Here it is.

Dean laid his head on the cheap motel pillow and shut his eyes. He began thinking about Sam, and if they'd ever kill Lilith. He thought about the angels. They may have been Self-righteous jerks, but they werent wrong about Sammy- no matter how much Dean tried to brush it off- becoming a monster. He sighed stressfully. He didnt, still doesnt, want this for himself or his brother. He just wanted to close his eyes tonight, and wake up somewhere else, somewhere different. Without the hunting or the many things that go bump in the night. The demons, Lucifer. All of it. Gone...

Dean woke up and groaned at the bright light seaming through the blinds. He rolled over and rubbed his face.

"Sammy, close the shades." Dean said with a raspy tired voice. Then it hit him. The motel doesnt have shades. Dean shot up, and took a look around the room, wide-eyed.

"Where am I?" either Sam redecorated or- "Sam?" Dean looked to his left, but there was no bed, no Sam. "Sammy!?" Dean got out of bed, and rushed to the closet door. "Sammy!?" He raided the room for a full hour, to find something of his or Sams. Nothing but a couple of AC/DC tracks and his Dad's leather jacket.

"Where am I?" Dean asked himself again. Footsteps crept from the outside the bedroom door. Dean grabbed the pocket knife out of his Dad's jacket. He walked towards the door and the footsteps got closer. When they were just inches away he lunged out. A woman jumped back.

"Oh my god. Dean, you scared me. What, are you doing? I can hear you yelling from downstairs, is everything alright? Who's Sam?" A woman much smaller than Dean, and red average length hair said. Dean looked confused. After a moment of silence the girls looked turned from worry to a smile. "Your not in there with Lilith, are you? You guys role-playing again?"

Dean looked disgusted, that she would suggest that. "What? No, me and Lilith? Is your cap screwed, right?"

"Are you...drunk? You know Lilith." The girl said, when his expression stayed blank she sighed. "You girlfriend." Dean shook his head slightly. "Okay, you know what big guy, how about you go back in your room and lay down. I'll call, Nate."

"Your, going to summon her!?"

"What? No I'm going to use the telephone, Dean." She said as if she was talking to a retard. He nodded unsure and she walked away. Dean took that chance and used the fire escape in his room. The fire escape lead to an alley way and Dean jumped off the last platform. He looked around for a second and found an old newspaper on the ground.

It read: September 28, 2008 Pontiac, Illinois

Did I go back in time? He thought. He dropped the paper and rolled up his left sleeve. No mark. Now he really knew something was wrong. He rushed out of the alley and into a busy street. A taxis driver cursed him and he kept going.

Dean ran into a college campus searching for a library and a security guard stopped him and asked for his ID.

"ID, sir."

Dean thought up a quick lie. "Yeah see I left it in a rush this morning. My professor says if I dont go to the libray and print out this file," He reached in his pocket and pulled out Sam's USB, "soon, I'll fail the class."

"Tough luck."

Dean mumbled and stalked away. He needed to get to a computer. Dean was so wrapped in his thoughts he didnt notice were he was going and bumped into someone.

"Ouch, something special on that ground?" They asked. Dean looked up to find it was a girl, possibly a college student. But she looked a little more mature for college.

"No, I was just... not paying attention, is all."

She nodded curiously. "You, uh, you dont go to this college, or at least I've never seen you around."

"No, I dont. I just needed to use a computer. Its an emergency."

"You can use mine. I have a laptop." She opened her carrying case and held it out.

"No, I couldnt. Dont you have class?"

"I'm on a lunch break."

"Dont you wanna eat?"

"Not if you need help." She kept the laptop held out and Dean knew he wasnt going to win. He sighed and took it. They walked over to a nearby bench.

"I'm Cleo."

"Dean." Dean said looking at her. She didnt look like a Cleo.

"So, I figure your a little to big for college." Dean said.

"I'm 26. Law degree." she said.

Dean looked at her. This was the whole reason he borrowed her laptop, to contact Sam.

"My brother was into that Law stuff."

"Did he ever finish it?"

Dean paused and thought about his life with Sam.

"Dean? Hello?"


"Your total dazed out there."

He nodded, mostly to himself. "To answer your question no, he didnt."


"Its complicated."

Cleo nodded. "I understand."

Dean looked up from the computer screen. "You do?"

"Yeah, I mean. Why do you think im 26 in college? I'm not finishing my degree. I'm starting it."

Dean didnt respond.

"You drive?" Cleo said after a moment of silence.

"Of course, '67 Chevy Impala. You?"

"Camaro. It was my my uncles."

Dean smiled as Cleo stared at the people passing by. Dean lost his smile and stared at her. When Cleo noticed she looked back.


"Something bothering you?"

"Something bothering you?" Cleo said harshly.

"You know if somethings on your mind-"

"I dont pour out to strangers, Dean."

Dean closed her laptop and handed it back. "I dont have to be."

Cleo stood and put her laptop back in its case. "But you are." And she walked away.