I'm back from Texas! It was hot, but it rained! Hurray! If you're wondering if my trip was worth the two-week delay, then, simply to put your busy minds to rest, it was. The only strange part is that I found of one of my cousins is named Grace. Woops.

Okay! The reason this amazingly short chapter exists is to inform you that there is a sequel up for this story, called Plans.

Because I have nothing else to talk about, I will tell you how I came upon the name. I had two weeks to figure out what to call the sequel. I know I wanted to call it the name of a song–hopefully one by Death Cab. The first week, I didn't even go anywhere, so I simply read other fics for a little while; tried to work on Madam Carlisle but couldn't bring myself to; laid low for a little while. I didn't even search for a title, either. I thought I should do another form of the title What I've Done, like What I Will Do or What I'm Doing. But after a while, I decided I didn't like that idea.

I didn't really start thinking about titles until halfway through the second week of my absence–when I was in Texas and among a seven-year-old, an eight-year-old, and an eleven-year-old. I started thinking of Death Cab songs, seeing if I could find a title that fit. I got "When We Laugh Indoors," "Quelling Fears," which is a part of the song "When We Laugh Indoors," and a bit from a song by a band named Guster–a band I've known for as long as I can remember–called "Manifest Destiny." I was going to call it "Ganging Up on the Sun," like the last album I've heard them make before they disappeared for a little while.

But none of these titles for the story, and I found myself with absolutely nothing as I drove home (I didn't drive, though). I looked out the window in slight despair, and then, a song came into my mind, the only song I really memorized on the piano. And it came to me then that every plan was a tiny prayer to Father Time.

And so I thought of Death Cab's album, Plans, and I thought it suited the story quite well.

Anyway, I can't post a link to it, so if you want to find it, click on my profile, Uxiegirl, and scroll down to the very bottom until you find a story labeled Plans.

Thanks, everybody! Love you all!