Four years later

She couldn't see his face at first, which was disappointing. The bright summer sun bounced off of the nearby fountain, sending streaks of light through the air. Nishino Tsukasa was momentarily blinded by the glow.

When the spots of light finally faded from her eyes, Nishino saw the camera move away from the man's face, his eyes almost surprised- why? Maybe she'd changed? Tsukasa couldn't help but smile slightly and call, "Excellent!" down to him. "Fifteen minutes early!"

Manaka Junpei smiled back at her, and Tsukasa actually felt her heart jump. He definitely had changed..what had happened to the nervous boy who had asked her out after a pull-up? Even in their last year of high school, he'd always been somewhat awkward. We've all grown up....

"Is that the first thing you say after such a reunion?" His voice snapped Tsukasa out of her thoughts.

"Well.." Nishino brushed her hair out of her eyes. "You've become mature, Junpei-kun." And I didn't know what else to say.

The white skirt of her dress billowed in the wind, and as the sun came out from behind the clouds, Nishino had to blink a few times to get used to the light.

Manaka's smile looked so happy that it was almost painful for Tsukasa to watch him as he asked, "Did you watch the movie I sent you?"

"Yup." She could see that he was blushing slightly, which reassured her. He hadn't changed all that much, then.... "It was a great movie."

"Well...then, a question..." Manaka looked desperately hopeful. "It's a relationship that's now a clean slate, but..would you go out with me once again?"

Tsukasa finally smiled, and she could tell her smile was as painfully happy as his. Nothing's changed.

"Yeah..I guess." she replied. "And will you, once again, excite me?" Nishino regretted saying that slightly after the words left her mouth... somewhat perverted, wasn't it? But it didn't matter. He knew what she meant, right?

Expecting a simple smile or a short reply, Tsukasa was somewhat confused when Junpei stood there silently, expressionless. Oh no...was my reply that weird?

"Um.." Fumbling for words to fix her mistake, Tsukasa's head suddenly jerked up as she heard a loud clatter. Her eyes flew wide open as Junpei threw aside his camera and charged up the stairs toward her.

"Ah! No, wait..." she cried as Manaka lifted her up and hugged her. Tsukasa smiled widely and finally laughed, leaning forward to return the embrace.

"So.." Nishino commented as Junpei set her down. "It looks like we're back to normal, hm?"

Junpei smiled. "It seems like it I guess. So, what should we that we're dating again?"

Tsukasa bit her lip, looking off into the distance. "A date!" she exclaimed, looking back at Junpei. "We definitely have to go on a date. We never had enough of those, after all." After all, with how busy they'd both been, there hadn't been enough time to just be together.

"But, um...I don't know where we should go..." she admitted.

Her confusion was interrupted as Junpei snatched up her hand. "I know where we can go!" he said with a grin, pulling her toward the crosswalk at the street.

Tsukasa blushed slightly and hurried to catch up so she was no longer being pulled. "Okay." she squeezed his hand back as they headed out of the park.

The climb up the hill was luckily pretty short- only about 5 minutes or so- but Nishino kept slipping on the damp grass. It's really hard to climb up a steep hill in heels and a skirt. The third time she slipped, she nearly fell down the hill and had to grab onto Manaka's jacket to steady herself. After that, she slipped the white kitten heels off, stuck them in her bag and climbed in her bare feet. By the time they reached the top, Tsukasa was gasping for air.

"Sorry about that," Junpei apologized as he grabbed her hand and helped her up the last few yards and over the crest of the hill. He was also panting from the climb. "It's the only way to get up here...but look..."

Tsukasa had been going to not comment until she caught her breath, but when she looked she felt somewhat annoyed. "A grass hill and a highway?" That climb was for this?

Junpei laughed, grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face the other direction. "Nishino, you're looking back the way we came. Look this way."

Tsukasa was about to scold him for using her family name again, but when she looked she didn't quite feel like talking. As the sun was setting and twilight was beginning to dim the brilliant colors of the sky, the city lights made a wide band of silver dots against the sky. A couple windmills twirled off in the distance. The cicadas chirping and the murmur of the city somehow sounded good together.

A small breeze blew Tsukasa's blonde hair into her eyes, and she brushed it out of the way to see better.

"We came at exactly the right time," she heard Junpei comment.

Nishino grinned widely and impulsively turned and hugged Junpei. "Ah..Nishino?" she heard him ask in confusion. She hugged tighter, and felt him relax and hug her back. The glow of the sunset covered the couple, tinting them with a reddish-gold glow.

After they stopped embracing, the two of them sat on the grass, looking down at the city. Tsukasa yawned and leaned to the right, resting her head on Junpei's shoulder. The fiery sky gradually dimmed and finally faded to the deep blue of night, but neither of them moved or started to go back down the hill yet.

"This view is really good," Tsukasa commented with a sigh. "I'm glad you didn't bring me up this hill just to look at a highway."

She heard Junpei chuckle at that as she sat up and reached in her bag, her hand emerging with a piece of paper torn from a notebook. Letting go of Manaka's hand, she began folding the paper.

"A paper plane?" she heard him ask.

"Yup." Tsukasa smiled, holding up her finished paper airplane. "I've always wanted to do this."

As Junpei watched silently, Nishino tossed the paper plane up into the sky. It flew down towards the city until it was pushed up again by a current of air. The plane continued to fade into the distance until it was a white blob. A white dot. Gone.

"Look," Manaka commented. "The stars are coming out."

Tsukasa leaned back onto his shoulder. A gust of wind blew the long grass stems and various flowers, tickling her. The uncut stems reached almost halfway up her back. "Hm, I guess they are." she yawned. "You know, you called me by my family name earlier. You've got to stop that."

"Ah, sorry Nishino," Manaka replied with a yawn. "I guess old habits die hard."

"See, you just did it again!" Tsukasa sighed.

"But I kind of like your last name better. I'm so used to saying Nishino."

The sound of a smack resonated in the air.

"Owwww! Sorry, Nishi- um, Tsukasa?"

"Much better."

The sound of crickets chirping filled the summer night.

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