Hello! I'm back after a VERY long hiatus. Sorry about that. Any stories that I might have started before, I am definitely not going to finish them. Sorry. But, I am writing a new story. It's from the It Girl series, which I just fell in love with, and you all know it's a spin off from the Gossip Girl series, which I'm obsessed with. So this one is called Rebellious, and it takes place during Unforgettable, the 4th book in the series. I'm less than half way through it so I know the facts might not all be correct, but you should get it  There are two new characters in it and hopefully you'll find it interesting.

Now, I'm going on vacation in a few days, so there will probably not be a chapter up in a LONG time, cause after vacation, I have camp. So expect chapters up by the earliest, July 12th. Enjoy! 

Here's a full summery:

Welcome to the elite Waverly Academy, a prestigious boarding school located in the rural countryside of upstate New York, where the teacher's are fun, the housing is fabulous, and the students are all that and more. Waverly was used to having the notorious Tinsley Carmichael as its ruthless leader, with Callie Vernon, Brett Messerschmitt, and new comer Jenny Humphrey following in her wake, but things are about to be shaken up this year. Enter Sophia and Aaron Sabatano, two new juniors at the school, and a gorgeous pair of twins, that are about to challenge those reigning for everything they're worth. Girls fawn over Aaron and guys yearn to compete with him in the coolness category. Guys instantly fall in love with Sophia and girls hate her because they want to be her. When the twins take this boarding school by storm, things get a little crazy as the girls are torn apart in a war between Tinsley and Sophia, and the guys go a little overboard getting in trouble to have fun with Aaron. But, these twins have some skeletons in their closets that might change the course of Waverly history forever.

Takes place during Unforgettable, book 4 of the It Girl series.