It was the sound of her own screams that had jolted her awake. Not out loud but inside her head from her awful dream. A recurring nightmare that played over and over again in her mind and had been for the last eighty years. Sometimes she could have a night of sleep without the nightmare happening, but it would always come back never completely fading away from her mind or memory. Nightmares about that one awful night where he'd been taken away from her not physically but mentally and emotionally , because of a vicious attack on them inside of an alley. The nightmare played out the same way as in an flashback of what had happened that night. They walked down the alley happily holding hands, when there was a rush of footsteps from behind them. They turned to see who it was and it was a group of four men. When she saw the expressions on their faces she knew that they meant to do them harm and apparently so did he as he moved instantly to protect her. They shouted out awful things as they approached the couple, then they just attacked like a pack of wolves. He tried to fend them off but was outnumbered and his powers had been reduced to their weakest point because of being around her for so long, he refused to allow them to get to her and in his fight to protect her he'd gotten a hard blow to the head with a bat that one of the men were carrying.

She remembered the sickening thud of the weapon crashing against his skull and how he crumbled to the ground. She screamed which had caused the men to run away in fear of being caught but the damage to him had already been done. He laid on the ground blood pooling out of his head , she fell down to her knees screaming his name over and over again as tears streaked down her face and then she would wake up, nightmare always ending at the same point. Now she sat up in bed in present day as memories of that night were so fresh in her mind. She brought a hand to her face and realized that it was wet with tears, looking over at Ray who was still sleeping she was glad that he was a dead to the world type of sleeper, she didn't want to deal with any of his questions at that moment. It was morning but the sun had yet to rise. Getting out of bed she walked over to the bathroom and over to the sink where she splashed cold water on her face. Swallowing hard Mary looked in the mirror and saw unshed tears in her eyes remembering more of what had happened on that night.

She had gotten to the hospital as fast as she could to see him. When they finally allowed her to go to his hospital room to see him he was awake and she was relieved that the attack wasn't so severe that it put him into a Coma or even worse killed him. Her relief quickly turned to emotional pain as she saw that he didn't know her, his memory of her and their life together knocked clean away. She stood over his hospital bed crying and all he could do was look up at her expression confused like he couldn't understand why she was crying. It was to much to take , that was when she decided to walk away and to leave him behind. If he couldn't remember her, he would no longer remember the love that they shared and therefore wouldn't feel the need to protect her which resulted in him nearly losing his life every single time. It had been hard not to turn back and return to his side, she forced herself to walk out of that hospital and eventually to leave Miami. And ever since then she suffered in her heartbreak and pain. For the next eighty years she wandered the world alone missing him and loving him so much and hurting because she couldn't be with him. She needed desperately to get her mind off of the ache that she was feeling, so when she saw Ray in the supermarket a few years back she took the opportunity and ran with it, but still ached for her soul mate of a thousands of years in her own silent pain.

The only thing that she could hold onto was that him not remembering her meant him staying away and that he wouldn't be near her and wouldn't risk losing his powers and his life and it had worked until that day that he showed up outside of her house with Ray. Until she saw how much he had suffered because of her walking away on that one night. She was content in her life with Ray and being a mother to Aaron but when he came back she realized that her love and attraction to him was still as strong as it had always been and always would be. So she tried to be cold and mean to him to push him away for his best interest and it didn't work, he still nearly lost his life from being around her. Now today here he was back again and she couldn't let him go. Sighing Mary turned away from the mirror with everything that was on her mind she knew that there was no way she would get back to sleep instead she got ready to go through the rest of the day.


Later that day Aaron's birthday party had started and the house and back lawn was filled with parents and their children who had come over. Presents sat on the table waiting to be opened, Ray cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and the cake sat ready to be cut into. Children ran around playing and the adults talked to each other. Mary noticed when Hancock came over and noticed that he wasn't alone and that he'd brought Elizabeth. Mary briefly talked with him until Aaron came up eager to introduce the heroes to all of his friends. Hancock was great with the kids he played a few games with them and answered a few of their curious questions. Everybody ate some hamburgers and hot dogs and then the presents were opened. Aaron loved most of his presents but seemed to cherish the one from Hancock the most. A big shiny new toy fire truck and a whole set of brand new hot wheels. After the presents it was time for the cake. Then the kids played some more as the adults talked.

Hancock was off to the side talking to Ray and a few other guys and Mary sat at a outdoor table having a conversation with some other wives and moms. The conversation was going pretty well when Elizabeth approached the table.

"Do you ladies mind if I join you?" She asked them.

