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I think Tifa's trying to kill me. I mean it. SERIOUSLY. Gawd, some sympathy would be nice...but why? I think I'm going crazy...NOT AS CRAZY AS SEPHIROTH. Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted-pointed silence-if I am crazy, it Tifa's fault. You see, I agreed to help her with the bar and those demons she calls kids. After all, she said it would just be when the bar gets busy or whatever. WELL APPARENTLY THE BAR MUST HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE IN 24/7 AS THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIMES THAT CRAZY-BASTARD-SEPHIROTH-WHO-WOULDN'T-LEARN-HIS-GAWD-DAMN-LESSON-LESSON CAME BACK TO LIFE! Hang on, that doesn't sound as impressive as I thought it was...well coming back to life, what was it? Two, three times? Well that is impressive, but comparing it to the amount of people in a bar...well, isn't.

Wow I sure can ramble on. My point is I think I'm dying from exhaustion. Yes, the Great Ninja Yuffie, White Rose of Wutai, Champion of the earth and sky, is TIRED. I admit it. Tifa has been running me off my feet all day, fetching thing for the bar to and fro, washing up, going to collect stuff from the shops, making short distance deliveries, looking after the kids, doing chores around the house...to mention but a few things I do daily. I can cope with all of that. The DAYTIME stuffs no problem. I am tired, but it's nothing a night's sleep won't cure...BUT THAT THE PROBLEM. I DON'T GET ANY SLEEP. KNOW WHY? WELL MY ROOM IS NEXT TO TIFA AND CHOCOBO HEAD'S AND THEY'RE...well the walls are WAY too thin here, if you know what I mean hint hint, nudge nudge.

Back to the present. Tifa is in the bar, which is pretty quiet at the moment, and the kids are outside playing, and I have a few moment of peace, meaning Tifa's not shouting at me to do something. And I'm so, so, so, so, so tired. Oow, there is a couch in front of me. I'm just going to lie down for a moment-


"Yuffie," Someone says my name.

"Mnnnn," I mumbled not waking up. Not waking up? Hang on, that must mean I am sleeping-

"Yuffie!" The voice was louder, more insistent. My eyes flickered open. I was lying on the couch, my head turned to the side. I was staring into two red eyes, which, were staring at me. They were rather close. Defiantly in my bubble. I just stared.

"Are you ok?" Vincent asks in his monotone.

"I'm fine," I replied simply. It's nice having you waking me. However, it would have been nicer if you'd woke me up with a kiss nyuk nyuk...HANG ON: REWIND AND FREEZE! DID I JUST SAY I WANTED VINCENT VALENTINE TO KISS ME? WHY LEVIATHAN-

"Are you sure?" Vincent asked. Wow. Pretty impressive. Two sentences. Asking about me. I immediately was distracted from that alarming thought.

"Um yes? Should I not be?" was my answer. He still hadn't moved his head, so it was still only a few inches away. Not that I was complaining. It just this was Vincent.

"You've been asleep for a long time," he stated. Suddenly I felt alarmed again. This was Vinnie. Slept-in-a-coffin-for-thirty-years-Mr-McBrood-I-must-atone-for-my-sins-Vinnie. What if...?

"A long time? As in how long? Oh gawd, not as in like you? I haven't been asleep for like, years have I? Oh gawd, Tifa and Cloud and everyone haven't all died from old age have they?" My voice was rising in hysteria. I would have continued ranting, but I heard something. Vinnie was chuckling. VINCENT VALENTINE. LAUGHING. HAVE I REALLY BEEN ASLEEP THAT LONG?

"No, Yuffie. You've been asleep for approximately three hours," he told me, is eyes locking on mine. PHEW! SWEET RELIEF! His eyes are so unique with that red shade. I never understand why people are creeped out by them. I find them beautiful... I think I'm drowning in them...

OH. DEAR. GAWDS! NOT AGAIN! I am NOT crushing on Vinnie. Nuh-uh. I do NOT like him. I have been through this before. Many times. I am not having this conversation AGAIN.

He blinked, breaking the spell.

"Three hours?" I asked. No commentfrom him. "Wow, I must have been tired," I murmured. He looked at me enquiringly. I like never nap. Unless I am mega tired. And when I nap, the longer I am left, the moodier I am when I wake up. I should be throttling Vince right now. Instead, I just stared. He stared back.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I asked.

"You were tired," Three cheers for Vincent.

"Then why do you wake me now?" My interrogation continued.

