I can't

Same disclaimer applies.

He never thought she'd mean everything to him. He played with her, pulling her strings and pressing her buttons, just to irritate his half brother, and just in the hope of getting a rise out of her and seeing if she was Kikyou inside as well as out. He was curious, but…

She wasn't, and he would have been disappointed and disgusted, except…

She was better.

There are things he wishes he could tell her. But he can't.

He sought her once again, this time she was watching dreamingly the sheen of a lake, waterfall spilling over the sharp edge of a ravine to crash foam-white and deafening just in front of her.

'God, it's beautiful' she whispers. And it is, greenery and spidery trees all around, with the mirror-gleam of the lake ahead and a haze of water flecking her complexion.

'Indeed,' he replies, and pushes her in.

She shrieks, and disappears under, hair loose and sopping around her face when she resurfaces coughing up water. She looks disgruntled and gives him pitiful glares. But he is nowhere to be seen.

Abruptly he's underwater and has a grip on her feet and is dragging her down so swiftly she swallows water.

She coughs out a stream of bubbles, grey eyes wide in the murky stillness at the bottom of the lake.

They just stare at each other for a charged heartbeat, underwater where time has suspended its run, where life can wait for a little while, just a little.

But Kagome's running out of air, and she points up towards the surface, assuming he'll just push her, push them, towards reality again, but he never does. Under the crushing weight of water with her hair and his hair drifting around them in long dark and white tendrils, he simply pulls her closer and shares air with her.

She never wants to come up and face life again.

They pull back, staring at each other. They know that it's time to go back up so she can return to her friends. It will be as if this never happened.

'I can't,' she says, hoping and yet not that he can read lips. Her words float towards the surface in broken little bubbles, and they followed their trails.

Life, above water, will go on as if nothing underneath ever happened.

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