Mary looked up. "Not at all."

Elizabeth grabbed a chair and sat down. "Thanks I tried to talk to some people but really don't know anybody."

"That's okay we won't bit." One of the Moms said. "You going to introduce us Mary?"

Mary cleared her throat. "Sorry. Janet this is Elizabeth she flew over from New York, Elizabeth this is Janet."

"Nice to meet you." Janet told Elizabeth.

"Back at you." Elizabeth said to her.

"So did you fly all of the from New York by yourself?" Janet asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. "No actually I came with him." She gestured towards Hancock who was laughing it up with Ray.

"Wait you know Hancock too?" Janet wanted to know.

"I do really well." Elizabeth answered with a smile.

"How well is really well?" Janet asked wanting to know even more.

In her seat Mary shifted at this point wishing he was anywhere else. Not comfortable with the fact that it was about to be revealed that another woman was dating the man that she secretly still had very deep feelings for.

"He's my boyfriend." Elizabeth told the table of woman.

Now all of the women except for Mary was suddenly much more interested in what Elizabeth had to say. "Seriously you're dating him?" One of the other Mom's asked.

Elizabeth grinned. "I am seriously dating him!"

"Wow." The other Mom went on. "You must feel lucky."

"I do feel lucky, how many women get to date a man with super powers?" Elizabeth asked.

Mary had to stop herself from rolling her eyes as she sipped on lemonade.

"Well I think you're the only one at least for right now." The Mom was saying.

"I am damn lucky." Elizabeth said now practically gloating.

"Tell us what it is like to date a Super hero." Janet joined back in the conversation.

Elizabeth sighed. "Excellent, I guess I'm the only one at this table that knows what that is like."

Mary bite her tongue to keep herself from making a comment on that statement.

"Is just such a great charming guy." Elizabeth went on. "I think we have what it takes to last."

Mary couldn't stand to her anymore. "Excuse me I have to go in the house and get something." She got up from the table and headed into the house. She could no longer set around and listen to Elizabeth talk about her relationship with Hancock. With every word the woman spoke Mary felt jealously like she never felt before. And maybe that was because in all of the thousands of years that she was with him, he'd never really looked at another woman besides her. He'd always told her that she'd be the one he would be with for the rest of eternity and it took him getting amnesia for him to even look in the direction of another woman. She couldn't help what she felt she was still crazy about the man and it got to her to hear about his romantic relationship with another woman.

In the kitchen Mary absently picked up a glass her mind on something or someone else. To think that Elizabeth was nearly bragging about her relationship with Hancock, it really burned Mary up on the insides. She wanted to shout out what was a few months compared to thousands of years but resisted. Hancock was basically her husband still and to see him with someone elseā€¦..Mary squeezed the glass tighter and tighter in her hand with the more jealously and anger she was feeling and didn't realized how tight until it shattered to pieces in her hand, by her powerful strength. She quickly looked around and was glad that no one was in the kitchen at the moment. She opened up her hand and saw dozens of pieces of broken glass resting in her palm. Any normal person would have numerous cuts on their hands right now with all of the sharp pieces of glass but not her. She was still staring at the glass in her hand when Hancock walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Mary." He said

Mary nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned to approach him. "Uh hey."

His eyes scanned her face. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine." She said quickly

Hancock saw the broken glass in her hand. "What happened there?"

"Oh I had a glass in my hand and I accidentally broke it." She answered she wouldn't tell him what lead up to her breaking it though.

"Really? Let me see." He took her hand and examined it closer.

"See it's alright and I'm fine." She said but didn't bother to remove her hand of his.

"Yep not a scratch." He said tapping her palm with his finger and releasing her hand.

Mary moved over and quickly dusted the glass off of her hand into a trash can.

"You really should be more careful when there's a lot of people around. They see you not getting hurt when people normally would be and they'll ask questions."

"And you wouldn't want that to happen?" She asked him

"Well I want whatever you want." Hancock said to her. "That means that you don't want anyone else to know who you are right?"

"Right." She said

Hancock nodded his head. "Then be more careful."

"I will be." She said as she looked up into his face.


From outside Elizabeth watched the exchange through the sliding window doors. She was to far away to hear what they were talking about but she saw him taking her hand and how close they were standing together. They were alone in the kitchen and Elizabeth wondered what in the world they could be talking about that could make the moment seem so intimate. Perhaps she told herself that she was reading to much into it. After all Mary was a married woman and Elizabeth knew that Hancock was her boyfriend. She told herself that she has nothing to worry about.