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Chapter 6: Today is not a Good Day
I felt the wretched yet familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, as everything I ate earlier seems to come rushing out and splattering on the floor. I couldn't stop as I heaved and coughed, and no one dared to approach me. They probably worried that I might start throwing up again, worse on them if they did. After a while I stop heaving, but the nauseating feeling doesn't seem to go away, and I start feeling a bit lightheaded that I sway and collide against whatever it was that was keeping me standing. My legs suddenly feel a little weak and wobbly that the next instant I'm falling to my knees, but something stops me.

"I got ya," I hear Lucy say and I realize that she has her arms around my waist. "Boy, you're heavy," she says afterwards grunting a bit while helping me back on my own two feet. I force myself to stand, feeling a little better now, feeling thoroughly embarrassed. Back at Marbule, it never got this bad. I slowly turn around seeing Lucy looking a bit disgusted as she tries to wrench me away from the scene in a hurry. I'm somewhat disoriented and I glance around noticing that a small crowd had now formed around us, among them were Serge and Leena who were alternating between looking at me, to looking at each other while saying things that I couldn't quite hear.

"We need to go," Lucy says, snapping me out of my daze as she ushers me back towards Leena's house.


"No time for questions, just c'mon," she interrupts as she places her hands on my shoulders and starts leading me inside. Once there, Lucy hands me a chair so that I could sit down; I take it gratefully as she brings up another chair and sits down before sighing. "Leena told me to bring you here away from the crowd after well you know, finished," she says. I could tell that she was trying to keep her distance from me, fearing that I hadn't.

"You're done, right? Because I don't want to get in trouble if you go at it again," she said looking left and right before starring at me with a look of concern or at least I think that's what it is.

My mind regains some clarity, "I think I'm done. For now I guess," I answer forcing a weak smile as a means to reassure her, I could still taste the bile in my mouth but there wasn't much I could do about that.

"Good," she says, the expression on her face changing suddenly as she claps her hands together, "now give me your arm," Lucy proceeds to yank my arm forward before I could even say or do anything.

"Ow! Whuh! Ack!" are the only things I manage to say through hisses.

"Oh don't be such a baby we've been through this already," she says with a slight frown as she undoes the knot on my bandages. I was kind of annoyed that she seemed concerned for me a second ago and now disregards my feelings the next. I say noting about it and just watch as she peals the dressings slowly from my arm.

"...Still next time give me a warning before you do, it still hurts you know," I wince every other second as Lucy presses lightly on my arm, it was enough to hurt, but she on the other hand just shrugs it off.

"So what was that all about?" she asks instead.

"What was what about?" I reply with a question of my own. Lucy makes a face and doesn't answer, maybe she forgot?

"Never mind. Did you put anything else in my bandages? My arms' been really itchy all morning," I complain looking down and really wanting to just reach over and scratch my arm but I resist and try to think about something else to distract myself while Lucy finally speaks.

"No. Your problem is that you're not supposed to get water on them," she replies gesturing to the water soaked bandages, but then pauses as if thinking about something else. I stare at her confused when she starts giggling, "wait I think that might have been my fault. After I threw that bucket of water at you," she admits.

"That was you, wasn't it!" I say and reach out to scratch my arm only to have her smack it away.

"Heh yep... Oh don't give me that look; you're the one who didn't want to wake up. What else could I do when everything else failed, hmm?" I couldn't help but glare at her for a moment resisting a new urge, the urge to reach over and just smack her lightly upside the head. Lucy simply stuck her tongue out playfully to annoy me a bit further.

"Where were you anyway?" I ask remembering that I couldn't find her earlier today.

"Well, after we ran out of your room, I figured I didn't want to wait for you seeing as you'd probably be mad at me so I went to have a quick look around the place, but you know place turned out to be kinda boring," she shrugged, "I was planning on going to the Hydra Marshes not far from here to the east, but that old man took most of my stuff. My bow, arrows, my dagger, and my elements all taken away," she pouted, I guess she didn't take that too well.

"Anyway, Serge had gone off to Cape Howl and since I figured you were up now because of my little wake up call, I thought I should go looking for him to let him know. It didn't take long since he was already heading back here, and well the rest is history." she says. I nod, they probably got here the minute I ran out of Leena's house and started throwing up.

I watch as Lucy finishes removing the dressings and we both look down at the same time seeing something I seriously hoped wouldn't show up. Three long gashes across my arm were no longer pink but a dark reddish color instead. Though what caught our attention was the mix of yellow, red, and especially the dark purple that now spread around the wound and most of my lower arm. Lucy quickly released my arm as if afraid that it might be contagious, I didn't blame her.

