A cell can take pride in knowing he's the only thing standing between the health of the body and illness - even more so after a near death experience. It was only months ago when the City of Frank was faced with the most deadly virus they have ever experienced and won. The only reason The Red Death ain't in the record books is because of the efforts, rebellion and admittedly, paranoia of a single white blood cell with the help of his cold pill buddy. This taught us all a lesson about the power one can wield and a lesson for our own health and well being. From laughing stock to hero is an amazing transformation. So the body was saved and the world was rid of possibly the most deadly disease to ever live. Frank was saved, the cell was brought back into the force with full privileges, got the girl and everyone lived happily ever after. And so now that all is well the story of The Red Death fades into the background. Forgotten... Left behind... Destroyed... I think not!