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Summary: It's been a year since the Time Devourer's defeat and things have been peaceful, that is until one day someone resembling Dark Serge (A.K.A Lynx) shows up in Arni, amnesia-stricken, confused and with questions he believes only Serge can answer. Who is he really and what connection does he have with Lynx? Or Serge?

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Chapter 1: Returning to Normal
He was sitting down gazing at the ocean. Its waves crashing endlessly near the shore's sparkling white sand. He had been sitting there all alone for hours now, but he didn't care much about it, he was lost to his thoughts. Thinking about the adventure he had experienced with his friends over the last couple of days.

It wouldn't matter really, seeing as no one would ever remember anything about it, except maybe his allies that fought alongside him. His memories remained, but he was alone now and all he could think about was her.


She was a thief from a group known as the Radical Dreamers and had come across her at the beginning of his journey, as a matter of fact, she had saved his life when he first met her. Since then they had become friends, the hardships and struggles that came along, but in the end it all worked out and he ended up falling in love with the girl. But there was no way he could talk to her, let alone see her now, she was back in another world far from his reach. And even if he could somehow find her again, things would probably never be the same between them.

Because Kid was simply the daughter-clone of someone else.


His thoughts shifted to Schala a princess from a kingdom known as Zeal that had supposedly existed a long time ago. After a series of events in her time, Schala had been sent somewhere beyond time and space and was later imprisoned within a being known as Lavos. Lavos, an extraterrestrial being that was believed to have fallen from the heavens, buried itself into the Earth millions of years beforehand. This parasitic creature knew only evil and had intended to feed off the planet's essence.

It would have succeeded in the near future, but 20 years ago, its plans were foiled by three brave young heroes who discovered what would become of their planet and sought to change history for the better. They traveled from era to era acquiring assistance from the people of those times to help save the world, and destroy the creature that plagued their planet for so long.

Lavos was destroyed but it continued to live on in a place known as the Darkness Beyond Time, a place where those who no longer exist go when they are erased from history. It was then that it found and captured the princess, merging itself with her thus creating a new being that would be capable of destroying time altogether.

But the Chrono Trigger, named Serge along with the help of his friends were able to defeat the creature with the Legendary Chrono Cross, a powerful item which was in fact the 7th element of the unknown attribute. The Chrono Cross itself was created with the remains of two artifacts, artifacts that had belonged to the Dragon Gods.

The Dragon Tears.

One tear was from one world and a second tear from another. But both tears were shattered in a series of events that had happened earlier, its remnants were called the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love. Later the two pieces of remaining tears came together, forming an object of great power and that's how the Chrono Cross came to be.

The melody created by the Chrono Cross was the only thing capable of destroying Lavos who after merging with Schala became known as the Time Devourer. The Chrono Cross was able to release the princess from her crystal prison and with that Serge saved the world as the previous Chrono trigger had done so. Though this time Lavos was truly dead.

But Serge wondered if it was truly over now that Schala was free what would happen to him? Or Kid? Everyone else?

-- Serge, Kid, Glenn, and Schala made their way out of the darkness of time back and to Opassa Beach. The place was completely deserted. The strange ghost children that he had encountered in Terra Tower and in Opassa Beach were no longer there waiting for him.

"We're here," said Glenn as he walked around with both Einlanzers in his hands, he was surveying the area looking for anything suspicious. After realizing that there was no danger, the knight placed his swords away.

"Angelus Errare," Schala spoke softly as she sat down, her finger tracing small circular patterns on the sand. Serge looked at kid, she merely shrugged at him providing no explanation. After a long silence Serge spoke, "So, what's next?"

"Yeah, we did our part," said Kid as she walked over to Schala; the thief still felt weird about Schala being her mother or that she really just a clone of her. The only person that was ever close to being family was Lucca, and Kid had always thought of her as her big sister. But Lucca was gone and there was no way that she was ever coming back.

"What's going to happen now that we destroyed that Time Devour thingy?" Schala turned around and looked at Serge then her attention was shifted towards Kid, she sighed and then answered.

"There's only one thing that can be done. Serge, do you still have the Time Egg with you?"

"Yeah." Serge nodded as he replied, he rummaged through one of his pockets in search for the item. Once he found it, he showed it to Schala.

"And Kid, do you have the Astral Amulet with you as well?"

"Of course though Serge actually has it. Why do ya ask?" said Kid as she walked over to Serge. He immediately handed her the Astral Amulet and Time Egg.

"I hate to do this, but it is necessary."

"What is?" Kid asked now worried.

"Though Lavos has indeed been destroyed, the gate to the Darkness of Time is still open. There is no telling what can occur if it remains open. Creatures from other dimensions may be sent there and it may be possible for them to break through and crossover into ours. It is necessary that I close the gate to ensure that nothing terrible happens again as it has these past few days. But in doing so all other gates will also be sealed. Do you understand what I mean by this?"