"That wasn't there yesterday," she points to my arm a look of confusion laced with revulsion. I knew that look from before. I say nothing and only stare at the marks. They were exactly like the ones on my back. I think back that, Lucy had seen me removing my shirt the other day and I'm sure at the moment that she was probably putting two and two together and realizing the same.

"It's exactly the same as with your ba-"

"It's nothing," I blurt out stopping her before she can say more. She blinks few times and stares at me, then back to my arm. "It just comes and goes," I manage to say, "by two days it will probably be gone again."

"That's very…" but she doesn't get to finish as Leena reappears holding a bucket by the handle. I quickly pull away and hid my arm behind my back.

"Are you feeling better?" Leena asks as she walks in.

"I, uh, yeah. I'm feeling a bit better," I say eyeing the bucket in her hand, "err... what's with that?" I ask. Leena raises it to eye level, tips it over slightly revealing that it was empty before setting it down on the floor.

"This? Oh that's in case you throw up again," she says. I look around at the mess I left behind, and rub the back of my head embarrassingly. "I'm terribly sorry about that. This doesn't happen to me very often."

"What, the whole running around out of your mind ordeal? Or the barfing outside my house?" she asks, Lucy stares at me curious for my answer.

"Err...both," I retort.

"But you're okay now right? My mom would kill me if she saw this mess, not to mention the table you broke." I lowered my head apologetically. "Sorry... err...if you give me a chance I'll clean it right up. It's the least I can do."

"What happened anyway?" Lucy asks. They both ignored me and Leena went on to tell her that she was showing me around her house. I shuddered when she mention the event with the cat.

"Ohh. Well yeah, Len's afraid of cats. He gets very panicky at the sight of them, right Len?"

"Are you really?" Leena looks at me with a thoughtful expression on her face. I feel my cheeks redden, and I nod. She remains silent as if lost in her thoughts for a couple of seconds.

"The sight of one, probably set Len in a panic so bad, he threw up in fright. Though I don't think I've ever heard of anyone throwing up with fright at the sight of a plain ol kitty cat." Lucy says scratching her cheek in wonder.

"It wasn't the cat," I mutter. "I think it may have been something I ate, it always happens when I eat something I shouldn't have."

"Hmm? Like what?"

"Well, when I was younger, I got really sick with a fever and all, and it got so bad that I couldn't eat anything because everything would make me ill," I say fabricating a hopefully convincing story, though technically that was true. "I got better after a few weeks, but to this day I still can't eat certain foods without, you know."

"So, it's like an allergy?" Lucy says.

"I think so. After a while, it was only meats and sometimes fish that made me sick, so I avoid them as much as possible. There are those few times when I'm not so luck-" I notice before I even finish that there was a horrified look on Leena's face, both her hands covered her mouth as if resisting the urge to gasp.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"I'm so sorry," she blurts out leaving Lucy and I confused.

"Err...For what?"

"Don't you remember? That stew we ate today?" I knew she was trying to hint at something, but I wasn't sure what that was.

"...Yeah," I say slowly not understanding what she was getting at, "but that was just a vegetable stew... I'm used to vegetables, so there's way I could have gotten sick because of them."

"Wait a minute," Lucy interrupts, "you ate lunch and you didn't even save me any? Psh, some friend you are." She pouts and stomps her foot.

"Well what did you expect, you weren't even here, and Leena was the one who paid for it anyway," I retort.


"Alright you two," Leena cuts our argument short. We both turn and look back to her. "I didn't know about your allergy and if I had I probably would have picked something other than Fish and Vegetable soup."

"But there wasn't… I would have," Leena shook her head. "Belcha kinda likes to mash it up so you can't really tell it's there but you can certainly taste it. But I guess if you've never tasted then you wouldn't really know, right?"

"Oh," I groan slumping back down on my seat.

"I'm so sorry. This is practically my fault, I should have asked first before dragging you over there in such a hurry." She says blaming herself for what happened.

"No," I say. "It's my fault for being so careless, not to mention forgetful. I should have told you beforehand."

"I guess we both messed up," Leena says, though this time she was the one who was embarrassed.

"But you know," I muse, "it didn't taste bad at all, I kinda liked it." I can't help but laugh for a second or two, Leena just gives me a funny look. "I guess it must sound strange for me to say that, considering it's something that would only make me sick."

"Yeah," Leena giggles for a moment.

Lucy doesn't look too happy. "All this talk about food is making me hungry, so if you two will excuse me, I'm going to get some of that soup you keep talking about. See ya,"

"Wait, what about my bandages?" I say and she pauses in front of the door.

"Leena can take care of that. Serge said you were really good at that sort of stuff," Lucy says before leaving, causing Leena to blush. I think the sight of my arm must have upset her more than I thought it would. I wonder if Leena would feel the same if she saw how bad it looked.

"I don't mind," Leena says as I turn to face her.

