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Chapter 1: Thus it Begins

Droplets of rain fell down outside the window. A bolt of lightning lit up the sky. The accompanying crash of thunder shook the foundation of the Fanfiction Author Fighters headquarters. Looking out of the window of her room was a teenage girl of fourteen years.

Phoenix watched the storm from the safety of the building, never flinching even when there was an extremely large bolt of lightning from the sky over Los Angeles. She didn't move at all, even when the door to her room opened.

"Phoenix, you do know that the power's out, right?" X Prodigy asked her. "Because pretty much everybody else's seen it. DM said that there's only enough candles to light the living room, game room, and kitchen, so if you want light, you'll have to go down there."

She turned her head around to look at him, and blinked. "I'm sorry, did you say something?" X looked at her like she was insane, and nodded. "Right, sorry. I'll just grab a book." She snatched a random book from the shelf and went downstairs while he continued going around to rooms.

Just as Phoenix entered the living room, D-Dude was lighting the candles with his fiery breath. "What book do you have?"

"Twilight," Phoenix replied. D-Dude made a look of disgust. "Do you want me to gravity-slam you through the wall?"

The Fictorian Dragonsaur continued lighting the candles without another word, and Phoenix quickly claimed a beanbag chair before any other authors could show up. Only five were there besides herself and D-Dude. There was Nukid sleeping, TL reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Kitten Hachi-chan was reading a Naruto manga, Ross was writing something, and Mistress of Dawn was listening to her MP3 player.

Phoenix opened up her book, and started reading. As the night went on, other authors came into the room, reading, writing, listening to music, and brought a candle with them to help light up the room.

At 10:00, there was suddenly a frantic knocking at the front door. "I got it," Ranger said. He went to the door, and opened it up. Standing out in the rain was a women who looked to be extremely distressed.

"Please, lightning struck a house next to me! There's a fire, and it's too big for the rain to put out! It's spreading as we speak!"

DM stood up, his staff in hand. "Where?"

"Three blocks that way!" the woman said, pointing to the west. "I'm sorry, you were closer than the fire department, and the power's out so I couldn't call them--"

"It's alright," DM said. "Everybody who can help, let's go!"


Scarlet flames roared across the buildings, the rain doing nothing to put it out or prevent it from spreading. People were standing on the sidewalk, some burnt by the fires, others cut from their attempts to escape.

"D-Dude, heal the wounded!" DM ordered. The Dragonsaur got to work, using his healing ability to help those burnt and cut.

Airnaruto made a long series of hand seals. "Water Style: Water Dragon Missile!" Rainwater swirled up and created a gigantic dragon. The Author Ninja directed it to the bases of the houses, so that the water pressure wouldn't make the houses collapse. TL reached out with his aura arm and wrenched the top of a fire hydrant off in a manner that directed the water at the houses. Kitten blasted the flames with bursts of ice. And each of the other authors used their abilities to help either put out the flames, or just provided support.

Despite the fact that Phoenix didn't exactly fall under the category of "Authors who can help," she had still come with them, along with Nukid and Lunatic. With the former using only martial arts, and the latter using all fire-style jutsus, and herself dealing with mostly destroying things(1), they were fairly useless in a situation like putting out a fire.

From nowhere, a man came running by Phoenix, heading toward the building she was in front of, one of ten buildings on fire at the moment. She ran after him and grabbed. "What are you, insane? You'll kill yourself!"

"My daughter's in there!" the man said. "She's only three, I thought she was out! Please, if I can't, you have to save her!"

Phoenix looked around. All of the others were busy trying to put out the fire. "Alright! But whatever happens, don't come inside!" The man nodded. She let go of him, and ran into the burning building, saying to herself "I've clearly gone nuts."

Just as she reached the door, she remembered that it probably wasn't a good idea to have a long coat on when running into a fire. It wasn't a good idea to be running into a fire in the first place, but she that wasn't important at the moment. She pulled it off, threw it onto the lawn, and ran inside.

"Hello! Is somebody in here!" Nothing. Phoenix ran through the house, avoiding the flames as she went. When she came across some stairs, she went up them gingerly. When she reached the top of the steps, she called again. "Hello! If you can hear me, shout 'One Thousand!'"

"One thousand! Over here! Help!" a little girl called from the room to her right. Phoenix wrenched open the door. In the corner of the small bedroom was a little girl with slightly singed hair.

"It's alright, I'm going to help you," Phoenix said, bending down with her arms open. "Ever heard of the Author Fighters?"

The little girl gasped. "You're an Aw--an Auth--" she said, struggling to pronounce the word.

"I'm a writer. That means the same as author," Phoenix said. "Just come with me, and I can get you out." The little girl came over, and the keybearer scooped her up in her arms. "Okay, that was the hard part, but now for the fairly easy part. Getting you out."

Phoenix ran from the room. The hallways had started to fall apart, pieces of wood falling all the time. "Looks like I should use it," Phoenix said, reaching into her pocket. She carefully inserted the Power Stone into her gauntlet. "Tracking!"

Instantly, the smell of smoke grew stronger in her nose. She could hear some of the other Author Fighters outside, arguing with this girl's father. And she could see a support beam about to fall on her head.

Phoenix stepped out of the way, and headed toward a small window at the end of the hall of the upper floor. It was just large enough for a small girl to go through. "Alright, I want you to listen to me," Phoenix said. "I can control how fast you fall." That wasn't a very technical way of putting it, but close enough. "So you're going to jump out the window, and then you'll fall slowly. Almost like you're flying, got it?"

