

I am still uncertain of how a clumsy buffoon like Rito was able to force us to lose our powers and destroy or zords. He never had another victory, but first we needed to find a new power.

So, my friend's and I went on a quest for a new power. We traveled through the desert and found a cave. Inside the cave was Ninjor, the guardian of the power. He did not trust us at first, but all we had to do was mention Zordon and he trusted us. He took us to an oasis and proudly presented our new powers. Adam became the Black Frog, Billy, the Blue Wolf, Aisha, the Yellow Bear, Rocky became the Red Ape, Kimberly became the Pink Crane, and I became the White Falcon.

Everything was perfect. The team and I were defeating our enemies regularly and Kimberly's and my relationship could not have been better. It seemed like nothing could truly go wrong.