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Summary: An idyllic, beautiful place was the source of their reunion. SasuIno

The chilly breeze provided a cooling to Uchiha Sasuke's overly hot body. His raven hair was drooping down low. His shirt clung on to his well-toned body due to the sweat. It was a relaxing thing after miles of running. But he couldn't concentrate on that right now. He wouldn't. He needed to put an end to his misery. Exhausting himself to death from running was not working. He was too accustomed to intensive training. He needed something else. Something that would actually end his life; so he'd be with her again.

Then he got it: Tsunade. She could be the answer to his prayers. The Hokage was the one who sent them on missions. Dangerous missions. He was much more opted to go on S-ranked missions than any of his comrades. The onyx-eyed man had lived with the snake-bastard Orochimaru. He was smarter and stronger. He was the best option for the highest-ranked missions. So what if he asked Tsunade to send him on as many as them as possible? What if he was careless?

It was a petty thing to do. Plan your own suicide. But technically, he was still performing actions for the village. Not only would Konoha gain, but he would as well. Sasuke's pain would be end. The visions of her death would no longer haunt him. If anything, it was an appropriate way for him to die; at least, that's what Sasuke thought. He had failed her in a mission, resulting in her death. It was only fair that he died the same way.

Smirking to himself, the Uchiha ran towards the Hokage's tower.

"Shizune, I need to speak to the Hokage straight away." Sasuke's stern voice reached the ears of the woman. The woman addressed merely looked at the man with a concerned face. Everyone had heard about how the tragic death of his fiancé had affected him. Taking a deep breath, Shizune answered calmly.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke. She's currently in a meeting with someone. You'll either have to wait or come tomorrow morning—hey! Where are you going?" The pig owner shouted as she followed the Uchiha into Tsunade's office. Sasuke marched into the Hokage's room, not giving a damn about who was there. For all he cared, it could have been Kami himself.

"Hokage, I need to…" The Uchiha stopped mid-sentence as he noticed who the meeting concerned: Yamanaka Inoichi. It had been months since the day he had told the blonde father of his daughter's death. It had been months since he had been able to look at who would have been his father-in-law in eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't know…"

"Uchiha, what the hell are you doing here? Shizune, I thought I said I was in a meeting. I told you no other people besides Mr. Yamanaka and Naruto were allowed in here." Tsunade said through fuming emery eyes. She was directing her death glare at the raven-haired man.

"Tsunade, I tried to tell him, but he didn't want to listen. He just barged in here." Shizune tried to explain to her superior. Honestly, how could the Hokage not believe in her? After all, Shizune was the one who always took care of Tsunade after each little break that involved sake.

"Naruto's in here, too?" Sasuke softly murmured towards the Leaf Leader.

"Teme, you sure know how to make an entrance!" The blonde man laughed as he looked at a stupefied Uchiha.

"Hn." He should have known that the Uzumaki would have been there, too. The Yamanaka's had practically adopted the blonde boy. He had become the son Inoichi had always wanted; the brother Ino had never really wanted, but still loved to have. He had become the third Yamanaka member in such a short period of time. It amazed the Uchiha how close the trio had become. Her death had affected Naruto as well.

"Well, Uchiha. What is so important that you needed to interrupt me?" Impatience was running through the Hokage's blood. She hated being defied. Especially from a little pipsqueak who thought he knew it all. But she did have to admit, he was a great asset to her. Even if he was being more suicidal than normal.

"I wanted to request," Sasuke paused in order to look at Inoichi's eyes. "To go on an S-ranked mission." His gazed turned back to Tsunade's. In turn, everyone turned to look at the Uchiha. S-ranked? Was he crazy? No one wanted to do those missions, and yet, he was requesting to do one? What was going on?


"Because I need a challenge." Sasuke stated in a monotone voice. That would convince her, right? "There's nothing more I can do here, in regards to sparring and whatnot. If I leave again, it defeats the purpose of me coming back. So the only other solution is an S-ranked mission."

Tsunade studied the Uchiha carefully. She knew something like this would happen. That was the reason she had called this meeting between herself, Inoichi, and Naruto. In any case, she did need someone to perform a crucial mission. But she wasn't going to send him alone. "Fine. But your partner will be Naruto. No discussion. Report here tomorrow morning for the full details. Now leave, I have things to discuss with these two men." Tsunade indicated to the blondes.

