'Bella wake up or eles' my dad called i ran to school that day trying not to think why Edward left my boyfriend Jacob died so i went to California. i was so upset. then i got lost and was so upset about that then the 4 men with the names raddle snake boa constritor and poision snake. they said i could stay with them so i did big mistake they would not let me go 3 years later im running from them and i run to a house they let me in but big surprise it was it was the cullen carlisle came in and said that i was one of the lucky ones then he must of saw me grab my side in pain because in a socund it was fixed then edward walked in and reach out to hug me but i flinced away i scardness i told them off the pain i went thought and then a knock was on the door i answered it wow im stupied because it was them

my first fanfiction ill upload the rest at 5:oo june 1 2009