"Jesse Carter, Your the new intern, Aren't you?" Mr. Mendoza, From NTL Records asked. I nodded.

"Well that's great. Our last intern only stayed for a week. But he quit 'cause he said we were "to hard on him'" He said, with a laugh. I laughed too. Then Mr. Mendoza got serious," Your not gonna quit on me are you?"

I nodded my head no, Almost furiously, "I would never do that sir, I have always wanted to work here."

"Good 'cause your first assignment starts tomorrow. At the ising festival. It is for tennagers about your age, they get together and have a sort of sing-off, No judges, just Fun singing. And I want you to find one and only one singer that outshines them all. Can you do that?" Mr. Mendoza asked. Raising an eyebrow.

"Yes sir. Thank you very much for this amazing oppritunity." I said. Smiling from ear to ear.

"Good now you can go home." He said, and turned away. Still smiling, Jesse walked out of his office feeling like a champion