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'Raven emotions' talking'


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Chapter 4

Once they got to the carnival, they bought some tickets and look around it had many rides and booths where you can win prizes. There are booths where you can buy food like cotton candy or pizzas.

The eleven titans even though ones an animal, walked around they decide to break up in pairs. Speedy and Bumble Bee went together. Mas y Menos went together. Robin and Starfire went together, Cyborg and Jinx went another way towards a roller costar. So that left Aqualad, Raven, and Beast Boy as a group, which really didn't bother them.

They head of towards a booth that you throw a ball to hit the bottles and then you win a prize. As Raven stood leaning against the booth while Aqualad tried the booth out and Beast Boy waited patiently to go on the ground. Raven spaced out forgetting Aqualad and Beast Boy.

At the Carnival game booths, of several bottles set up for the old ring-toss game. A ring is thrown into view, bouncing off the neck of a bottle as a near miss; the next one rattles down on target. Beast Boy laughs; he and Cyborg have been playing.

"Boo-yah!" Cyborg cried out in joy.

"Sweet!" Beast Boy also cries out in joy. They trade a high five. Beast Boy is handed his prize, a huge stuffed chicken. Raven leans against a post, her arms crossed and her expression showing her low opinion of the whole exercise.

"Told you we'd win you a prize." Beast Boy said as he grins and gives the prize to her.

"A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world." Raven said in a flat tone. Robin lands nearby, in a crouch.

"Titans! Trouble!" Robin yelled as he stood up.

"Where's Starfire?" Cyborg asks,

"That's the trouble." Robin said in a leader like voice. He runs off; Raven tosses the chicken aside and all three follow him.

"Beast Boy…" Raven whisper, just then something was pushing into her arms. She looked down and saw it was a stuffed horse. She looks up at Aqualad,

"Yours," He said as he started to walk away. Raven got up and followed after him.

"Thanks" she said as she caught up to him.

"No problem" they fell silent after words comfortable though. "Want to go on the Ferris wheel?"

"Sure," Raven said as she bent down and picked Beast Boy up so that they can move faster and they don't get tangle around something. They got to the Ferris wheel, and stood in the line. The stars sparkle above them it's around eight now.


Cyborg and Jinx got off the roller costar, Cyborg looked around for a meat stand to get something meaty in his system. He found one and drag Jinx over to it with him.

"So… found a cure for Beast Boy yet?" Jinx asks while they stood in line.

"Not yet it will take me a day or two," he replied happily. Then he thought for a minutes, "surprising Beast Boy isn't dead yet, I mean how Raven treats him when Robin went after him because he went to the bathroom on the couch, she like saved him form a beating," Cyborg said in one breath.

"I think she's fall for Beast Boy or his pup form anyways" Jinx replied as they got to the front of the stand, Cyborg order five cheeseburgers. Jinx just orders herself two cheeseburgers.

"Yeah" murmur Cyborg over his food.


Starfire and Robin just got off the Ferris wheel and saw Raven, Beast Boy, and Aqualad in line, Aqualad talking nonstop to Raven. They could tell Raven was half paying attention to him. They just smiled and went of to the old ring-toss booth. Their was no line so Robin through the ring and it land on the bottle since he had good aiming because he was the only west Titan to use weapons, and he had to have good aim. He won Star a black and white stuffed cat. She loved it to say the least. When he gave it to her she grabbed him and kiss him on the cheek then hugged him tightly where he couldn't breath.

"Star…Can't…. Breath" Robin finally manages to say.

"Sorry Boyfriend Robin," Starfire said as she quickly let him go.

"It's ok Star. Wonder how Raven and Beast Boy are doing, now I assign Raven to watch him," Robin murmur as he thought about it.

"I believe Friend Raven has the 'warm spot' for friend Beast Boy," Starfire replied happily, she was floating about an inch off the ground.

"Really? Wow never thought Raven had a warm spot for Beast Boy," Robin said as he and Starfire started to walk around the carnival.

"Yes, you haven't notice?"

"Notice what?"

"That friend Beast Boy and Raven like each other then family or friends,"

"Really, how do you know?"

