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Side Note: The italics represent our charcter in modern day looking back at the year 1971. Regular typing is her first person narration of what happened that day or event, like she's reliving it.

New York, New York 1989

1971, that was the year that everything change for us in the small town of Alexandria. Many people there will try and tell you that it was "tough, but we made it through", well . . . they would be sugar coating what it really was. I was once asked to describe that historic year in three words. That was easy. It. Was. Hell. You could barely walk down the streets without hearing snide comments or seeing angry protesters screaming how they didn't want their precious babies to be forced to mingle with those they opposed. It was a crazy time, but even though I absolutely despised most of that year; it was the one I look back on the most. It wasn't until that year that I met the people who would end up meaning the most to me; my true friends, my real family, my true love. 1971 . . . that was the year when I truly began to live.

It all started that summer the colored boy was shot; Daddy was always on the military base, just incase something got out of hand and they had to call in the troops. He was always hesitant to let me out of the house in fear I would get caught up in something (the streets were turning out to be more dangerous than any of us could have imagined), but he kept promising it would get better after a while. We had just moved back to Alexandria, we had lived there for quite a while when I was younger but moved once my father had gotten his promotion. After Daddy heard that Alexandria had finally started to integrate he turned in his transfer request forms within the same day. Although only Mom was from Virginia, he always thought of Alexandria as home. Add that to the fact that he had always been for civil rights and our move was no surprise. We had only been back for about a month, right at the start of summer and so far the only people I knew where Daddy's marine friends and our neighbors the Lastiks. It was because of my friendship with Louie that I had the chance to meet the football team. I still remember the day I first met the Lastiks . . .

Alexandria, Virginia 1971

"Leanna sweetheart, hurry up and get down here, we have guests!"

I was currently enjoying the silence of my room after a quick trip in to town, and let me tell you, even though school is still a few months away the protesters obviously wanted an early start. The townspeople had definitely NOT been happy about the whole integration issue and they had made their point clear quite frequently and loudly; Hell, they even started a riot in the streets. Lt. Carter, who offered to be my warden whenever I wanted to go into town at Daddy's request, had dragged me back to the truck and locked me in while he and some other marines tried to break it up. Not that I blamed him, Daddy would have been pissed if I had gotten hurt. Looking back, I really should have just stayed home and saved myself the headache; but I was under the impression that I might meet some people my own age.

After a quick look in the mirror to make sure I was presentable, I forced myself from the comfort and solitude of my room to go meet the guests Daddy mentioned; wondering if they were more of his Navy friends. I got to the landing and paused a minute behind the wall that kept me out of sight so I could have the chance to see what I was about to endure. Granted, that seemed mean, but at this point I didn't think I could handle another story from some guy I never met about how he and my Dad had fought some war in some place during some year for some cause. I'm proud of my Dad, really I am, but it scared me to think of what he had gone through.

I took a quick peek around the wall and for the first time in that month we moved there I was genuinely excited at who I was about to meet. A nice looking couple stood besides my father talking about something or other, but I was more interested in the boy. He looked about my age and in this neighborhood that was a rarity. Most of the people here were either Daddy's age or younger couples, so the only kids I ever saw were between the ages of newborn and nine or going off to collage in the fall, so the opportunity to meet someone who might go to my high school was a thrilling concept to me. I continued down the stairs and waited at the bottom until Daddy noticed me, he is usually the one who will do the introductions for me; gives me a chance to examine the people I'm meeting.

" Oh Leanna, there you are. Honey I want you to meet the Lastiks; they just moved in next door." He introduced as I moved over to his side to meet our new neighbors.

"Nice to meet you. I've know your father for a while now and he always speaks of you with such pride." Mr. Lastik smiled and offered me his hand. I smiled back politely and accepted the handshake as he continued to introduce me to the rest of his family.

" This is my wife Natalie and our son Louis. He's going in to his senior year this year" He and his wife continued to chat with my father, giving me a chance to asses our new neighbors. Mr. Lastik was a big guy with a genuine smile, the kind that made the word "jolly" pop to mind. His wife Natalie seemed to be a very sweet lady with blonde hair and some of the brightest green eyes I have ever seen. Then I turned my attention to their son, Louis. He was a big guy with the same blond hair as his mother, cut short so it barely hung around his ears. He had a friendly face and a firm handshake with very expressive eyes. Daddy always says you can tell a lot about a person from the look in their eyes and the handshake they give. He told me when I was younger that the eyes are the window to the soul, and a persons true feelings can always be seen in them; add to that a firm handshake and it shows the persons has responsibility, strength, and respect.

Louis seemed like the kind of guy I could be friends with, and as any navy brat will tell you, if you can make one friend before going into the actual school, then it's a blessing. Daddy invited them into the living room so they could continue their conversation, probably talking about the good old days in service, leaving Louis and I in the hall.

" Hi, your name's Leanna right?" He asked with a curious expression, "I'm Louis, but you can just call me Louie".

"Yeah, you can call me Annie. I don't know what they were thinking when they named me Leanna", I responded with a laugh. He seemed nice, and even if he's a year older than me, I'm not in a position to reject friends. Turns out he had been thinking along the same lines.

" So it looks like were both in the same boat being new in all, how long has your father been in the service?" He seemed to be genuinely interested.

" Pretty much all my life; we actually started out in Alexandria and started moving around a lot when I was eight. Dad says its time to start slowing down, so he thought it would be nice to come back home"

" Yeah I know the feeling, we've moved around a lot to, I think I've been to like 6 high schools in the past three years, but Dad promised we wouldn't move again"

We continued like that for about an hour, just sitting and talking and getting to know each other. We seemed to have a lot in common from our taste in music to how we viewed the issues going on. When the time came for the Lastiks to go home I had a good feeling that he and I would be friends for a while. Goodbyes were said with promises of future gatherings and then it was just my Dad and I.

" So honey, how do you like them, you and Louis seemed to hit it off" Dad asked with wink. Honestly, as much as my dad jokes around with me about boys, if I ever brought one home I think he would start to cry; after all it had been just me and him for years. Ever since Momma died, Daddy and I formed a bond that not many fathers and daughters had. Although we got along fabulously by ourselves, I could always tell that he was afraid he wasn't raising me as well as two parents would. Being a single parent was hard enough without having to worry about your child while you worked countless hours. Add that to the fears of attempting to raise a young girl into a respectable women without the aid of a mother, and it was enough pressure to make any grown man cringe.

" No worries Daddy, no boy is gonna steal me away yet, but I do think I just found a friend to help me fight through the school year", I replied with a laugh. I mean Louie is real nice and all, but I didn't think I could see myself dating him. He kind of reminded me of the big brother I always wanted.

Little did I know that the year would hold changes for me that I never thought possible, bringing me friends, and extension of my family, and surprisingly enough a love with an entirely different boy.

Yes, I remember 1971 quite well; that was the year that I began to live . . .


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