APH and its characters (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

"The most eloquent silence: that of two mouths meeting in a kiss." – Unknown

Pairing: Sealand x Latvia

"So the cop chases after the bad guy and the bad guy jumps over the car and he runs down the street and the cop is right behind him with his gun, shooting at him…"

Raivis nodded half-heartedly, trying his best to keep up with Peter's vigorous and confusing summary of the action movie he saw last night. He nodded here and there but it couldn't take the frown off his face.

"And the bad guy runs into the department store and he pushes down the mannequins and the cop trips over one of the mannequins and almost loses the bad guy."

As much he loved spending time with Peter, Raivis couldn't help but think that the Sealander talked too much for his own good. Most of the time, he would sit and listen to Peter talk about robots and his jerk of a brother and his mama and papa. Peter always seemed to have something new to say at their meeting, despite the fact that they were meeting up at least once a week. Sometimes, he wondered if Peter was making up his stories. Or maybe his friend just led a very interesting life.

"And so the bad guy points the gun to the poor lady's head and the cop is trying to tell him not to do it but the bad guy obviously doesn't care of it and he looks like he is ready to shoot the old grandma."

Raivis wasn't entirely what compelled him to do it. It probably had something to do with him not wanting to hear about a bad guy shooting an old lady in the head. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Peter's. As Peter was still talking at a hundred words per second, his mouth was parted at the kiss.

The silence was good. So was the kiss.

Raivis pulled away with a startled blink. Peter matched him with an equally startled blink. Raivis let out a sharp cry, throwing his hands over his mouth and scooting back. His cheeks boiled up as his heart pumped more blood than needed through his veins.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't k-know, I'm sorry!"

Peter put his fingers over his lips, blinking with more of a curiosity now. Raivis pulled his hands over his face, fighting hard not to burst into tears; though his eyes were already glistening with the tears.

"Why did you kiss me…?"

"I-I don't know…! I-I'm sorry. You-you were talking and I-I wanted you to stop!"

"Wahhh! Why did you want me to stop talking?" Peter said with a pout, looking actually offended.

"B-Because… I-I don't know… You-you ta-talked too much!" Raivis screeched. He shook with fear, hiding his face behind his hands. Even though he was older, he knew Peter could kick his butt if he wanted to. Before he knew it, his cheeks and palms were moistening with nervous tears.

"Raivis...! D-don't cry!"

Raivis swallowed hard when he felt Peter prying his hands off his face. He sniffled, glancing up at Peter, hoping the boy wasn't going to beat him up. He let out a whimper as Peter's face drew in. Soon, they were meeting in a quivering kiss.

Silence again, and it was nice.

Raivis could taste tear over his lips, but the feel and taste of Peter's lips over his pushed out any clouded thought. They broke apart shortly. Peter took a loud breath of air. Raivis shook, biting into his lower lip. He forced one eye to stay open and tried to look at Peter.

"W-why did… you kiss me?" he asked, voice trembling.

"I don't know," Peter said with a grin, "you were crying and being loud and I wanted you to stop."

Peter rocked back and forth with a nervous laugh. Raivis wiped his cheeks with the heels of his hands.

"S-so… when we want e-each other to be quiet… we-we'll kiss?"

"Hmm! That sounds good!"

Raivis lowered his head. He stammered, trying to find the right words to say. Instead, he was making odd little noises that resembled a little chick crying for its mother. He looked up quickly when he felt Peter's hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, Raivis! You're being too loud!"

Raivis let out a soft chuckle. He closed his eyes and savored the joy of having Peter's lips over his again.

Yes, silence. Silence was excellent.


Boyue's Note: Because I can't have enough of this pairing! That's why! Sealand, so cute! 8D


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