"Why do you think friend Raven and Beast Boy fight?"

"Ummm… they hate each other?"

"Even friend Cyborg figure it out, why don't you ask him if your to blind to notice," Starfire said with a 'humph' at the end and she floated up a head towards the bumper cars "for the mean time why don't we ride the 'cars of the bumper'?" she said pointing to the bumper cars.

"Sure why not," they got in line after Robin said that.


Bumble Bee and Speedy walked away form the carousel. Both headed towards the cotton candy stand, they got into line and waited.

"Wonder why the H.I.V.E five turn Beast Boy into a pup," Speedy said breaking the silence.

"I do to, but you got to say he's cute" Bee said happily.

"I'm cuter, right?"

"Hmmm…. You got to when I'm going out with you," She said and kissed Speedy on the cheek.

"Thanks Hun," Speedy said as he grabs her hand as they got their cotton candy and left to go somewhere else in the carnival to eat it until…

They heard someone scream something about 'that thing isn't tame' or 'It Bite me and needs to put down.' They ran to see what's going on when they got to the crowed they push through saying they where part of Titans' east so they move aside what they saw wasn't what they expected.


(Before the scream about thirty minutes)

Raven, Beast Boy, and Aqualad got off the Ferris wheel. They walked around for a little while before Raven stop to take a break of walking. She sat down on the bench that was closes to her. Beast Boy hopped up on her lap and lay down falling asleep. Aqualad sat next to her and reach his arm around to put it behind Raven he brush his hand across her shoulder as he did so.

Beast Boy open his eyes in time to see that, without warning Beast Boy let out a growl and jump towards the arm that was behind Raven. Aqualad let out a scream when Beast Boy sharp baby teeth tore into his arm between the hand and elbow. Aqualad pulled his hand back and whack Beast Boy with the other to get him off. Beast Boy yelp while Aqualad rant about 'Beast Boy bite me,' or 'he needs to be put down'.

Raven stood up after she got over her shock, people where gathering around them. She bent down close to Beast Boy and check to see if he was ok. Once she made sure that he was ok she picked him up and look start at Aqualad as he rant.

"Aqualad!" Raven growled as she marches up to him. He stops and looked at her.

'he just didn't do what i think he did!' all Raven emotion yelled at the same time even Timid.

"You should put that thing down!" he yelled back.

'No! let me at him!' Rage roared

"No I'm not putting him down!"

"Why? It bite me!"

'i don't care you hurt him' yelled Love

"I don't care, you probable provoke him or something! You didn't have to hit him, he just a pup!" Raven yelled, she didn't even care if her powers are going haywire will she yelled at Aqualad. Aqualad was bleeding but not bad, he shouldn't of hit Beast Boy like he did, and after you clean the wound it would stop bleeding after a minute.

"What's going on?" Robin yelled as he and the other Titans appear. Raven turn towards Robin and told him what happen, when Aqualad tried to interrupt, she sent him a glare she usually leave for Beast Boy before she got a crush on him anyways.

"I see, but why did Beast Boy attack Aqualad? And Raven can you heal him?" Robin asks as he ponders on the former question.

'No' anger yelled



'Is he stupid or what?' Rude asks

"I said no,"


'what do you think!' Love yelled

"Because he hit Beast Boy" Raven said as she turns away from the team, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Ok… so why did Beast Boy at Aqualad?"

'Becuase it look like Aqualad hit us' Knowledge said

"He probable thought that friend Aqualad was a bad guy that tried to hurt friend Raven," Starfire cut in.

'See even though Starfire may talk weird but she's smart' Knowledge said again

"Maybe. Lets go home Titans," Robin said as he turn and push through the people, Raven followed right behind him Starfire at her side, the rest followed right away.

yes lets get home before i go insane Raven thought


A/N:I didn't get Aqualad hurt to bad, but you see Beast Boy was protective I should say. So when Beast Boy saw Aqualad's hand hit Raven's shoulder Beast Boy got made. Just like my dog when someone tries to hit me, Maggie or Lucy attacks him or her. about 2,151 words