"What a late night. I'm so tired." SpongeBob was walking home from work. It had been an extra long day and he was practically dragging himself down the road. There was a rustling in the bushes but he was too tired to notice. Suddenly, out in front of him, a large, black clam came out into the open. It was abnormally big and had huge fangs. Before SpongeBob even knew what was happening, it had grabbed at his neck. He struggled with it for a few minutes before finally pulling it off him. Once it was off, he quickly ran inside and went to the bathroom. There were two deep bite marks where it had attacked him. He noticed the small trickle of blood coming from them and passed out. And that's exactly how he woke up the next morning.

"Ohh… what happen last night?" He slowly stood up, sore from falling and sleeping on the hard tile floor. When he looked over in the mirror and saw the two marks, last night's events came flooding back into his mind. He put on a band aid and started getting ready for work. When he was ready, he ran excitedly out the front door yelling "I'm ready, I'm ready!" all the way to the Krusty Krab. He worked hard all that day and soon forgot about his wound.

"Boy, you seem a little tired tonight."

"Oh it's nothing Mr. Krabs. I just need some rest." There was a certain glint in his eyes though.

"Well, it's closing time. Why don't you go ahead and go get some rest."

"Yes sir!" SpongeBob went out the double doors and started walking home. At the spot where he had been bit the night before, he suddenly got very wary. He began stumbling around and tripped over a large rock. As he was lying on the ground, a strange sensation came over him. He screamed and thrashed about but to no avail. As quickly as it had happened, the feeling stopped. He got back up, shaking with fear. He began walking home again with extreme caution. Right before he turned into his driveway, a little boy fish came running down the road. But he stopped dead as soon as he saw SpongeBob. His eyes grew wide.

"Are you alright little boy? You look kind of scared."

"Monster!" The boy screamed and ran back the opposite direction. SpongeBob smiled to himself.

"Silly kids, I'm no monster. But then again…" He lowered his voice darkly. The sudden urge to chase the boy was almost irresistible. SpongeBob realized what he was thinking and quickly ran inside. "Gary I'm home!" His pet snail came around the corner but stopped dead in his tracks. Before he could see him, Gary turned around and ran back into the kitchen to hide under the table. "Gary? Oh well, he's probably just asleep. SpongeBob walked up his stairs and almost went to bed. "Oh, silly me, almost forgot to brush my teeth. Got to keep them bright and shiny!" He went to lick his top row of teeth but stopped when he felt a sharp pinch. "Ouch! I think I cut my tongue." He ran to the bathroom and went over to the mirror. At first he didn't notice the odd reflection because he was too worried about his slightly bleeding tongue. But then he saw it. The image staring back at him was SpongeBob… but different. This version had dark red eyes, long sharp teeth, and a murderous look. This was a vampire SpongeBob.