Chapter Four-Bound to Happen

Coming back to the present, I look over at my still sleeping wife and sigh sadly. I wish she had been there with me during my time as a Zeo Ranger. I could have really used her strength. She was a rock, my rock. I sigh again. Even though time travel was possible, I knew that could not go back and make it possible. Things happen for a reason.

After Kim broke up with me, I discovered that I had a brother. Unlike me, he grew up with our Native American culture.

I was surprised and happy to see him and to know him. Through him I got to know a part of myself I never knew I had.

It was because of my brother I was able to get over Kimberly. Because of this I was happier, but I was never as happy as I had been with her. And even though apart of me was found, another part was lost.

After I made peace with my break up with Kim, a new Ranger appeared. At first, we all thought it was Billy. The former Blue Ranger had so many secrets. But it turned out, it wasn't him. The Gold Ranger was from another planet. His name was Trey. He helped us out for a while and when he needed our help we was there for him. He split into three and could not hold onto his power. He needed to transfer them to another person. It was during that time that we discovered Billy could no longer become a Ranger and we needed to find someone else and I knew just the person to find.

I found Jason in secret, we couldn't alert our enemy to our plans.

I surprised everyone with the former Red Ranger. They were all happy to see him, especially Billy; he seemed lonely after Kimberly left.

Trey's powers were transferred to Jason and the former Red Ranger became the new Gold Ranger. When this happened, I was happy to surrender my leadership over to him, but he refused. Instead Jason became my second whenever I needed him to be.

We all fell into a routine and soon became comfortable with one another. Jason made friends with Rocky, Adam, Tanya, and Kat. He fitted well with our group.

Before I realized it, I had fallen Kat. She was beautiful and sweet and she always showed me affection when we were together.

Like with Kimberly, I found myself increasingly distracted in her presence. It took all my courage to ask her out. I was never good at being the first to make the move.

In Kat, I found a comforting happiness that, back then, I believed was true love. We worked well together. We were good together. With her I found myself smiling more. Being with Kat made her happy.

It was during this time that I realized something I hadn't before. Kat had always wanted me for her boyfriend. Even before she took Kimberly's place. I was always terribly blind to things like that.

With Jason's help we were able to finally defeat the Machine Empire. While we all were happy with our victory, we lost a Ranger.

The Gold Ranger's powers had been slowly leaving Jason for weeks prior to the final battle. At first, it was hard on him. I understood what he was going through. It was like loosing a part of yourself when your powers were slowly being taken from you. But Jason coped well. He had no problem returning his Gold Ranger Powers back to their original owner. He left Angel Grove with a peace of mind that so long ago I didn't have. I respected him more for that.

Soon after the defeat of the Machine Empire, Rocky, Adam, and I were training for a charity Martial Arts event. We, the other Rangers and I, were always doing things like that. It made us proud, but during one of the practices we lost a Ranger. Not through death, but by injury. Rocky, hurt his back so bad that he ended up in the hospital.

It was during this time that the Power Rangers got a new enemy, Divatox and we were one Ranger short.