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Set after the end of the manga.

She doesn't want to be like Kikyou, but every day she feels as if she's slipping a little closer, scrambling for footholds that break beneath her feet. She knows what she should be (what she used to be) but she can't seem to drag herself back onto that ledge and stay there.

They've changed her, her oblivious friends, and she can't go back. The path has been cut out to her heels and the only way is forward.

She's already realised she's changed or maybe she was always like this and never realised till now. And now, after all that's happened, she's irreversibly bitter; unquestionably kikyou.

Her should-be soul mate was drifting away, out of her reach, for reasons she could only fathom to grasp.

It's stupid, she's stupid, and they all are stupid. Stupidity it is. Her place was home; and home was in her own era with her mother, brother…it reminds her of so many other things, so many other times, when she gave in to her emotions and all she could feel now was an aching remorse.

Then she saw him; her should-be brother in law exchanging words with his protégée. And she wondered, for the first time in years, would he survive?

And if he had, why didn't he warn her?

Before leaving the village, he glanced at her, and she couldn't help the glare she sent his way, full of accusations, if not hatred.