APH and its characters (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

"The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you." – Unknown

Pairing: Switzerland x Austria

Roderich giggled excitedly as he ran ahead of Vash. He treaded through the meadow and ran toward nowhere in particular. The scent of spring flowers filled his heart up with excitement and youth. Most importantly, he was happy because he was out spending time with his dearest friend. And Roderich wasn't naturally a happy kid; his circumstance simply didn't grant him that privilege. But whenever he was with Vash, all the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders, and he felt like he existed for a reason other than war.

He spun around and waved at Vash, urging the calmer Swiss to hurry up. Vash huffed in defiance and steadied his slow pace, lingering behind the excited Austrian. Tired of waiting for the slowpoke, Roderich hurried over and threw himself in the unsuspecting arms.

"W-what are you doing!" Vash scowled, knocking the Austrian boy over the head.

"If we hurry, we can spend more time playing together," Roderich reasoned, taking Vash's hands into his and holding them tightly over his chest.

Vash snarled and turned his head away. Without warning, Roderich gave a rough tug and dragged the other boy into running with him. He laughed and ran as quickly as he could, while Vash fought to keep him back.

"S-slow down! You'll fall!" Vash shouted angrily. "Roderich!"

Roderich just kept on running and laughing, his fingers interlocked with Vash's. He turned his head back and briefly looked at Vash panting for air. He smiled and laughed loud and excited, pulling his friend close with him. They climbed over the small hill of wildflowers. On the other side of the hill was a beautiful plain grass field – their favorite spot.

Roderich's heart sped up as he descended the slope, not quite watching where his feet were landing. With a wide smile, he chirped, "We are here!"

"Slow down!" Vash shouted behind him. "If you fall…!"

Then, Vash tripped.

Roderich didn't even realize it since his eyes were focused in front of him. He heard a surprised gasp from his friend's mouth. He turned his head just in time to see the panicked look on Vash's face. He watched Vash slumped forward by the pull of gravity. The moment finally hit him when Vash's hand pulled on his, dragging him down.

Except Vash didn't allow it to happen. He let go of their hands seconds before he landed on his side.

Roderich stood completely frozen. He watched helplessly as Vash rolled down the hill, sounding muffled cries of pain. It wasn't until Vash stopped at the bottom that he finally snapped out of his trance. His first reaction was to yelp with fear.

"V… Vash!" he shrieked, body trembling.

He ran quickly down the hill, nearly tripping over a few times. He never would've expected Vash to fall; the Swiss was usually so cautious and aware. He knew then that it was his fault. He was the one pulling Vash along, forcing him to run. He was also fairly certain that it was his foot that Vash tripped over. It was his fault, and Roderich shook with guilt.

"V-Vash… A-are you okay?" he whimpered as he kneeled next to his friend. The bloody scratches on Vash's arms and elbows made his heart burn. He grimaced, beads of tears seeping out. "I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Vash… Vash…"

"Don't cry!" Vash scolded, holding his shoulder with his hand and biting his lip. "Stop crying! I'm the one who's hurt!"

It only made Roderich cry harder and louder. The Austrian leaned forward and pressed his face into Vash's chest, his hands gripping the dirtied shirt. Vash groaned in pain and let out a sigh. He put his hand behind Roderich's back and patted him gently.

"It wasn't your fault," Vash said, seeming to have read Roderich's mind.

"I-it was…! It was!"

"Hmph…! It doesn't matter either way," the Swiss said softly. "But now you know you should to listen to me!"

"I'm sorry, Vash!"

Roderich pulled away, face wet with tears. Vash looked down at his moist shirt and sighed with displease. The Austrian boy stared at Vash's left arm, where a large scratch reddened the skin. He put his hands on Vash's arm and moved forward. He pressed his lips to the wound.

Vash flinched and stammered anxiously. "S-stop it! W-what do you think you are doing!"

"If I kiss it, does it hurt less?"

"I-it doesn't!" Vash snapped his head away. "S-stop doing that!"

Roderich deepened his frown. He licked his lips guiltily and dropped his hands to his laps. He lowered his head and quivered his lips. If Vash was mad at him…

"It's fine," Vash mumbled quietly. "It's better that I was the one who fell instead of you."

"H-huh?" Roderich looked up, blinking with confusion. "B-but… why…?"

"Um… Because… I… I wouldn't want…" Vash stuttered. His cheeks flushed pink. He took a sharp breath and said, "If you got hurt, I wouldn't… forgive myself. Because… I am supposed to protect you…! And you are a clumsy crybaby so you probably wouldn't stop crying if you got hurt! That's all!"

Roderich perked up and smiled widely. He threw himself into Vash's arms again and giggled happily. He sighed with content. Even though he was young, he knew he was lucky to have someone like Vash to watch after him. And if he were to leave the Swiss boy or vice versa, he didn't know if he could get by. Vash was his heart – the reason to his happiness.

"Vash, we'll be friends forever, ja?"

The Swiss gave a subtle nod of his head. Roderich softened and rubbed his face against Vash's chest, giggling like a moron. Regardless of the circumstances, as long as he was with Vash, he was happy.

"S-stop that!" Vash pushed his face away from his chest, cheeks burning hot.


Roderich kept his eyes on the patch of skin, where the hint of an old injury remained.

"Hnf! I was never friends with that guy!"

He wondered if he could kiss it again.


Boyue's Note: Okay... I'm like completely in love with this pairing now. It may replace P x A as my favorite Austria pairing. The angst, the sweetness, the "I'm not your friend anymore" delicious drama! ;A;

On a different note: I'm roleplaying as Austria in an LJ community. YAY! xDD~


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