Title: World's End, Here There Be Monsters

Author: dragonsconsort on both and LJ

Warnings: Contains flashbacks or hints of very disturbing content. Very graphic torture, rape, swearing, blood play, whipping, turning and basically everything else may show up either in flashbacks or hints of past events. Character deaths of some minor characters. Also contains slash, again in flashbacks or hints. May contain more slash in the present, but not quite sure. Just be on the lookout. If any of this offends you, stay far away. If you are a minor, stay away.

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Fandom/season: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, AU, season 2, does not follow story. There be changes ahead. (Just had to put that down.)

Rating: Teen for now

Summary: This is the second in the World's End series. Alexander was captured and turned by Angelus. Now, along the rest of his family, has come to Sunnydale.

AN. This is the second in the World's End series. Hope It's good. And it doesn't line up with canon. My story, so non-canon.

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The club called the Bronze was the main hangout place for teenagers and young adults in Sunnydale. For the night population of Sunnydale, it was the equivalent of a buffet. All those happy-meals-on-legs, as Spike often called them, basically throwing themselves at the creatures that can and often did end their lives. It was a vampire's paradise. The lights were low and colored lights often danced over the crowd. And you can find a willing snack anywhere in the club. In the corners, on the dance floor, at the tables, and everywhere else were teenagers who should be more alert.

The small group that acted as their protectors, a barrier between the creatures of the night and them, could not be there all the time. Nor everywhere at once. So that threat to the predators in the crowd was often not there.

One such predator was weaving his way through the crowd at the moment. This particular predator was attracting attention from the females, of all ages, as he passed. As a young human, he was handsome, in more of a boyish short of way. Now, he was even more, at least it was accented by the way he dressed, walked, and talked. And he literally oozed charm, the natural charm that had worked as a human and worked to his advantage now. He rarely had to go looking for a meal, they found him.

Speaking of a potential meal, one such had seen him and was eyeing him. Cordelia Chase, the Ice Queen of Sunnydale High, had seen the black clad figure from her position by the stage. Talk about a hottie. Dressed almost all in black with, only a red shirt under the duster that was the only thing not black, and a long duster (unknown to her, he had copied the style of his 'brother' Spike) that reached down passed his knees, with stylish brown hair that was short, but had been allowed to grow a bit (it was allowed to do its own thing, without no gel or nothing.) She couldn't tell his eye-color from here, but he was coolly watching everyone around him with disinterest. Making sure her hair was in place and her makeup covered all in her little mirror, she started his way.

Alexander had already seen the dark haired teenager from the position he had taken by the stairs. He had allowed his expression to look disinterested, as he studied those around him. He had felt the dark haired girl's gaze from the other side of the room, and now watched her out of the corner of his eye. He could tell that she was a girl on a mission. Normally he would be in the mood, but not today. He preferred blonds, just like the one that had just gone out the door. He was not in the mood to deal with her.

Quickly moving away, he began to weave through the crowd, going after the blond and friends that had just gone through the door.

Cordelia tried to see where he had gone, after seemingly disappearing into the crowd, but it was no luck. Her eyes narrowed. The hunt was on. No one got away from Cordelia Chase. She would see him again, and this time make sure that he noticed her. Shrugging, she turned back to her entourage. She really didn't know why she put up with the sheep. Really she didn't.


Staying back from the blond and her group of friends, Alexander stayed in the shadows. He felt a tingle of his skin, like the passing of an invisible swarm of bugs, and knew that this was the Slayer. But this Slayer had something with her that made him pause. She was surrounded with friends, and it was obvious by their talk that they knew what she was.

Next to her, linked arm and arm with the blond Slayer, was a little red-haired girl. That was what she was, even though she may have been older. But he could feel the undiscovered power contained in her. Next to her was a dark haired lanky kid, which looked like he hadn't grown into his body yet. And next to him was another blond, a little bit taller than the Slayer. That one also had power. All three were laughing and joking. He stayed back in the shadows to watch.

By listening to their almost mindless gabble, he was able to learn their names. The Slayer was Buffy, he had already known that though, the red head was Willow, the boy was Jesse, and the last blond was Amy. Their talked contained of jokes about the vampires that the Slayer had come up against; he disregarded that because she had only come up against one Master Vampire and that was the Master. He didn't count, had been a joke among the demon underworld outside of Sunnydale. All the rest had been fledges.

They also talked about school, a man called Giles (that was the Watcher, it was amazing was kind of info could be found out at Willy's), and a bunch of nameless gabble that made absolutely no sense. Now, though, came the real show. A vampire, a newly risen fledge by the look of him, jumped out at the girl Maria. She shrieked in surprise, but then used her fist to knock the surprised fledge down. It had not expected that.

As it lay dazed on the ground, the Slayer thrust her stake at its heart. It disappeared into dust, but it wasn't the only one. A group of fledges, about six or so, descended on the Slayer and her friends. Then the fight began. She dusted two within seconds, and didn't even pause as she went after the others. Her friends did their part, and by the end of the fight Jesse and Maria had dusted two together. The other two fledges stood no chance, as the Slayer ruthlessly cut threw them. Watching from the shadows, Alexander could see lots of opportunities and chanced for the fledges to get to the Slayer. Many of these would have been fatal, but the stupid fledges were even more stupid than usual. They never saw the opportunities she left in her defenses. She was new at her job, but had some skill. More than he had expected. It would not do to underestimate her.

As the dust settled, the Slayer and friends could be seen joking and congratulating each other. Alexander stayed in the shadows. Watching them walk away, a plan began to form. This Slayer had friends, good friends no doubt about it, but they were not trained. And they were both a weakness and a strength to her. Taken away, or driven away, the strength would be lost. Going over the plan in his mind, he followed the Slayer and her friends.