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine," Phoenix said. "Once you're out, I can use much more, explosive, ways to get out of here." She set the girl down on the sill, facing out. "Jump on three. One, two, three!"

The girl jumped from the window, and at the same time Phoenix spread the fingers of her right hand. The girl fell slowly through the air, and when she landed, she ran to her father.

"And now, let's see what this wall likes of a gravity slam!" Phoenix said, about to start gathering power when she heard a clunk behind her. She whirled around, and saw that the radiator was on fire, and about to blow. "Oh, crap." She had about four seconds before things got messy.

Phoenix switched out her Tracking Stone. "Strength!" She punched straight through the wall. It collapsed around her hands. "Let's get outta here!" She jumped out of the building, just as the radiator exploded. With a twitch of her hand, gravity was reduced, and she fell to the ground. She rolled as she hit the ground, and ended laying on her back.

"Yep. I'm officially insane. And I survived because of that," Phoenix said. She looked over, and saw that her arm was laying on black cloth. She sat up, and pulled on her duster. "That feels better."

"Are you insane?" Phoenix looked up, and Kitten was standing over her.

"No, that would be your boyfriend," Phoenix said. "I'm fine, honestly. Except now that I think about it, I'm a bit of an idiot." She stood up, and went through her pocket. She pulled out a blue rounded crystal, with the Water Tribe symbol carved into it. "Katara!"

In a flash of light, Katara appeared. "Can you help them take care of that fire?" Phoenix asked, pointing at the flames.

"You got it." Katara ran to help with the fire. She raised up an amazing amount of water, and sprayed it all over the flames.

"Hello, Katara-san," Hikari Ino said. She was using her own waterbending abilities to try and put the fire out.

"Hi, what's up, kinda busy!" Katara said, doing her motions again. "Help me out here, if you don't mind?"

Hikari used waterbending as well, in order to draw up more water. Together, they brought up an amount of water the same volume as a house. Each of them ran sideways, drawing out the water into a sheet six inches thick. "Now!" Hikari shouted.

Both of them released the water, which splashed down onto three houses, completely putting out the fires there. "Alright!" Katara cheered. "Let's do it again!"

After another three tries of doing this, plus the other authors' work, plus firefighters showing up, the flames were finally extinguished.

"Thanks, Katara," Phoenix said, rotating the summon charm in her hand.

"Glad to be of help," the waterbender said. "See you later." In a flash of light, Katara vanished, and the summon charm glowed momentarily before returning to normal. Phoenix replaced the charm in her pocket.

"Ow." There had been a slight prick in her thigh when she put the charm away.

"What up?" Nukid asked.

Phoenix examined her hand, and her right eyebrow went up. "How did I miss that?" She turned it around, and between two pieces of her gauntlet, there was a piece of jagged metal an inch wide going into her hand. "Must have gotten it from the radiator that blew. I guess that the Strength Stone enhancing my muscle dulled my nerves." She removed the Power Stone, and winced. "Bad idea. Very, bad idea." She swore. "It's almost all the way through my hand. I picked a very bad time to dismiss Katara."

"I'll get somebody who can heal that," Nukid said, already starting to walk away.

"No!" Phoenix said suddenly. "I-I can take care of it. I've got some stuff in my room back at HQ."

"You sure that's a good idea?" Nukid asked. "That looks like it would be pretty painful."

"No, it feels ticklish, actually," Phoenix said sarcastically. "Hell yeah it's painful! But they need to preserve their strength for healing others." She stood up, winced from the pain, and headed back to the headquarters.


Once within the privacy of her own room, Phoenix locked the door, and shrugged off her duster. The only reason she had taken it off before running into the building was because she really didn't want to catch on fire. Again.

She looked underneath her bed, and drew out a medical kit, full of anything you could possibly need. She got out what she would need--bandages, rubbing alcohol, elixir, washcloth--and loosened the clasps on her gauntlet. "Alright, gotta do this quickly."

Phoenix grabbed the sliver of metal in her hand, bit her lip, and drew it out as fast as possible. She quickly pulled off her gauntlet, and started applying pressure to the cut. Blood was already starting to drip from it. Once she had staunched the bleeding for the most part, she pulled out the stopper of the elixir bottle out with her teeth, and poured some of it onto the cut. The magical liquid immediately began to heal and seal up the cut.

When the elixir was done with its work, Phoenix went to work cleaning away the dried blood from her hand, and bound up her hand with the bandages. "Done," she said.

Phoenix sighed. With her left index finger, she traced the web of lines along her forearm. She snapped her gauntlet back on, and pulled her duster on. "Out of sight, but not quite out of mind."

Downstairs, there was the sound of the door flying open, and Authors coming inside, most likely soaking wet like herself from the rain. Phoenix looked out the window, and another lightning bolt lit up the sky. "Just like you."

(1) Seriously, if you need help busting out of a prison and don't care how much noise is made, I'm your girl. But if you need to help sneaking through an enemy's base to gather information, you'd be better off bringing a rogue elephant.

And here it is! My first Author Fighters fic, The Black Guardians! I got seriously inspired to write today after updating three of my other fics (finishing one of them) so I wrote this entire first chapter, and started on the second chapter. I currently have no clue how long this is going to be. Remember, reviews are always appreciated!