Title: A Green Farewell

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Tommy and Kimberly

Summary: 8 months of living with the fear of losing his Green Ranger powers, he loses them when he needs them the most.

Author Note: A little bit of evil Tommy fun.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whoever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: T

Chapter One

It was strange how a person's life could change so much in less than a year. One day, you're living a normal life and the next everything is different. Tommy Oliver understood this more than anyone. In the past 8 months, his life had been through some unbelievable changes.

First, Tommy's father had gotten a new job in the city of Angel Grove. A place Tommy had never heard of before. He guessed it was a small city, a town too big to be called a town. He knew he probably would not like moving to a place no one probably heard of. So, like most kids, he did not want to move. He wanted to stay in the small town that had been his home his whole life. But he had no choice. There were only three positive things he could think of was he could still do his martial arts, he would still be living in California, and the Power Rangers were there.

Second, when Tommy and his family moved to Angel Grove, he had to start a new school. He hated this change. He was not exactly the best student, but he was not the worst either. He was an average student and his teachers back home understood this and let him be. Tommy feared his new teachers would push him too hard and try to get his parents involved in his school life. The last thing he wanted was his mother to lecture him on school work. But there was an upside to this move. A Martial Arts Expo was being held at the local youth center and Tommy entered. He needed to take out some aggression over the major changes in his life. He had no idea that his participation would get him noticed.

The third change in Tommy's life occurred on the day he started school and found out who noticed him at the Martial Arts Expo. One was that of Kimberly Hart, a beautiful girl at his school, Tommy found interesting the moment he laid eyes on her. The other was Rita Repulsa, an evil sorceress who was trying to take over the world. Kimberly had offered him her friendship and a chance to meet her friends after school. Tommy accepted and was happy his family had moved at that moment. But then, Rita offered him something that was a major change in his young life. The evil witches offer was something he could not refuse, even though he wanted to, he had no choice but to be taken.

Next, Tommy's whole personality was changed. Rita had turned him into her Evil Green Power Ranger and forced him to fight the Power Rangers. Tommy tormented the Rangers well and fought even better. He nearly defeated the young heroes, but one of them, the Red Ranger, had defeated him first. The Red Ranger had destroyed his Sword of Darkness and broke the wicked spell Rita had placed on him.

The dark spell was broken, but the damage was done. Tommy began to brood. Even though, he was able to keep his powers and fight alongside the Rangers, there was always a gray cloud over his head. He worried if his new friends really forgave him for all of the terrible deeds he had done while he was evil. He worried that Rita could still turn him evil. What he really needed to worry about was Rita taking the powers she had given him back.

Tommy could not remember ever going near something that Rita could use to make a Green Candle. The candle, when lit, had the power to slowly drain the Green Ranger of his powers. It was working and Tommy could feel it. It was very painful it just left him weak. The only solution that came to mind early on was to get the candle before it burned out. His friends and fellow Rangers tried to get the candle, but could not. The city needed every Ranger to save it. So, Tommy had lost his Green Ranger powers, but Rita did not gain them either. Before the candle died out, Tommy gave Jason, the Red Ranger, his power coin giving his friend the last bit of Green Ranger energy.

It was months later, when Tommy's life changed again. It was a good and bad change. He was able to become a Power Ranger again. Being the only lifeline the Power Rangers had at the time, Tommy once again became the Green Ranger, but the power was only temporary. He was borrowing some of Zordon's, the Rangers' mentor. It was a tax on both. To make matters worse, Rita had been over thrown by someone more powerful, Lord Zedd and for some reason he had a vendetta against the young Tommy. Lord Zedd wanted to destroy the Green Ranger.

The only saving light to Tommy's up and downs was Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. She stuck with him through it all. From him gaining the Green Ranger powers to him losing them to him gaining them again, she was there. They had a strong friendship that was just that until Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers to the Green Candle. It was then that the former Green Ranger found the courage to ask the Pink Ranger out. It was a wonderful and simple date. It was on that night, Tommy wanted more from Kimberly. He wanted her to be his girl, but he wasn't sure if they were ready. Life was just getting in the way and would keep getting in the way.

Tommy had no idea that one major change in his life would set back his life with his friends, with Kimberly, and his life as a Power Ranger.