Me: *playing with the cell phone and sitting next to Twin giggling*
Edward: What are you doing?
Twin: nooooooothingggg….
Edward: Yea right! Give me that! *grabs phone*
Cell phone: say a command.
Me: *whispers to Edward* say 'Call Fag'
Edward: Call 'Fag'.
Cell phone: Did you mean 'Call Jacob'?

Motto: idk. But I don't own Twilight.

The Good Left Undone

Chapter 1: Swan and Cullen

"This is amazing!" I said as Alice, Rosalie, and I walked into our dorm room.

"This is so exciting!!" Alice squealed, jumping up and down. "It's like a permanent slumber party!" Rosalie and I laughed at Alice.

My name is Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella. This is my first year of college, and I'm here with my 4 best friends and boyfriend. We've all known each other since kindergarten. About a year ago, Edward and I got together. We've had feelings for each other since our first day of kindergarten, but we were always pulling pranks on each other and using heavy sarcasm. At the time Edward and I got together, there was an incident with a crazy, psychotic, serial killer after me. He's in jail now, thankfully.

Alice and Rosalie are my 2 best friends girl-wise. They, along with Edward, Emmett, and Jasper, were all adopted by the Cullens. Jasper and Rosalie are twins, and are dating—more like soul mates—Alice and Emmett. Rosalie is gorgeous, she looks like a supermodel. She has long blonde hair that is usually styled into spiral curls. Alice is a small, short, pixie-looking girl with short black hair that spikes out in every direction. Jasper is blonde and looks like a movie star. Emmett…..well, Emmett looks like a whale. He's huge and buff, and could take down anyone. But on the inside he's just this big, cuddly, teddy-bear.

And Edward.....he's perfect. He has tousled bronze hair, and bright, green eyes. His eyes are the most amazing thing, and if you glance at them you will forget every thought you had. His face is perfect, and his body is incredible. He's strong and buff, but not as buff as Emmett. I love him more than my own life.

"Alice, calm down......you're going to put a hole in the floor." I said, pointing to where she was bouncing up and down about 4 feet in the air. I walked towards the door of our room to grab our bags, but tripped on the overturned-rug. I flew forward, and closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of my face meeting the ground, but it never came. I opened my eyes and was met with my face in Edward's chest, and his strong arms wrapped around me.

"Watch it, Swan." He said with a teasing smile. "You wouldn't want to break that pretty little face of yours." He amended. I blushed about 10 shades of red, causing him to laugh. I frowned.

"Shut it, Cullen." I said, "You'll need that mouth for other things." I amended as I pulled on the collar of his shirt, bringing his face to my level. He grinned as he bent down and pulled me into his kiss. I felt the fire rip through my body, and my toes tingle at his touch. I moaned as he licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I gladly accepted. His tongue found its way into my mouth—

"GET A ROOM!!" Emmett yelled, leaning against the entryway of our dorm. We broke away from our kiss and I glared at Emmett.
"Uh, this IS my room! If you don't like it, then get out!" I snapped at him. Just then, Jasper walks in and rests his elbow on Emmett's shoulder.

"Alice and Rosalie invited us." He said, grinning. I groaned as I looked at the laughing Alice and Rose.

"We can never get any peace and quiet." I mumbled. Emmett burst into loud guffaws.

"What.....it's not like you guys would actually—" he broke off as a book flew out of nowhere and hit him in the head. I blushed furiously, and he glared at Edward, who was smiling smugly. The next thing I knew, Edward darted from the room, Emmett following behind, shouting out profanities at him.

Emmett was right though, after all this time, Edward and I had never gone past kissing. Sometimes we would be close—but then we would get interrupted. Mostly by Emmett. We slept together, but we never slept together. I wanted to wait for sex, and Edward—being the gentlemen he is—agreed to wait until I was ready.

I laughed with Alice and Rosalie as we grabbed our bags from outside the doorway. Alice immediately set to work, zooming around the room, decorating. Jasper, Rosalie, and I just stood out of her way and watched in amazement as she had everything done in 10 minutes.

There was a bunk bed across the room from a full sized bed. The full sized bed had red sheets and comforter, while the bottom bunk of the bunk bed had blue sheets and comforter. The top bunk had pink sheets and comforter. Red, pink, and blue furry rugs lay out across the room, and the curtains next to the window had stripes of the same colors. Alice had a cool, circle-dome chair set up in the corner of the room with a canopy above it. It was amazing!

"Wow." Was my brilliant description of Alice's work as she stood in front of us, smiling. Emmett walked into the room with a smug smile on his face. A couple seconds later, Edward walked in, and we all laughed.

He had mud in various places of his clothes, and his hair was messed up with twigs and leaves in it. He gave me a sad look as I laughed, which broke my heart. I knew he was playing, but I couldn't help it. I sighed as I walked over to him and picked the leaves and sticks out of his hair.

"Hey, let's go down to the quart yard and see who else is here!" Rosalie said after Edward was all cleaned up. We walked down the stairs and into the beautiful courtyard of the school. There were students everywhere, laughing and talking. I noticed the different groups of people—geeks, drama students, preps, jocks, Goths, cheerleaders, and sluts.

The sluts were walking toward us, and I noticed Jessica was in with them. I chuckled and looked towards the ground. My head snapped up when I heard nasally voice, and saw a strawberry blonde.

"Well, hello there. I'm Tanya. And you are......?" She said to Edward, looking his body up and down.

"Taken." I said as I walked over to Edward and he slipped his arm around my waist. Her head snapped up to me, a furious look in her eyes. Then she laughed.

"Well, not for long....." She said as she purposefully looked me up and down to emphasize her point. She laughed again as she walked off, her hips swaying so much it looked like her but was going to fly off. Edward looked away with a disgusted face. I was still frowning furiously.

"Ignore her, love." Edward said, kissing the top of my head. I instantly relaxed.

"I have a feeling it's not over." I mumbled.