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Story: The books happened. And then Harry decided to happen. So he did, living his life and traveling the world. Then Teddy comes into his care and he decides to settle down in Forks, somehow drawing attention even when he doesn't want it. Teddy is just exasperated and having his own fun.
Set after book 7, AU Epilogue and slightly altering the final battle.
Spoilers: Books 1-7 probably.
Warnings: ????
Pairings: Harry/Marcus, Bella/Carlisle, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Esme/Charlie, Teddy/Leah, Sam/Jacob, Edward/Tanya…

A/n: For BabyIn-A-Corner's Realistic THP crossover challenge:

I propose a cross where everything but the epilogue in the HP series happened;

- Harry spends time with friends for a year after the war, looking after Teddy
with Andromeda, gets his degrees and what not. After the Ministry is stable and
Teddy is well taken care of he decides to travel alone.
- Up to you if Harry has a falling out with everyone except Andromeda, but has
to travel alone.
- Meets new people, learns new skills. Doesn't have to be particularly powerful,
but just more experienced and knowledgeable.
- Does not have to be Super!Harry or immortal Harry, but up to you if he somehow
keeps the Deathly Hollows and as master of death can choose when to die and not
- Does not have to look freakishly young of feminine, appropriate age would be
welcome, as story would be taking place around 2004 or 2005 Harry would be 25 or
so, don't make him look or behave like an angsty teen.
- Has to be slash or no pairing. I cannot stomach het and I don't want this
story to be it either.
- When Teddy is 7 or so Andromeda dies peacefully and Harry has to take him with
him. Does not want to have the boy traveling so much so decides to settle down
in a house he bought in America.
- They take vacation during summer all over the US as a roadtrip and settle in
La Push on the beach where Harry built a house for them.
- Story takes place as school begins for the Twilight gang the summer after
Bella gets attacked by James.
- Harry does not have to end up with anyone, but a male would be preferable; no
threesomes, no Carlisle. Extra points if you can make it Jacob/Harry down the
road, but far down the road, because Harry will be much older than 16 year old
- Teddy does not have to be paired with anyone since he is so young, but if he
does get imprinted by one of the wolves, make it tasteful, can be het pairing
for this one.
- Can have animagus, nothing too extravagant.
- Teddy, because he has a werewolf father, becomes a cub of the pack but does
not have to be a full werewolf like Remus or like the La Push pack.
- Harry lives near the Blacks. Makes friends with them early.

Stranger Happenings
Chapter One: Everything's Just Wonderful

"This…is so not right," Harry snorted, adjusting the dark sunglasses he kept on his face.

Andromeda rolled her eyes, "You've spent a year with muggles and dragged Teddy and I along with you. That isn't right."

"Well, they're a lot better than the lot of wizards around here," he said bitterly.

She sighed and reached for his hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

"I've done my job. I defeated Voldemort, and even made sure the Ministry was getting along well enough until it didn't need me anymore. Now, I'm going to hightail the hell out of here and spend some time for myself," Harry smirked half-heartedly.

"You sure you don't want to just stay here with Teddy and I?" she asked softly.

"I'm sorry, Andy," he sighed. "It's just…for once in my life I want to take some time off for myself and go out and do things. I'll send an owl every month and update you on how I am, but I really feel like traveling the world."

"Alright. Just be careful."

Harry cracked a real grin at that, "I try. Trouble just seems to find me."

"Of course. Now hurry up and change Teddy's diaper."

He groaned and warily moved Teddy.

For the past year, Harry had been living with some muggle friends he'd met when he was around 9 years old. They were all successful business men and had encouraged him to continue his muggle education, all of them having known about his magical heritage. So while Harry had gone from penthouse to penthouse over the summers, he'd taken care to finish his muggle education. They also were pushing him towards college, and since he had done well in helping them manage their departments, all of them had figured he should try getting a degree in directorial management. Of course, with Pomfrey and his usual mishaps, he'd taken healer courses over the years and was a qualified healer. That transferred into the muggle world as a PhD, scarily enough, but he wanted to be away from blood and injuries for a while thank you very much.

"Will you be going back to your home now that I'm leaving?" Harry asked, finishing the diaper change.

"I think I'm ready to. The house has been cleared, cleaned, and repaired. And I think I've moved past the memories enough to move back and start raising Teddy there."