"Thank you." Sasuke said. Well, at least he got it. Hopefully, Naruto wouldn't ruin his plan. Taking one last look at Inoichi, Sasuke nodded towards the man and left. By the next evening, he and Naruto were on their mission's destination.

"Sasuke, tell me. Why are you doing this? Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?" The hyperactive ninja questioned his best friend. Days had passed since the beginning of this mission, and Naruto couldn't take this anymore. He wanted the old Sasuke. The one that had resurfaced when Ino was alive. Not this suicidal one.

"Naruto, will you shut the hell up?" The Uchiha whispered. "So what if I am? At least if I die here, I'll get what I deserve."

The Uzumaki looked at his companion in total shock. He got it now. "It wasn't your fault, Sasuke. Don't blame Ino's death on yourself." The blonde man stated as he and Sasuke continued to move about. It was time to kill their target. While this wasn't the best time to have this conversation, Naruto knew there would be no other way to get Sasuke to talk.

"Cut the crap, Naruto. We all knew how dangerous the mission was, both me and her. I was the stupid one to allow to go with the target alone. I knew how dangerous he was, and yet, I let Ino go into that room with him. I could've been there faster. I could have prevented this all. If I die now, all my sins will be accounted for."

"Sasuke, you're an idiot."

Suddenly, in swift movement, Sasuke rushed past Naruto's oblivious body. Taking a kunai from his pocket, Sasuke stabbed their sneaky target in the abdomen. "Well this idiot just saved your ass." The raven-haired boy softly muttered as he watched the targeted man fall to his death. Suddenly, Sasuke looked down at his own abdomen. A smirk appeared on his face. The target was tricky. The last thing the onyx-eyed man heard was Naruto screaming out his name.

After a moment, Sasuke felt his eyes begin to open. As he slowly did, he immediately noticed he wasn't in the place he had been earlier. Naruto wasn't there. The damn bastard who had done him a favor wasn't there. Wait, the damn bastard…Did this mean that his plan had worked? Was he dead?

"Hello?" The Uchiha called out as he stood up. All around him was a welcoming fog-like scene. This place was so warm. It contrasted the gloomy appearance of the place. This was odd.

"Hey, Sasuke." A bubbly voice spoke from behind Sasuke. He knew that voice clearly. But it couldn't be her. Unless he really was dead. Then it would make sense. But how could he face her? He couldn't do it. He was the reason she was dead.

"Ino." Sasuke muttered, his back still facing the unknown presence. Suddenly, his entire body began to tense up as he felt the presence begin to walk closer to him. But like a statue, he could not move. Something had his feet glued to the floor.

"Sasuke. You need to turn around and look at me." The voice whispered once it was centimeters away from Sasuke. The Uchiha felt as the hairs on his neck stood on end. The warm was all too familiar. Slowly, Sasuke felt his body turn around. There she was. Yamanaka Ino. "Long time no see, Uchiha."

"Is this really you, Ino?"

"In the flesh. Well, okay not technically in the flesh, because I am dead, but…you know what I mean. I hope." A giggling Ino answered a skeptical Sasuke. Suddenly, Ino threw her arms around Sasuke's neck. A surprised Sasuke put his arms around her waist. This seemed real enough. The warmth was real. Everything was too familiar.

"Where are we, Ino?" Sasuke whispered into Ino's neck.

"Xanadu. A limbo-sort place. Not dead but not alive either. You just sort of…exist, I guess."

"But I thought you were…" Sasuke's voice drifted off. The couple slowly pulled away from the hug and looked into each other's eyes.

"Oh, I am dead. No doubt about that. But I needed to come here to talk to you." Her face turned serious as she looked into Sasuke's onyx eyes. "You're an idiot you know that. Why in Kami-sama's name are you blaming yourself for my death? This wasn't your fault. It was no one's fault. It was my time to die and that was it!"

"You're stupid, Ino. Of course it was my fault. I let you go in that room with the guy, right? I could have protected you better. I should have protected you better! I shouldn't have gone against my better judgment. I shouldn't have let you go in!" Sasuke's fired back.

"Don't call me stupid, Idiot! If it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I decided to go in! I decided I could handle it. Don't give yourself the credit to my death, Uchiha. I told you: it was my time to do. Destiny inscribed it. So deal with it and move on." Cerulean eyes glared daggers at the raven-haired man.

"Ino, I am not discussing this with you." Sasuke said as he crossed his arms. A stern face overtook his handsome features.

