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'Raven emotions' talking'


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Raven was mediating when the flashing red light went off and Robin voice over the communicators; "Titans get to the common room now!" Robin sound mad to Raven so she got up and went to the common room to see their leader on the computer, all but one was missing.

"Where's friend Beast Boy?" ask the alien known as Starfire, she looked around.

"He went out, doing something," Cyborg replied.

"He's close by and I told him that we'll meet him there," Robin stated, "We are up against Mammoth, Gizmo, See-more, Kyd Wykkyd, and Private HIVE, now let's go!" The four Titans ran to the garage and piled in the T-car, except Robin who went to his R-cycle and the race quickly to the Lab where the H.I.V.E F.I.V.E are attacking.

As we got there we saw something inject in Beast Boy's arm and he fell to the ground knock out, Raven survey the seen it was a mess and See-more was knock out, but the other four where ready to battle the Titans. "Titans Go!!" yelled Robin that was their cue and Raven went after Kyd Wykkyd, while Starfire went for Private HIVE, Cyborg and Gizmo, and Robin and Mammoth. Raven went hand to hand combat with Kyd Wykkyd, it was hard to land a blow on him for he teleport away form her, finally she used her powers and picked up a table in the corner with lab tools on it and threw it at him, it was a direct hit, and knock him out easily.

Dang it she thought, as she looked around it was getting more trash by the second. Starfire was throwing star bolts at Private HIVE getting him confuse by the bright light, Gizmo was also knock out after Cyborg took his jet-pack thing, Raven had know clue what Gizmo calls it.

Cyborg and Robin where fighting Mammoth, it always takes two people to beat him, right now Cyborg was using his sonic cannon and Robin was throwing his disks towards Mammoth. Just then Private HIVE called out a retreat and he grabs Gizmo and See-more while Mammoth grab Kyd Wykkyd and the retreat through the roof.

"Team are we ok?" ask Robin, as he looked around see only three people standing in front of him, "where's Beast Boy?" the team shrugs, "spread out and find him," the team walked around the large lab it was about a size of a classroom that holds thirty kids. Raven tripped over something and crash into the floor making everyone look about to see Raven on the floor.

"You ok, Friend Raven?" Starfire ask as she floats over to Raven.

"Yeah, Starfire I'm ok," Raven said as she sat up, and look to see what she trip over and saw a pile of green fur, "I think I found Beast Boy," Raven called out, as she poke the lump of fur. The others quickly ran over towards Raven to see, "I think he's a dog," as she said that the 'dog' open its eyes and looked around seeing the team running towards him. He jump up and bared his fangs. They now could easily see he was just a puppy, not any dog a wolf. He was a forest green color, with darker green ears, darker green patch around left eye, dark green paws and a darker green large spot on his back and a stripe tail. He had emerald eyes.

"Whoa, B.B we won't hurt you," Cyborg said stopping as Beast Boy continues baring his fangs. Beast Boy took a step back and felt something behind him, he turn sharply to see Raven, just then all growling stop once he saw her.

"Are we sure he's, Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.

"I don't think so Starfire," Raven replied.

"Why do you say that, Raven?" the leader ask

"Because I can't feel any emotions that are human," Raven replied her voice was emotionless like usually. Robin nodded understanding.

"Well my scanners says it Beast Boy, unless he's above or below us," Cyborg replied.

"Raven can you move the wolf around?" Robin asks in a commanding voice.

"Why can't you?" Raven ask

"Well it looks like it likes you better and I don't want to get bitten," Robin said pointing at Beast Boy who was playing with the end of Raven's cloak.

"Fine, but you will pay," Raven picked Beast Boy up and spin around, the puppy waved its dark green paws around.

"Yup, that's Beast Boy," Cyborg confirm. Raven gave him a weird look.

"Let's go back to the tower," Robin replied, Raven handed Beast Boy to him, and walked straight to the T-car. Robin looked down at the green pup "umm…." Beast Boy looked up and growled and bites down on his arm. Robin drops Beast Boy then and mutter about stupid dog, and that they need a muzzle, a he walked away to his R-Cycle. Cyborg watch Beast Boy run to the car on the side where Raven got in and sat there waiting.

Cyborg went to his car and open the driver side and got in, Raven sat in the passenger side and was reading a book. Starfire got into the back with Beast Boy who jump up front and into Raven lap. Cyborg waited for Raven to throw Beast Boy behind her, all she did was open the window and push Beast Boy down off her lap. Beast Boy whimpers and tried again to get on her lap but she kept pushing him down.

"Stay down you mutt or you go out the window," Raven mutter to the green pup. He just jump up and licked her hand that did it, Beast Boy went out the window. Lucky Robin was behind them and he caught Beast Boy.

A/n: how that, yeah it was bad but next chapter will probable be better, and I'll try to make it in character. Beast Boy is a puppy wolfs he's about up to Raven's ankle so she can pick him up and that. The prologue is two and half page long

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