AN: This is the first Chapter with actual dialog.

Chapter Five-My Love For Her

Divatox was just as her name suggested. She was a diva and she was toxic. When we first encountered her she was after a alien called Lerigot. She stopped at nothing to get what she wanted. She even went as far as kidnapping Jason and Kimberly.

Seeing them broke my heart. My two best friends in the hands of the enemy. My only thought, my only concern was to rescue them.

Two save them, we had to gain new powers. We went from Zeo to Turbo, our zords became cars. And with new Powers we gained a new Ranger.

Rocky's injury was so severe he was unable to join us on our mission. So, instead we got a kid. Justin Stewart. He was twelve and excitable. It was kind of annoying, but he was a could fighter and a good Ranger.

When we made it to the island that Divatox was holding Jason, Kimberly, and Lerigot, Jason and Kim were hanging of a pit and before we could get to them they were dropped in. My heart stopped. I thought they were dead and I was almost relieved when they came from the pit seemingly unharmed. Their demeanor changed. They seemed more confident. Their eyes were red and they were super strong. They were evil.

They attacked us. I was the only one who truly knew them and tried to appeal to their goodness and failed. When I removed my helmet, Kimberly didn't care and Jason nearly killed me. If it wasn't for Lerigot, I would have either been tossed into the pit. I never wanted to become evil again and thank goodness I was saved by the two former Rangers.

Unfortunately, we weren't unable to stop Divatox's plan. She was able to raise a monster named Maligor from the pit. He grew to monstrous size and we had to do what we Rangers did best, call our zords, combine them and defeat the giant monster.

Afterwards, we made it home. We fought in the charity Martial Arts event and won. It was then that it was revealed to Kimberly that Kat and I were dating. I thought Jason would have told her, but I guessed it was my responsibility.

At first, I didn't think Kimberly was hurt. She hid her feelings so well during the party after the event. She smiled and talked to everyone like nothing was wrong.

She didn't confront me until later that night. She had walked out to get some fresh air and I found her crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She wiped her tears away before turning to face me.

"Nothing," she said.

"I can tell when something's upsetting you," I said.

I placed my arm on her shoulder and she pulled away from me.

"If you don't know I'm not telling," Kimberly said.


"No Tommy, it's my fault that it's none of your concern."


Kim took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"You and Kat," she finally said.

"What about us?"

"You replaced me," she said.

I stepped back from her. I was beginning to get angry.

"That's not fair, Kimberly," I argued. "You broke up with me. In a letter. You couldn't even call me to tell me you had REPLACED me."

"I was lost at the time," she argued back. "It was a mistake."

"How much of a mistake?"

She stopped looking me in the eye and I knew how far she had went with the guy she left me for.

"Before or after?" I asked sharply.

"After," Kim answered quietly. "He left me after."

"Good," I said honestly pleased that things didn't work out with her 'soul-mate'.

We stood there in silence for a minute or two. I stared her down while she couldn't even look at me.

"You have no right to be upset over me and Kat," I said calmly. "And for your information. We haven't. I'm not so quick to jump into bed."

I loud clap rose in the air. She had slapped me. Kimberly had actually hit me and she didn't say a word she just walked away. I didn't speak with her again. She spoke to everyone but me for the rest of her visit.

I turned rubbing my cheek, to see Kat staring at me. My heart broke again that week. Kat, my beautiful girlfriend looked hurt. Not because Kimberly had struck me, but because she saw something she never wanted to see in my face again. Love towards another girl. I was still in love with my first girlfriend. No matter how bad our argument was, I was still in love with Kimberly.

We did not talk about my argument with Kim. We just moved on with our relationship the best we could. At first, everything was great between us, we even thought we could have a long distance. But while apart we discovered how much we really didn't need to be in a relationship together. So much so, that we went from being romantic to being just friends.

Our break up was mutual. We loved each other, but we weren't 'in' love with each other. It was my first mature break up and it wouldn't have been my last.