"Tifa's been calling you. Her threats are becoming more menacing. I thought I should wake you before she found out you were asleep," he verbalised.


"..." Oh great. Back to the dot dot dots. I think I must have jinxed it. Ha! Well two can play at that game!

"..." says me. Hang on that doesn't make sense because I didn't say anything-

"..." he 'replies'



"..." I'm gonna break soon!


"VINNIE!" I yell.

"YUFFIE!" I'm sorry to say that wasn't Vinnie. That was Tifa screaming for me. I grimaced

"...The reason I woke you..." HE SPOKE AGAIN! I launched myself at him in a hug.



"AND THANKYOU FOR SAVING ME FROM TIFA'S WROTH AND WAKING ME UP RISKING MY AFTER-NAP-TEMPER! IT'S VERY SWEET OF YOU!" The strange thing was he wasn't pulling Cerberus out on me for hugging him. He was kind of hugging me back! A real achievement!

"You're welcome," he murmured.

"YUFFIE! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Tifa's scream was sounding very pissed off.

"Opps," I said sheepishly, and detached myself from Vinnie, skipping towards the door. Then I stopped and faced Vinnie who was still standing in the middle of the room, following me with those crimson orbs.

"No, I won't Tell Tifa you were asleep," he promised. Hey, does he read-

"No, I don't read minds,"

"Then how did you know-"

"Your expression,"


"...?" I was still standing there.



"I'm going! I'm going! Bye Vinnie!" I left.

"Bye Yuffie,"


I felt like crying. I had shoved my head under my pillow, covered my head with my duvet...but nothing worked. I could still hear them. I was seriously about to cry I was so desperate. I mean, is some decent sleep too much to ask? OBVIOUSLY IT IS!

So I went to a last resort. I wrapped myself up in my duvet, grabbed my pillow, and shuffled out of my room. Out I the corridor, you can't hear anything. Maybe I could move my bed out here? I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! Gawd! It's obviously just the wall between my room and theirs, so only me who has to cope with it!

I knocked on the door, incessantly for awhile. It finally opened. IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS KNOCKING ON CHOCOBO AND TIFA'S DOOR, YOU NEED TO GO SIT IN A CORNER. Ewww! Images! Images! Mind you, the look on Vincent's face was almost as scary as bursting in on Cloud and Tifa. He looked VERY pissed off! Lucky, selfish bastard. He had had a good night's sleep for the past how many nights, and half a nights sleep tonight, while I had had NONE AT ALL and he looked extremely annoyed! Well welcome to the club sunshine!

His expression was inscrutable. Yes, I know it always is, but bear with me here. So yeah, after all, it was like 1am, I looked like an oversized caterpillar, and my hair was sticking up in every direction.

"Yuffie," was all he said. He didn't sound that happy. Neither would I, but no one has had the chance to wake me up in the middle of the night because I CAN'T GET ANY GAWD DAMN SLEEP TO BE WOKEN UP FROM!

"Please Vinnie! I am begging you! I will get down on my knees," which would be hard wrapped up in this duvet, "Can I please sleep on your pull out bed?"

He regarded me for a moment. I think I looked desperate. Like really desperate. And I'm never desperate. But seriously, I would cry if he said no. That was how bad my need for sleep was. I am the great ninja Yuffie Kisaragi, The single White rose of Wutai, who never cries because Ninjas never cry. Ever.

Except sleep deprived ones.

Maybe Vince sensed this, as he moved slightly to the side, letting me.

"Thanks Vince!" I cried with relief, giving him a quick hug (well, I tried; it's hard when you have a huge quilt wrapped around you!) and bolted-well shuffled- into the room, yanked out the bed, and collapsed on it.

"You're a life saver Vinnie. I haven't slept for weeks!" I told him, pulling my cover over myself.

"May I ask why?" he asked. Even through the darkness, I could tell he was amused at my antics. I could see him watching me, a strange expression in his gorgeous eyes that I couldn't read. And I'm awesome at reading expressions. Especially Vinnie's.

"My rooms next to Cloud and Tifa's. Let's just say that the walls are entirely to thin," I murmured sleepily. Now there were no...noises, I found myself fast falling to sleep...

"Night Vince," I whispered, sleep finally claiming me. My eyelids had slid closed without my consent (I wanted to see his expression about Cloud and Tifa...doings) ANYWAY...

"Sleep well Yuffie," I heard him say, before I finally did drift off into sleep, with dreams of Vince waking me up, like earlier, but this time in the morning with a kiss...












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