Serge nodded slowly while Glenn just frowned; they both understood what the princess had just said, they weren't to glad o hear it but knew that it had to be done. Kid however, remained clueless, Schala noticed this and knew that she would have to explain it to her, already she knew that Kid wasn't going to like this one bit.

"The distortions that allows entrance to Chronopolis will be closed, along side the distortion that connects Serge's world with the yours… I'm sorry Kid but this will be the last time that you can see Serge," Kid stood there, shocked by what Schala had said; unknowingly she dropped the two items Serge had given her. A soft thud was heard as the Time Egg and Astral Amulet hit the sand.

"Kid?" Said Serge as he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder trying to get her to snap out of it. Glenn stared at his two friends before turning his attention to Schala.

"I know that you have to do this, but isn't there a way for just one distortion to be opened? We don't have to part ways completely. What about my…brother, won't I at lease be able toe see him again?"

Schala shook her head, "I'm deeply sorry Glenn, but the answer is no. There is more to this I'm afraid."

"What is it this time?" Kid finally spoke.

"As I must close the gateway to the other world, I must also make certain that no one knows about these events. Questions will surely be asked and who knows what consequences will arise from this"

"So you're going to make everyone forget about the events?" Serge asked.

"Yes, but the memories of the events will be replaced with other false memories." Schala replied. Kid spoke again, "So that's it eh? Erase everyone's memories and switch them with some fake one's, but what good will that do?"

She stepped away from her friend as she stared at Schala in a fit of anger, "In case ya haven't notice FATE is dead, the Dragon Gods are gone, and Terra tower is practically sticking out of what used to be Sky Dragon Island, ya don't think no one is going to NOTICE!" she yelled.

"Kid, please calm down," Serge tried to calm her down.


"Kid listen. As for the memories of you, Serge and your friends." Suddenly all of their friends from both worlds materialized out of nowhere wondering what was going on as they stood before the three friends and princess.

"You all have a choice on whether you wish to keep your memories or not. Though you must choose wisely. If you choose to forget, you will not remember any of this ever happening. Whatever friendships, or commitments were made will be lost. Am I understood?"

Everyone looked at each other thinking over what Schala had said; after a while they nodded except for Kid. "Why? Why did ya have to make my life so miserable? What did I ever do to ya?" She stomped her foot and ran off crying. Serge knew that it had to be done, but wished that there were another way.

But there was no way to prevent this, he and Kid had to face it that this would be the last time they would ever be together. He hoped that Schala would at least give them more time so that he could properly say goodbye to the girl that changed his life.

Serge pleaded with Schala, "Please, we need more time." He said, Schala made no comment and nodded, she knew that Serge loved Kid, and that Kid felt the same way towards the blue haired teen. Serge ran in the same direction that Kid had run off to. On the other side of the beach Kid was sitting down hugging her knees, as she continued to sob softly to herself.

"Kid?" Serge said as he sat down next to her.

"It's okay Kid, I'm here see?" He said as he places his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her. Kid looked up and saw her friend, his blue eyes starring right at her, "Serge, why does this have to happen to me? Why do I have to lose those I love? First Lucca and now you, what will I do without ya?"

"I know it's a bit hard for all of us to handle, but you managed without me before we had even met remember? Kid, you're a Radical Dreamer, and you're tougher than that, aren't you?" He turned and faced her with a smile on his face.

"I...well... you," Kid didn't know what to say as she thought for a second at what Serge had said to her. She had always alone especially after the orphanage she had once called home was burned down because of Lynx. She had no one to comfort her anymore, because the demon had taken Lucca away. Kid felt lost, until the blue haired stranger with bright blue eyes came to her rescue.

Her "knight in shinning armor"

It was almost like a dream, that Serge had come to save her, holding her closely as he led her out of the burning inferno. He promised that he would never leave her and it was then that she fell in love with him. When she woke up she had found Serge there waiting for her, tears in his eyes as he embraced her in a heartfelt hug. It was then that she remembered the feelings she had always felt for him. But now, her one true love had to leave and she would never see him again.

Al thoughts pushed aside, Kid couldn't help but smile felling encouraged by Serge's words, "Course I am mate." She then proceeded to hugging her friend, "Thank you Serge."

"You're welcome."

But then Kid remembered why she had been sad. "Serge? Schala is going to close the gate. If only I could stay here with you, but I know that I cannot, I don't belong in this world. I'm never going see you again."

"I know Kid, I know," he replied.

"Oh Serge, if only there was a way to get back." she said.

"I'll find a way Kid, even if it takes forever I will find my way to the other world, and I'll come back and get you, I promise."

He waited for the moment and when she least expected it, Serge inched closer and gave Kid a kiss. After a few seconds he pulled back and looked at the expression on her face. It was priceless, she was all wide-eyed, mouth wide open, and was in fact turning red.