"I wouldn't be too sure," I say and I raised my arm slowly, giving her a good view of the wound that the Dodo had left me and the ugly bruise-looking markings that had spread from it. I waited, studying her face to see if this startled her. If it did she must have been really good at hiding it, because she didn't back away the way Lucy had. Instead she has this look of concern on her face, and she slowly grabbed my arm.

"Does it hurt?" She asks being quite gentle about it. "Just where it cut me," I say, showing her the deep gashes.

"What happened? It looks so horrible... Does this have something to do with your sickness?" Leena asks. Curiosity seemed to replace concern and I let out a slight sigh of relief.

"I don't know for sure, I've been this way since as long as I could remember, to be honest," which was also technically true. "It just comes and goes, but I don't think it's contagious. Err I mean, I've been around a lot of people, and no one has ever gotten sick by being near me, so…" Leena inched closer staring thoughtfully at the discoloration that surrounded not just the wound but most of the my forearm.

"Maybe it's bleeding internally, but you can't feel it. I've heard stories of people who get hurt really bad, but look okay on the outside and next thing you know they just die. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before, this could be serious," she says somewhat alarmed.

"How can we be sure it is?" I say thinking about it. I try to scratch around the wound, but Leena gives me a quick disapproving look afraid that I might make things worse so I restrain myself.

"Hmm, well maybe you could consider seeing a doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked. You never know," she says concern back on her face. "We don't have much that could help you, but if you want to prevent an infection, I got just the thing." she says, and lets go of my arm and she leaves the room. "Now where did I leave it. Hmmm… no, not there…"

"Need any help?"

"No I got it," she says and returns holding a small porcelain jar in her hand. "My gramdma's special homemade remedy." She hands it to me and departs once more in search of something else. I opened the lid and poked at the contents. It looked like a cream, greenish-yellow in color, very cold and slimy to the touch, and it smelled like flowers.

"We use it when we're on short supply of Elements. It helps cuts heal faster, it's useful as an ointment when you're burned, and it makes a good lotion too," Leena explains as she returns and sits down holding a roll of bandages. "But I wouldn't recommend eating it," she says noticing that I was smelling it. I wipe it off on my wrist, not letting it go to waste.

"It might take a while for it to start working, but you should notice some improvement within a couple of hours."

"Will it sting?" I ask remembering the last time I had a strange substance on my arm.

"Just a bit," she said and took the jar from my hand dabbed at the cream with a cloth and spread a rather generous amount all over my arm. I was ready this time, but that did little to help. It still stung as much as it did yesterday, particularly around the inside, but it lasted less. After that I felt a cool sensation spread throughout my arm, and it stopped the itch.


"Yeah, definitely," I reply to which she smiled. After that, she started applying bandages once more, covering up the markings from sight. I inspected my arm and it looked just as it had yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary.


"No problem. But you know this isn't a permanent solution. When whatever it is that you're doing is done, I suggest you get that looked at by a doctor, it could be serious you know," she says, and I can tell that she was genuinely concerned for my health. It was kind of strange yet comforting.

"I will," I say as I stand up. I look at the broken table. "If there's anything you need. I mean I'm really handy at fixing things up a bit. And I really do owe you."

"Oh No, I mean, I just wanted to help to make up for making you sick."

"But you had no way of knowing, and I did break your things, after you invited me here," I glance around hoping that cat thing didn't show up again.

"That is true. But you can do that later. Serge and the Chief were hoping to talk to you, and here I am making them wait."

I promised Leena I would return after I spoke with the Sir Radius and Serge. She said they would be waiting for me in the Chief's Hut. I still felt a bit anxious, and hoped I wouldn't mess it up by throwing up again. The villagers glanced at me, but every time I looked at them, they'd look away and continued doing what they were doing. Okay so she said that the Chief's hut was past her house, but the all looked the same, so I had to ask someone for directions. Just my luck to run into the same boy from last night, when I asked, he didn't seem to mind and lead me to the front door.

"Good Luck," he says and walks away as I make my way inside.

Sir Radius was pacing back and forth, cane in hand while Serge sat on a chair, an expression on his face that I couldn't quite identify. They stopped and looked at me when I came in.

"Sorry I'm late." I say.

"Sit," is all Sir Radius says strictly, pointing to a spare seat on the other side. I quickly take my seat and wait, as he starts pacing again. I glance at Serge for a moment and he stared back silently. I wonder what was going through his mind as he watched me. What did he know? Did he wonder why we looked alike, or did he already know? Could he help me? Was he thinking he same thing? He looked away towards the older man. His expression changed to shock, I turned to look and found myself staring dumbly as a blade comes crashing down towards me. I don't have much time to act and can only try to shield myself with my arms.


To Be Continued.

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