Harry picked up his godson and turned to one of the two last people he had left, kissing Andromeda's forehead lightly.

"If you ever need me, don't ever hesitate to contact me. I'll be here."

And she smiled and knew that.

Dear Andy and Teddy,

I miss you guys. Bulgaria is different from Britain, but I adjusted well. Viktor Krum is helping me out and letting me stay with him while I visit here. It's a great start to trying new things. I'm visiting all the magical spots here and actually spent most of my time in muggle areas. I admit, I spent most of my time in Blagoevrad and in the spa resort there. Couldn't help that. Hey, I deserve some R&R! Right? Well, I'll be leaving soon and headed to Italy. Hope you like the post card and sorry I won't let you guys write back. Maybe in Italy I can call you guys.

With my love,


And that was the start of a huge collection of letters, as Harry traveled all over the world and sent them custom-made postcards from each place he visited. Teddy was getting older and his godson was happily living a peaceful life, waiting anxiously for his godfather's letters and postcards. He also was learning the different ways to call his godfather 'father' in the languages from where Harry had gone to.

Also in that time, Harry went to a college in each country he went to, finishing up earning his degree. He laughed, knowing it would be odd to see so many different colleges on his resume.

Now 7 years had passed, Harry was 24 and he knew pretty soon Teddy would be turning 7. He was returning home for the first time in 7 years, and he could finally see his godson. It was only unfortunate that Andromeda had passed away not too long ago. When he'd heard that, he knew it was time to go back.

He just hadn't expected Ron and Hermione Weasley to be the ones taking care of Teddy while he was still on his way back.

"Ron, Hermione," he greeted stiffly, the dark sunglasses hiding his eyes not revealing what he was feeling.

"Potter," Ron growled while Hermione stayed quiet.

"My godson?"

Ron frowned and almost shoved Teddy at him, making Harry narrow his eyes behind his glasses and curl his lips into a sneer.

"You look different," Hermione suddenly spoke up softly.

Indeed, Harry had lost all his baby fat and had a more angular face. His always hidden eyes were almond-shaped, and his hair was only slightly curly and framed his face nicely. He still had the same coloring as before, but that couldn't be helped. And thank Merlin, he'd finally grown taller. All in all, he looked like his mother more now than he had.

And his clothing had significantly become better. More expensive, but they looked good and not over the top at least.

"Decided to waste your money to make yourself look better?" Ron echoed his sneer.

"Of course. I had the money, I splurged. I can do whatever the hell I want with my money."

And before Ron could retort, he strode away with a quiet Teddy.

The Weasley's hadn't taken all too kindly to him refusing to get back together with Ginny. Only George, Bill, and Charlie had been okay with it and had understood his reasons, but the rest of the family had been shocked and angered. But he didn't connect to Ginny the same way. She hadn't gone through the same things he had. He just couldn't feel that connection with her. More than that, he just felt like she was too immature and that he'd aged too much in the war.

But that had been his undoing as the Weasley's had refused to even talk to him again.

That was okay. He had Teddy.

"So, Teddy…where do you want to go?"

"America," his 7 year old godson said smartly.

"Okay! The States it is! Uh, why?" Harry blinked at his "son."

"You've been everywhere but the States."

"Really? I hadn't noticed that," he scratched the back of his head embarrassedly.

"'Course, Otou-san."

"…Teddy, why are you calling me Dad in Japanese?"

"I like calling you Dad in different languages."

Harry stared down at his kid and blinked.

"Are you going to call me Dad in different languages while you live with me?"

"Yup. But for this week it's Otou-san!"

"Merlin, I have an odd kid," Harry muttered.

That summer, Harry and Teddy went everywhere in the States, acting like regular tourists. Fortunately, Harry was able to afford getting a place to stay everywhere they went, so he didn't have to worry about Teddy getting hurt or anything like that. Still, traveling for a 7 year old like Teddy wasn't a good thing, in his opinion, so he decided to settle down in a nice, quiet place that he'd kept in mind ever since he'd left 7 years ago to travel the world.

Of all places, he decided the best place to raise Teddy would be Forks, Washington.

Good thing he'd already started on construction there for a home for both he and Teddy, though he had plans on making an inn right next door. His muggle friends had always advised him that he may have money, but he had to find something to do. Life would become boring otherwise. Offhand, he just picked being proprietor of his very own inn. It had nothing to do with him reading Love Hina the other day.

