Miss(ter) Congeniality – An Alex Rider Fanfiction

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Summary: Alex gets sent to a male teen modelling summer camp with K-Unit as counsellors. Sparks will fly when SCORPIA reappears and someone believed to be dead rises from the grave. Inspired by the film Miss Congeniality.


It was a crisp spring evening on London's Liverpool Street. Birds were singing and people were strolling hand in hand, blissfully in love. Of course none of that mattered to the seven people occupying Alan Blunt's office on the sixteenth floor of the Royal and General bank.

"You want me to do what?!" yelled Alex, praying he had misheard.

"We want you to go undercover at a summer camp for hopeful male teen models. K-Unit will be accompanying you as camp counsellors and you will compete in the 'pageant' at the end of the summer" said Mrs. Jones around a mouth of peppermint.

"Ok obvious question; what could be so dangerous about a bunch of teen models that you need to send a spy and a full S.A.S unit to check it out?" queried Eagle, who was quickly backed up by a lot of nodding from Wolf, Fox and Snake.

"We're sending you as protection for Alex because we believe this summer camp is a front so SCORPIA can screen some teenage assassin candidates. Also they are highly athletically competitive at this centre; so it's a convenient way for Alex to work on his fitness in a secure environment" answered Alan Blunt, with all his usual emotion.

"When he says secure environment, he means somewhere Alex went get a magnesium bomb go off in his face and he might actually get to eat some real food" jabbed Mrs Jones who, knowing Wolf had pushed Alex after reviewing the security tapes of the killing house, felt very maternally protective of Alex.

"Fine just talk about me like I'm not even here. I don't mind, in fact I'm used to it. I'm also used to the fact that everything in my life revolves around SCORPIA after I got 'appendicitis'" Alex muttered sarcastically, acutely aware that K-Unit didn't know about the sniper incident 6 months ago. It didn't really matter anyway; the wound didn't even bother him any more.

"What does you getting appendicitis have to do with SCORPIA, Cub?" asked Snake who was K-Unit's medic officer (I).

"Nothing" and that was all Cub/Alex was going to say on the matter.

(I)Just going with the flow on this.

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