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What scared Maka the most was the fact that Death the Kid had referred Georgiana and Charles in present tense in that sentence. The fact that Death the Kid had been known for his proper speech and grammar is something to be taken note of and reminded of everyday just by looking at the boy. Kid---the Kid never makes grammar or speech mistakes. Never. When Kid says something he means business. Perfectly calculating his next words, his expressions, his façade. It was impossible not to notice that slip-up. Obviously Kid had meant something deeper in his words. That explained his behavior. Just what—Maka didn't know. But she knew something was bothering Kid when she didn't answer.

A blur of apologizes stumbled out of Kid's mouth. Maka snapped out of it and mumbled a small 'its ok...' and walked back inside in a daze to make breakfast. This time, Kid did not follow her. Maka wanted to give him space to think about what had just taken place. He really needed it, it seems. In the meanwhile Kid's mind was in torture, he didn't understand why he just referred Charles and Georgiana in present tense. He always held a soft spot for Charles but always disliked Georgiana for her selfishness. But perhaps maybe Maka was right. He turned to look over his shoulder through the glass door where she as cooking, her back towards him. Perhaps Georgiana wasn't selfish. She had children to worry about. He tried to keep reading his book to pass the time but it felt like he was only looking at the words not reading them. Kid frowned and put down his book, chin in his hands. He couldn't stop wondering why he had started making that crazy theory of Georgiana not having kids and not marrying the duke. It was ridiculous, what was the point of the autobiography if he had just reassembled it into something that had never happened?

It was like; he was trying to convince Maka something. Perhaps he was trying to convince himself? What was he trying to convince himself of? He stared at Maka's forgotten book that still lay down on her side of the long rocking chair. He picked it up and skimmed through it. Georgiana's life was tragic. In the end Charles became a man that had many affairs with many different women after Georgiana had rejected him, a messed up man whose life was controlled by alcohol.

What if Charles wasn't even in love with Georgiana? What if he just wanted her money? What if he just wanted a good bed-buddy? What if he just wanted fame, to cause a mess out of the duke out of revenge by stealing his wife---his pride and joy?

Kid sighed, there he was---making those damned assumptions again. He was thinking too much in the story, it was making him insane. Kid pushed the autobiography far away from him without it falling off the rocking chair and tried reading his book again. It was still no use; the words still seem to only pass through his head, not registering in his brain. He could hear Black Star and Tsubaki inside, chattering with Maka. Then it all became quiet. Kid's eyebrow rose and he turned to look through the glass door to see why. Soul had come inside the kitchen, stony faced, eyes locked on Maka.


Maka was ready. The moment she heard footsteps upstairs she steeled her ground as she cooked. She felt more ready then ever to give Soul the biggest Maka Chop the world will ever see. She unconsciously reached for the thick recipe book in the cupboard, placing it nearby so she could act quickly if Soul did anything funny again. But really? Was it really necessary to throw her at the coffee table because of something she wasn't fully aware of? Because of jealousy? It didn't matter the excuse. Soul was going to pay.

Soul walked into the kitchen. Black Star and Tsubaki scrambled back into the living room, uncharacteristically silent. Soul sat down on the stool near the kitchen counter, giving a wary expression towards the recipe book near Maka. Maka ignored him, flipping the omelets in the pan. Today was Soul's turn to cook breakfast and dinner. Apparently Maka was so mad that she'd forgotten that it wasn't her turn today. Soul sat there, mind complentating on what to say, mind in turmoil. He caught a glimpse of the large, angry, black bruise on her forehead. He hadn't intentionally dropped her, he only meant to get her off Kid's lap. His hands had slipped and no one was going to believe him.

"Maka, I'm really sorry—"

In one swift motion, Maka hurled the heavy (not so heavy to her though) recipe book at Soul with all her might, with mighty unfeminine scream.


Breakfast came and everyone sat at the table, free of worries. Maka was smiling brightly at everyone giving out second helpings to Black Star, who was boasting on how he beat Soul on his video games yesterday. Soul and Black Star bickered on endlessly on how Black Star didn't actually beat him, just caught him off guard. Tsubaki and Death the Kid was chatting quietly about the upcoming first day of school. Maka felt her heart inflate happily. It felt as though everyone was getting along fine again how they used to. How they used to…Maka thought with a bit of mirth as she glanced at Death the Kid. He had acted nothing was wrong but she couldn't help but feel disturbingly troubled by her and Kid's little quarrel over a book. The quarrel had erupted into something more, something more complicated than they both had imagined.

Then, for a split second Maka began to wonder what they were really arguing about.

When everyone cleaned their plates, Soul walked Tsubaki and Black Star home. Maka took the liberty of walking Death the Kid home though. They walked together in heavy, awkward silence. Both thinking about Kid's actions, really. Kid tried to come up with conversation. He said stupidly, "It's nice out tonight, isn't it?"

"Mmhmm." Maka says, not paying attention.

Kid's mood deflated visibly. By the time they reached the house, Kid offered if he could come back tomorrow perhaps to finish the library. Maka gave a small smile and said, "Not tomorrow, I think I have something to do tomorrow."

Kid bit his lip and bade Maka goodnight, and closed the door.


To be truthful, Maka had nothing to do tomorrow. She flopped onto her bed; face first, in her pillow. The walk with Death the Kid had been as awkward just as she imagined. Soul was cooking dinner down stairs and it seems like they were no longer fighting anymore. Now she was worried about her little fight with Death the Kid now. If it counted as a fight, that is. They were talking about a book so she still didn't understand if it had to do with something personal. Death the Kid seemed as confused as she was, not really understanding with what he had said either. Why couldn't she go through a day without so much of a fight from either of the two boys? It seemed like a cycle, if she made up with Soul, she would get into a fight with Death the Kid. Although if she made up with Death the Kid then it was no doubt in her mind she would get into another fight with Soul.