He wasn't that random. Really.

"Mon pere!"

"French this time, Teddy?"

His godson bounded up next to him, waiting for their car that Harry just bought.

"Mon pere, I'm almost afraid. What kind of car did you buy?" Teddy asked hesitantly, knowing his godfather's recently acquired taste. Expensive taste.

"Ferrari," Harry purred, getting a suspicious glint in his eye.

Teddy sighed affectionately in exasperation. "What model?"

"612 Scaglietti."

"Mon pere, we're going to live in Forks. Forks. It's going to be obvious the place is somewhat rural. You're going to have a rich car in a place like that?"

"You're 7…stop speaking like a grown up."

Teddy pouted, "But you and grandma taught me better than that."

"You call her grandma and call me mon pere. What am I? French? What don't you call her grandmere?" Harry rolled his eyes.


Harry huffed, knowing his godson was going to stay obstinate.

"Well, I have them building a nice wood house –"

"Mansion," Teddy interrupted in a deadpan.

Harry coughed into his hand, "Ah yes. Well, a very nice house. Over there. In Forks."


"And we're going to have an inn nearby and I'm going to be manager and you can run all over the place."

"You're rambling, mon pere…"

This time Harry was the one who kept quiet.

"You were reading Love Hina again, huh."

"It's a good idea, still. Right?" Harry gave Teddy puppy eyes.

"You're supposed to be too old for that, and yet it still works," the younger boy sweatdropped.

"Of course. I'm awesome and perfect," Harry said superiorly.

Teddy sighed.

"Isn't this nice? We live right next to La Push reservation and beach, so you can swim and run around in sand," Harry breathed in deeply, inhaling fresh air.

Teddy didn't answer, too busy staring at their home.

"Mon pere, you over did it again."

Harry blinked, "Eh?"

Teddy pointed at the estate. "Our house. What the hell?"

"Watch your language, brat," Harry smirked. "And I couldn't help it."

"You drew the plans," Teddy said, knowing his godfather had "rudimentary" knowledge of architecture. He knew his godfather. Harry says rudimentary, but when the man put his mind to it, he was like a bloody genius. That's when he felt like it, the lazy, eccentric bastard.

"I'm almost afraid to go inside," Teddy muttered.

Harry ignored that and started dragging his kid in. In the estate, Teddy gaped. Wooden paneled floors, archways, beams…and the fact they were positioned at a cliff, overseeing the beach was another thing. Glass-paneled doors were located to the side that oversaw the view, and the place was littered with Victorian-styled furniture.

"How many rooms are in here?" Teddy hesitantly asked.

"Around 100," Harry said cheerfully.

Teddy hid his grimace, he was glad he made sure his eyes were averted from the inn. He wasn't sure if it was going to be worse.

There was a knock on their large entrance door and they turned to it as one.

"We have guests already?" Harry was surprised.

They both walked towards it and Harry peered out of the peephole, seeing two russet-colored males with long dark hair. One was in a wheelchair and the other was quite younger, possibly the son of the one in the wheelchair.

Opening the door, Harry greeted them good-naturedly, still in a bit of surprise. The two hesitant males turned more secure and greeted both of them back.

"Hello, I'm Billy Black and this is my son Jacob. We heard you were moving in next door. We live right down in the reservation," Billy introduced them.

Harry did all the talking, Teddy turning quiet and shy. He hid behind his surrogate dad, pulling at Harry's dress jacket.

"My name's Harry. This is my godson, Teddy. We just got here not too long ago. It's nice to meet our neighbors so early. Would you like to come in?"

Billy and Jacob smiled and came in, Jacob more shyly and a bit like Teddy in that respect. They sat down on the furniture in the open living room and got to talking, getting to know each other.

"You're welcome over to the reservation whenever you'd like. In fact, why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow?" Billy invited.

"That would be lovely," Harry's British accent clearly showing. "You guys are welcome whenever. It's just Teddy and I here, so it'll be nice to have company. We have a game room in here and in the inn, so you're welcome to come use them, Jacob."

Jacob blushed and nodded shyly.

Harry blinked and wondered if that was just part of Jacob's personality.

The Blacks had to leave soon after that, so they bid them goodbye and then started to settle into their new home.

"Home, sweet, home. Eh, Teddy?" Harry murmured to his son in all but blood.

"Oui, mon pere."

Harry smiled resignedly.

