FIRST FIC BE GENTLE PLEASE! This is my first go at writing fanfic so there may be a few mistakes RnR please....oh and i own nothing trust me if I owned king of thorn it would be a hell of a lot more kinky *is shot*

Kasumi pushed one hand slowly through her short dripping hair, moving away the stray bangs from her charcoal eyes. she carefully stepped out of the bath taking caution not to slip and stood for a moment , as soon as she left the heated water chills began to run up her spine causing her to shake slightly. Squinting, she reached out blindly for her glasses which were perched carefully on the sink a few feet away. Lifting her head to ensure she looked presentable She looked up into the broken mirror at her reflection and for a good few seconds kasumi stood perfectly still, motionless as not to disturb the severed image on the other side of the glass. She scolded herself every time she did this but she knew every time was soon to be all the time. Every time she ever dared look into a mirror her dear sister would stare back. Though her sister could finally rest and was no longer in pain, for kasumi, complete closure or peace could never be found with such dark irony quite literally staring her in the face. However the face she saw in the glass could also at times bring the littlest comfort in between the pain. Kasumi would never foget the all too breif time her and her sister had shared and dispite her pain she was happy to carry this part of shizuku with her. Ebony strands hung around her petit face matted to it by moisture. Even with her glasses on, kasumi's young face resembled a frightening echo of shizuku.

Bound by both blood and illness the devoted sisters had together struggled on through the sickness that had ultimately brought their worlds crashing down. Looking away, not wanting to face her loss so directly, Kasumi began to ponder the consequences medusa had had on her life. It had taken away her sister, someone who had symbolised everything kasumi wanted to be. However it had also forced her to become that everything, forced her to be willing to lose everything all over again if it meant beating medusa and the terrifying new world that surrounded her .

Because she knew in her heart if she didn't the last few things that she held dear would be taken away.

Drying off kasumi could hear the elated mumble of conversation outside the cramped bathroom. The remaining four members of the little group were discussing everything all at once while kasumi washed up. With Zeus beaten and the shackles of medusa no longer binding them the saviours were at a standstill. They had all collectively agreed to rest for the night in a small separate part of the castle that was barren of Zeus's memory and his manmade nightmare. For now this was their sanctuary. Since setting foot inside the little safe house a silent agreement was made that the evils of yesterday and the horror that tomorrow could bring were not spoken of inside these walls. They were simply ghost's thought kasumi, ghost's that could wait for when the sun once again lit the sky. By now kasumi was fully dry and fully dressed. With one last lingering glance at the shattered mirror she softly pushed open the door. The others didn't seem to notice her sudden entrance and didn't bother to acknowledge her with any change in demeanour. In fact they all seemed too caught up in their own conversations.