Their relationship was just one big spiral, a never ending cycle that she couldn't fix.


That morning Kid went to Shibusen to talk to his father. He had remembered his small offer to Maka on their first day of cleaning. His father, as usual stood motionless at the podium, staring at his reflection as if waiting for a call in the mirror. Slowly, Shinigami-sama turned around. Although you couldn't see it, Kid could tell he was smiling.

"Kid! It's nice to see you! Why are you here?"

"Actually father---I have a favor to ask."

Shinigami nodded and motioned him to continue.

"Well actually, it's about Maka Albarn's house. She said when she moved in there, there was already a library in the basement. She couldn't find the old owner so she just kept the books. Since you've been here for so long, I was wondering if you knew the old resident of the house."

"A library, you say?" Shinigami scratched the chin of his mask in though, "I could find out if you like. But seeing I'm a bit busy," He motioned the mirror behind him, "I'll let you do it instead."

Shinigami drifted towards the table and took out a piece of paper writing, Kid is allowed in the restricted section. Drawing his signature skull at the bottom of the paper he handed it to Kid, "Here you go! Just show this to the librarian and she'll let you through the restricted section. That's where we keep the resident's backgrounds!"

Kid nodded thanks, taking the note, he headed towards the school library. When he arrived there, he was surprised to see that they were making renovations. Carts and carts loaded with new books littered around the library, not yet in a respective place on the shelves. He handed the librarian at the counter the slip from his father and she sleepily let him through a door. Kid walked in, files and files were stacked among each other. File cabinets were almost combusting. He didn't know where to start. Recalling, the street name Maka lived in he searched through the 'D' section. Pulling out Maka's address he opened the file. There was Maka and Soul's picture, about how much income they made, the taxes they paid, when they bought the house. He flipped the page. And to his great surprise there was only a picture of the resident before Maka and Soul. No name, no other information either. It was a woman, with thick black glasses smiling shyly at the camera. Kid gasped loudly. In her arms, much to his astonishment—was Maka's book. Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. And to his extreme horror, the picture was taken at the basement of Maka's library. Behind her were the shelves packed with books he had become so familiar with, new-looking and untouched. Not a speck of dust or soot was seen.


Maka went down to the library to relax. She sat down, smiling to herself picked up The Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales book. She flipped to the story of Cat-skin from a shelf and began reading. Then, suddenly the strangest thing began to happen. Voices. Reading the book she was holding in her hands.

Then he got hold of the fur and tore it off, and her golden hair and beautiful form were seen, and she could no longer hide herself. It said with a female defiant hollow-like voice.

Maka yelped and dropped her book. For some strange reason she knew that the voice wasn't talking to her but it was as if the voice was telling her the story. In strange morbid fascination she continued listening, not moving, staring at the book lit brightly by the sunshine from the tiny window.

So she washed the soot and ashes from her face, and showed herself to be the most beautiful princess upon the face of the earth. But the king said, 'You are my beloved bride, and we will never more be parted from each other.' A male voice echoed hollowly in her head. Hearing voices in your head wasn't good, Maka decided. She tried to ignore it thinking it was the neighbors. But the voice didn't stop. As the voice continued keeping the story Maka felt like she was going crazy. She shot off her seat and screamed, running up the stairs in fright. The voices wouldn't stop until she opened the door and slammed it behind her. She backed away from it staring at the closed door in silent horror.



Kid jumped up, startled, and whipped around only to see his father at the doorway. He had not noticed the door open.

"Kid, do you know what a silver tongue is?"

Slowly, Kid shook his head, staring at his father questioningly. Shinigami continued, "Silver tongues are Seers. Surely you know what that is right?"

"Seers are people who see the future…or people with 'the inner eye' you could say."

"Yes," Shinigami drawled out slowly, "But did you know there are different kinds of seers?" Kid said nothing, waiting for his father to continue, "Seers could be people who don't even know the true capability of their own powers. In other words, some people don't realize that they have special abilities."

Kid's eyebrows scrunched up, "With all due respect father, what does this have to do with anything?"

Shinigami steeled an expressionless mask at Kid, "It has to do with everything."

Kid sat down on a stack of files not saying anything staring at his father. Shinigami continued, "Kid. There are only two kinds of witches in this world. Either good or bad. In this case, you could say that Maka lives in a house of that of a good witch."

Kid's eyebrows shot up to his hairline in alarm. Shinigami placed a hand in the air to silence questions even before they came out. Kid relaxed.

"Kid, I don't know if the woman that lived in that used to live in the house was even aware that she was a witch. But I assure you she had no bad intentions towards Death City or even Shibusen. If she had then why didn't she attack by now? Anyways," Shinigami crossed his legs and sat down on a stack of files "As to what I was saying—silver tongues are careful not to read aloud. We usually keep track of them. The woman in the picture," He motioned to the folder Kid was holding, "I can't recall her name. I did know she had a great passion for books. Kid, have you ever heard of the saying, 'With great power comes great responsibility?'"

Kid nodded.

"Right. I think this woman," He motioned to the picture again, "discovered her powers and attempted to help the world. But I believe that goal was her own downfall."


"Because when you're a silver tongue, you must be careful on what you read aloud. I believe she had read something that horrible and by accident she may have been thinking of herself. Being a silver tongue is not a blessing, Kid. It's a curse."

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