"I always wanted to do that," he said with a grin on his face. Kid regained composure and socked him in the arm. "Ergh! You!"

"Heh you know you liked it," he teased.

"It was just a little kiss," she countered trying to defend herself but she had to admit that she did like it, though she wasn't going to admit that out loud to him right now. Kid laughed while Serge rubbed his arm, "Guess you're back to normal." He said, Kid shrugged.

"So, then let's get moving… Schala is waiting…" He said, as he went ahead of her.

"Serge? Wait," Kid said.


"About what you said…you know it won't be possible…"

Serge turned around, "but I have to at least try… I just can't leave you behind, after all you did for me it wouldn't be right, and I'm not going to give up on you, not now, not ever," he said determined more than ever. He looked at Kid and watched as she pulled one of her hair bands, the one with a bow. She then placed it on the palm of his hand.

"Uh Kid?" he said as he looked at the object in his hand. "Something for you to remember me by just in case. But if ya do ever get back then I expect this back, ya hear?" she said.

Serge laughed, "Okay, okay. If I do then you can count on me to bring this back to you," he said as he placed the object inside his pocket. Kid leaned forward and kissed him in the lips, now it was her turn to watch as Serge turned red like a tomato.

Afterwards, Kid followed him and returned back to Schala and the others. They realized that the members from Serge's world had gone now, leaving the group from the other world. "I assume everything has been resolved?" Schala asked.

Kid nodded, "Yeah, though I hate to admit it, it has to be done. So do yer worst." Schala made a face.

"I'm just kiddin'," she said with a grin on her face.

"Are you all ready?"

The remaining members nodded. Kid gave her the thumbs up. Schala had the Astral Amulet in one hand and the Time Egg in the other. She closed her eyes and raised her hands into the air while she began to chant in the ancient language of long ago. No one really understood what she was saying, and just watched as swirls of red and blue formed around her. After she finished, the swirls collided with each other and another portal had appeared.

She opened her eyes, and looked at everyone else. "The distortions have all been closed, only this gate remains open as the final door between both worlds. Those of you from the other world may pass through."

On cue, the remaining members that were from the other world stepped forward and after saying their goodbyes, they went through the portal one by one and back into their world. Glenn was one of the last to go through and mentioned that he would try to follow in his brother's footsteps.

"Good luck," said Serge. He turned around and looked at Kid and Schala.

"So, this is the end?" Serge asked.

"For now I guess," said Kid as she looked at Schala, before she made her way to the gate.

"Don't forget," she said finally as she came to a stop by the gate.

"I won't," Serge replied, Kid winked at him and with that she walked through. Only Schala and Serge remained. Schala followed Kid's actions and stopped near the gate before she turned around to face Serge.

"Thank you Serge, for everything you did," she said as she bowed her head to him, Serge nodded and bowed his head in return. As she walked through the portal, everything around him started to get fuzzy. He was beginning to feel lightheaded as everything around him faded away. Yet somewhere in his mind he was sure that he heard something.

Schala spoke to him, "Don't worry, we'll meet again someday…" A flash of white light shot out into the sky before it consumed everything.



He woke up and found Leena by his side, shaking him awake. She seemed really worried about him. "Serge? You're all right!" She said as she embraced her friend in a hug. After getting up, and dusting himself he asked Leena about Terra Tower and FATE, but Leena didn't seem to understand what he meant by that.

"What are you talking about? Serge, we just started the summer. Let's not ruin it with such nonsense." She frowned at first but then smiled and looked at the Komodo Scales in her hand. "These Scales will make a beautiful necklace, don't you think Serge? Uh Serge?" She turned around and noticed that Serge had now sat down, he wasn't even paying attention to her.

"Serge?" she asked as she knelt down next to him.

"I-I need some time alone…" he responded.

"You just fainted Serge, you need to see the Chief." Leena responded as she felt Serge's forehead wondering if he had a fever, but he seemed okay to her.

"I'm fine," said Serge.

"Um, okay." said Leena hesitatingly, she waited for a few seconds, but Serge didn't turn around. She sighed and walked away sadly. --

Serge had been sitting down on the same spot for hours, thinking about those last minutes with his friends. He still remembered, but Schala was right, no one else remembered anything. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the red band that Kid had given him. He held it gently as if it was a prized possession, but to him it was.

Leena had left him for a while now, she had not even returned yet. He wasn't sure whether or not he should tell her about his experience, he had the feeling that she wouldn't believe it. But Serge's mother, she knew of some things that were critical in the events, could he bring himself to tell her what happened to him and what had become of his father?

There were so many things that needed to be settled, there was also something else. He had promised that he would come back, and he was determined to find a way to do so. It would require time for preparation, just where would he go?

He would find his way back to her if it was the last thing he did. He stood up and placed the item Kid had given him away, Serge dusted himself off and headed back to Arni Village with his Sea Swallow in his hands.

To Be Continued

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