"This is so like you. When you know you've lost a fight, you just stop. Whatever." Ino said as she turned her back to the Uchiha. Taking in a deep breath, she let her eyes close. How could she make him see that he could get through her death? That's when she got it. Quickly turning around, she asked, "Uchiha, what month is your birthday?"

"You of all people should know that?" The raven-haired ice prince proclaimed. Ino rolled her eye, knowing he was right. But he was killing the epiphany that had just hit her. "July."

"Exactly!" Ino exclaimed. Sasuke looked at her with an air of bewilderment. "Ugh..Sasuke, don't you see it? People who are born in July are one of the strongest people alive. You know how ever flower has their meaning." Sasuke let out a loud sigh. How could he forget? Ino taught him every damn flower meaning she knew. "Well," Ino continued upon noticing Sasuke's annoyed expression, "every birthstone to every moth has a meaning as well. July is, to me, the strongest. Nobility. Contentment. Love. Enthusiasm. Strength. All the qualities needed to make you see your life is worth something. That you can add something to Konoha. That's you're needed back in Konoha."

"You don't get it, do you? I can't live without you, Yamanaka Ino. You are my life. This, you, me. I need you. All of you."

Sasuke took hold of Ino's arm and closed the distance between them. In an instant, his warm lips were on those of Ino. The urgent need to have her, the hunger of not having her for months, the need to feel her. It all erupted in that single kiss. Ino, in turn, felt the same. She allowed the Uchiha to dominate her tongue, to grope her wherever his hands happen to be. Because she needed this for herself as well. She ran her hands through the Uchiha's long hair as she kissed him back fiercely. Simultaneously, Sasuke began unbuttoning Ino's shirt. Ino felt a smile appear on her face as she lowered her hands to perform the same acting on Sasuke. It took less than a minute for the couple to discard all their clothing, exploring the bodies they knew oh so well.

"You need to go back, Sasuke." Ino quietly muttered as her head laid on Sasuke's shirtless chest. Her fingers traced the abs on her fiancé's abdomen. Her voice was melancholy, despite the fact the she wanted to be happy. He was making this so much harder for her.

"Why do you want me to leave?" Sasuke whispered as he ran his hand across the blonde's back. He felt her tense of immediately. Suddenly, she sat up, facing him with tears in her eyes.

"You think I want you to leave? You're an idiot, Uchiha! Why would I want the only thing that made my life worthwhile to leave? I don't want you to, but you have to, Sasuke! Don't you understand? It isn't your time to die! My time came. Because of some twisted luck of fate, I had to die before I got to marry you. But you, you have a chance to start over. To meet someone new. To dedicate your life to protecting Konoha. Instead, you're acting like a selfish jerk and trying to get yourself killed. Our friends are concerned about this suicidal thing you have going on. I'm afraid for you. Don't you think I feel guilty seeing you put all this blame on yourself? You're an idiot, Sasuke! Just a stupid idiot."

Sasuke felt as Ino threw her upper body on top of his chest. Over an over, he heard her say she was sorry. How had he not thought about what she would feel? Because in truth, he didn't think she would see him. Yeah, people always said the dead always looked out for them, but Sasuke had never paid any mind to the comment. Now, as he saw Ino's defeated form, he understood that the deceased do in fact look after people. And he should live, if only for her.

"Ino, I'm sorry." The Uchiha said as he lifted Ino up so he himself could sit up. As they sat in front of each other, both understood there was a mutual understanding now. They didn't like what they had to deal with, but they accepted it. "I'll go back. For you. I love you, Yamanaka Ino."

"Oh, Sasuke. I love you, too. I love you so much." Ino before crashing her lips with those of Sasuke. The onyx-eyed man in return took Ino in for what seemed like the millionth time in a minute. But it was something that he couldn't get enough of. Once again, the needed to have each other one last time took over them.

Sasuke gasped for air as he came back to life. The lights around him blinded his vision for a second. Once everything was in focus, he noticed blonde hair. Bright blonde this time. Uzumaki Naruto was there.


"Sasuke, you're alive. Sakura! Tsunade!" The hyperactive ninja screamed as joy overtook his body. "You're alive! I knew you could pull through. Please promise no more suicidal trips. Sasuke, this villages needs you. Your friends need you."

"No, Naruto. No more suicidal trips. Not anymore. I'm living for her. For Yamanaka Ino. I will get through life and protect you and the rest of this village." Naruto looked at Sasuke with bewildered eyes. What had happened? No matter about that now. All that mattered was that Uchiha Sasuke was alive again.

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