They had been there a week and Harry had finally gone into town, once everything had been settled in their home and inn. From there, Harry had gone shopping and then decided to check with the hospital. He had to make sure they had their papers and insurance, as well as choosing a doctor.

He blinked when he met with the head doctor. He was beginning to think that was becoming a habit for him.

"I saw your resume, Mr. Potter. Please, you would be doing us all a favor by accepting the Director of the hospital position."

"Am I even qualified for it?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You have a PhD, a bachelor's degree in directorial management, and judging by your clothing and car, rich. And we really need someone like yourself as a patron."

"Can't I just donate and be done with it?" Harry muttered.

Seeing the echoing raised eyebrow from the head doctor, Harry sighed.

"Okay, okay," Harry gave in, hands held up in surrender.

"Excellent! You can start at the end of this week, sir."

Oh great. He had more authority than the head doctor.

Harry sighed again.

"You guys are just really desperate, aren't you?"

"Eheh, sorry, sir. Can't be helped."

When he headed back to his home, Teddy was already there with Jacob, playing the X-box 360. He told them what happened and his son similarly sighed.

"You really do seem to get into things, don't you Dad?"

"English now, huh?"


And Jacob nodded, going along and pretending he knew what they were talking about.

"Anyways, it wasn't my fault. I just got cornered into it somehow."

"You always seem to get cornered into things," Teddy pointed out with a sigh.

Harry just shrugged.

"I'm just irresistible," and Harry left, having the last word and tossing his surrogate son a smirk over his shoulder.

That night, Teddy needed Harry to sign off some forms for school before he'd started, and he immediately went to his room and entered without knocking. That broke Harry's first rule.

"Teddy!" Harry snarled and he backpedaled and slammed the door close, knocking hurriedly and waiting for Harry to tell him to come in.

Harry's terse voice announced he could come in a second later and Teddy entered, his head bowed in shame.

"I'm sorry, Dad," Teddy murmured.

Harry's harsh glare softened, "I know you are, and I'm sorry for my reaction. But you know why and you know better. You know you always knock whenever I'm in my room."

Teddy nodded.

Harry didn't wear his sunglasses in his room. And that was dangerous.

Harry had told him about how he'd defeated Voldemort, making Teddy start to learn Harry would never shield him from the harshness of the truth and would never let him shy from reality. Teddy had learned early on that while Harry would let him be innocent, he wouldn't let him be naïve. It was Harry's one and only regret, but what the man acknowledged as necessary. For him, Teddy would be without experience, but that did not mean his godson would be without knowledge.

And Harry told him first about his animagus form. A terrifying and colossal basilisk, bigger than its normal size, and colored black and with eerie emerald eyes and mane. It was regal and majestic, but it was also a petrifying experience to see his godfather transform in front of him in a forest to such a powerful and frightening creature.

But wizards don't just transform into magical creatures. It's unheard of. Except his godfather seem to always be the exception.

However, Harry had told him that there was a consequence to his animagus form being a basilisk. His eyes were transformed as well.

Harry learned, with one look, he could petrify or even kill a person.

He learned this when he'd accidentally looked into Vernon's eyes and the man fell dead at his feet.

From there, Harry had kept his animagus form and the result of it a secret, until at the final battle he'd revealed it to Voldemort by allowing the Dark Lord to knock away his flimsy glasses and foolishly look into his eyes. The Dark Lord hadn't a chance, especially when all of his horcruxes had been destroyed and Harry had already let himself be killed once to rid himself of the soul Voldemort had unknowingly latched onto him.

And that battle had let the Wizarding World know all about him, and cautiously started to fear him themselves. His eyes were another reason why Harry had never even thought about going back to Ginny.

Teddy knew all of that. And still he broke the one rule that Harry couldn't tolerate him breaking.

Because Teddy could die with one look from Harry, and his old man wouldn't be able to deal with that.

Teddy was all that he had left, especially from a world that had abandoned him.

Started 6/18/09 –Completed 6/23/09

A/n: Okay, so everything in the books happened except for the Epilogue. However, some changes have been made. One, Harry becomes an animagus shortly after 6th year, returning home and then accidentally killing Vernon. Secondly, at the final battle, in Harry's showdown, he'd used his transformed eyes to kill Voldemort. I think that was all…

If you want to picture Harry now, picture Eiji Sagimiya from the manga E's:

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