Maria Smith was lucky to count Buffy as one of her friends. They had met the first day of Buffy school career at Sunnydale High, and had not parted since. She had long been an acquaintance of the two Amigos, Jesse and Willow, who had known each other since kindergarten, but had never been really close to them. That changed when Buffy came.

Maria had been taken by vampires that first night at the Bronze. She had been terrified out of her mind as she was carried and half dragged in the cemetery, after she had tried to run after seeing the cemetery. The vampire that had nabbed her seem to run out of patience, and she was forcibly taken through to a crypt. The vampire holding her friend Nya following.

There, they had started to drag Nya and her toward a corner of the crypt when a tiny blond girl had appeared. As she had taunted the vampires, a boy named Jesse from school had grabbed her and rushed both of them out of there. Along the way, they had met a group of vampires that had blocked their path. In the resulting struggle, Jesse and her and escaped, while Nya had been captured. Nya had been later turned, and used as bait. Maria herself had been forced to stack her.

After leaving the company of her friends and heading to home, Maria got the feeling that she was being followed. But no matter how much she looked behind her, there was no one there. She had just turned around hewn a hand covered her mouth, preventing her from crying out. Her hands were pulled behind her back, and held there. And no matter how much she struggled, she was prevented from moving. Even her legs could not move, to kick back into her attacker.

"Well, well, well. A little girl, wandering all the streets during dark, by herself, when she should be home safe in bed." A voice said by her ear. She couldn't see who it was, but just knew that it was trouble. Feeling breath on her neck, she closed her eyes to silently say goodbye. She knew she was going to die.

But then she felt herself being released, and the grunt of pain from her attacker. She turned around, grasping the stake that Buffy had given her, and froze. A young man, dressed in a long black duster, was fighting with a creature that was obviously a vampire. The ridged face gave it away. The young man, her rescuer, was quickly losing the battle to the stronger creature. He was holding his own, but was losing headway. The vampire, seeing this, grinned and grabbed one of the arms of the young man.

He was then thrown into a tree, with the vampire coming after him. The rescuer was grabbed by the neck, and just held there.

"You lost me my meal, but you will suffice." There was more to what the vampire was going to say, but the hard boot of the one in his hands came down painfully in the spot no creature wants to be kicked. The vampire groaned and his would be victim was thrown away. Landing on his back right next to Maria.

Helping him up just as the vampire started their way, anger twisting his face, she thrust her extra stake at him. "Go for the heart, that's the only way to kill it."

He nodded, somewhat painfully, and got ready. But the creature, enraged for the pain that he had caused, launched itself to him, knocking him to the ground. Then froze in surprise. The stake that Maria had given him buried in its chest. There was an expression of shock, before it turned to dust.

Her rescuer lay where he was, looking open mouthed at where the vampire had been. He came out of it as Maria stuck out a hand to help him up.

"That was a vampire. They do that." Taking her hand, he struggled up. Wincing.

"Vampire. That makes sense, in a strange way." His expression looked like he was trying to think of how it was possible. Looking at her suddenly, "Are you okay? I saw that…thing…vampire…holding you."

She smiled. "I'm good. Thanks for the save. You saved my life."

"All in a good day's work," he looked up at the sky. "Or all in a good night's work. No problem."

Laughing at his comment, she stuck out a hand. "I'm Maria."

"Alex." He shook her hand. As they shook, he suddenly winced.

"You okay?" She asked, concerned.

"It's okay, just bruised a bit. I've had worse." He smiled ruefully.

Thinking for a bit, "I at least owe you a cup of hot chocolate."

"Sure, but only one." Alex looked excited at the aspect of hot chocolate. In answer to her puzzled look, he explained. "I have a…thing…for chocolate."

Laughing at his embarrassed expression, she started down the street. As she turned around, she didn't see the embarrassed expression disappear and a smug, triumphant expression appear on his face for a brief second. But it was only brief, and then he started to follow.


Maria got up in the morning, all ready for the day. She felt energized and happy. Alex and she had had a great time last night, drinking cups of hot chocolate, talking, and also watching some movies. It turned out that he loved the old movies that she did.

He had told her that his family had just moved to town. His sister was sick, and they had decided in a changed of scenery for a while. His father was in Sunnydale somewhere, and they were looking for him. When she had offered to help him in any way she could, a smile had crossed his face at that and he had said "Oh, you will."

She didn't really notice his strange comment, because he had launched into a talk of the aspects of old movies vs. new.

Now, she felt energized, no matter how late they had spent up talking. He had even offered to make her last cup of hot chocolate for her.

Getting up, she never noticed the partially healed bite mark on her neck, or the faint taste that was in her mouth. All her thoughts was taken up of when she would see Alex again. He had had to leave before sun came up, explaining that his brother would get angry if he stayed out too late, especially his first night. He had asked her if he could meet her again, and they had planned to meet at the Bronze the next night. Buffy and her friends wouldn't be there that night, so she could keep Alex all to herself.

He was funny, charming, and seemed to be interested in her. She didn't want to spoil that by sharing him with her friends for a little longer.


Back in the warehouse, Alexander could sense her thoughts, and knew his plan was going good. Soon, with just a little bit more of their blood exchanged, hers for his, she would be ready. Her body was already changing, even though she couldn't feel it. And her thoughts were now open like a book to him. It wouldn't be that much longer until she was ready, and willing, to continue with his plan. She was already, even with only a little of his blood, his.

This is the end of chapter one. Alexander's plan has started.

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