"What Should I wear to the Singing Festival?" I asked my best friend,Julia. We were inside my room trying on different outfits. She shrugged.

"Come on Jools, The Festival is tomorrow! I don't even know what I should sing. Thats why your here, to help me pick an outfit." I was getting very irritated. Julia could tell.

" Calm Down Rory, I'm sorry.... Hey that outfit is pretty!" She exclaimed. Pointing at a blue t-shirt And some Skinny jeans. I grabbed it from my bed and put it on. Julia gasped. I ran to my full length mirror.

"That looks amazing on you Rory!" Julia Said. And I agreed with her.. The shirt was my old choir shirt and I bought the skinny jeans a week ago.

"Wouldn't these look great with my Black and blue Converse?" I asked, Doing a 360 turn to face her. She nodded.

"Now we have the outfit down, So lets go down stairs and eat lunch. And we can look for a song you can do..." Julia said. Then she muttered something that sounded like, "That wont be hard". I shoved her and said" Let me change really quick. I'll meet you downstairs." She nodded and left. After I changed Into some sweats and an old pajama shirt, I went downstairs. My mom was at work and so I had to babysit my little 3 year old sister, Isabella. When I went downstairs I saw her and Julia watching Twilight on the DVD player. I cleared my throat and both Julia and Isabella looked up.

"Hey Sissy" Isabella said.

"Hey Izzy, Why don't you go play in your room?" She nodded and ran to her room, Tripping on her shoelace on her way. Julia giggled and stood up. We walked to the piano in the living room,I picked up a blue folder,Filled with more than fifty original songs.

" Jools, Look for the song Fearless." I said, handing her the folder. After about five minutes of searching, she handed me a sheet of paper.

" I have never heard this one.. Is it new?" Julia asked. I nodded, put the paper on the piano and started playing.... In the middle of the song Julia whispered,"Definitely this one" I nodded.