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Crazy Kisses

Monday-The Challenge

Sonny Monroe was lounging in the prop house with her long-time boyfriend Chad Dylan Cooper. It was days like this that Sonny loved, just the two of them. When Chad was Chad, and not Chad Dylan Cooper. The two were sitting on the couch, well Chad was and Sonny was in his lap. Every now and then Chad would lean own for a short kiss but other then that the pair just sat in blissful silence. But then again, Sonny had never really liked silence.

"Chad I'm bored." Sonny complained as she moved to lie down across Chad's lap. Chad just laughed at her.

"Well then Sonny, I think I can think of a way to spice things up." Chad said as he leaned in for yet another kiss. Before he could get to close though, Sonny put her hand over his mouth.

"Chad, not that I don't love kissing you, but it's always the same." Sonny told her boyfriend. Now Chad wasn't in such a laughing mood. Sonny was just being mean by denying him kisses.

"Well…" He said, an idea forming. "What if I can prove not all kisses are the same?" Chad asked.

"Hmmm…and how would you prove that oh boyfriend of mine?" Sonny asked out of curiosity.

"What if I can kiss you a different way everyday for a week?"

Sonny thought about it. Suddenly an evil plan came into the comedians mind.

"Alright I'll take you up on that Cooper," Chad gulped; she only used his last name when she was going to do something he didn't like. "If we do it by my rules."

Poor Chad saw nothing wrong with this so he nodded his head.

"Well first off, each kiss has to be in someway that I've never been kissed before. And since you don't know all the ways I've been kissed you'll have to think outside the box. Second, If I win you come on an episode of So Random." Sonny said looking at Chad to see if he would agree. She knew by the look in his eyes that he wouldn't turn it down no matter what now. "And finally, you can't kiss me on any day at all until you've done your special kiss. Agreed?" Sonny asked.

"Your serious that I can't kiss you everyday unless I come up with an idea?" Chad worriedly asked.

"Just to clarify Chad," Sonny said like she was speaking to a two year old. "You need to think of one special kiss per day. After you do that you can kiss me any time you want until midnight. That's when it resets. Deal?" Sonny said, trying to get him to say yes before he figured out what was wrong with the deal.

"Well…I guess…WAIT A SECOND!" Chad practically yelled, glaring at his girlfriend. "What happens if I win?"

"Umm…Nothing?" Sonny tried.

"No way. Let me think. If I win…you have to…" Chad got an evil smile on his face. "Every time we're in the same room and someone says 'Chad' or 'Sonny' or 'Kiss' you have to kiss me. No matter what is going on. And if someone says either my full name or yours you have to say 'I am completely and hopelessly in love with Chad Dylan Cooper!' loudly. For one full day." Chad smiled at Sonny who just looked at him like he was insane.

"That's not fair, you only have to be on So Random for one episode! But you want me to look like a fool for a whole day." Sonny pouted hoping to get him to change his mind.

"Actually Sonny it's quite fair. Seeing as I also have to come up with idea's to kiss you or I don't get kissed at all. So do we have a deal?" He stuck his hand out for Sonny to shake.

"Deal." Sonny said. She put her hand in his to shake but instead Chad pulled her closer for a kiss. When he let go he smiled at her.

"We start tomorrow then."

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