Upper Trachea 4:15

"I can't believe all the brainwashed Brain cells crawling around here" Ozzy complained peeking out form behind a building to look at about twenty Guards patrolling the street "Makes ya wonder where all the other cells are at, don't it?"

"Quiet. You can ponder that later, right now those Guards are our problem. They're armed and dangerous, I don't think we want to be found out by them" Drix said

"If I know anything from my encounter with Cerebral it that he don't take kindly to any cell other than his own species" Guanine added

"Boy, you two sound the same. All I need is another Drix" Ozzy said rolling his eyes and starting to crawl through the shadows of the building into a vacant avenue

"Well apparently one wasn't enough to talk some sense into you" Drix said half jokingly

The trio dove across the bend and into what seemed to be only street in the city that wasn't infested with Cerebral's guards. They could finally walk freely without having to back up against a wall or into some dark shadow.

"Why can't we just go for it?" Osmosis complained folding his arms behind his head and stretching his back "They're just Brain Cells, plus if we hadn't been crawling around between buildings we'd probably already found that ugly girly-haired dress-wearing germ"

"I'm sure even if the Guards weren't around we wouldn't have found him, this city is huge. He could be hiding anywhere" Drix said

"Whadever" Ozzy said turning to look down the street, he eye caught something way down the street pacing from side to side across the road, "Yo look, there's someone down there"

At the mention of that Guanine reached into her jacket for her gun and Drix rose up his right cannon-arm in defense. Ozzy stood his ground and looked close to try and make out the figure. It was defiantly a small germ, with one tail and clawed hands and feet, big wide eyes that where a dead giveaway to the figure's identity.

"I recognize those big pink eyes" Ozzy said "Hold up guys, he ain't dangerous!" He put his arms in front of the other Immunity's weapons, "Let me handle it"

He took his sunglasses out of his coat pocket and quickly swaggered toward the tumultuous germ in his typical cop manner. Guanine and Drix stood on the other side of the street watching the blood cell put on his act.

"What is he doing?" Gunaine asked dryly

"Just watch the maestro at work" Drix said with a smirk

Ozzy quickly strode toward the virus who was too busy rambling and pacing quickly with no intended destination.

"Yo Fergie, don't you know it's dangerous to be out all alone?" Ozzy said walking up to the troubled germ

Fergie let out a terrified yelp and hopped up two meters into the air with arms and legs flailing. He landed back on the ground and looked up at him.

"Jones!" Fergie said pulling his ears down past his jaw "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for a criminal, doncha know him?" He said taking Fergie by the nape, "Goes by the name of Thrax"

"Thrax, the tall ugly virus that looks like Morpheus? Never saw the dude, I swear" Fergie said

"Oh really, you sure you ain't been teaming up with him recently?"

"Don't send me to jail man! I'm in deep enough as it is!" Begged the strep

"You're always in trouble" Jones said rolling his eyes

"Not like this!" Fergie started to sob loudly

Ozzy dropped him to the ground and asked him bewilderedly;

"Whadaya mean?"

"I'm in s-so much trouble with Thraaax. H-he told me to meet up with him a-alone later or he'll kill me bu-but what if when I show up he kills me then because h-he was really maaaad" he gasped through his weeping "A-and I don't know what to dooooo!"

Fergie snorted loudly and continued to repeat himself. By then Drix and Guanine came over confused about the random outburst of crying. Ozzy was a little apprehensive about talking to the crying, wailing virus but he managed to get some words in edgewise.

"Where did he say he was meeting you?" he asked

"I'm not telling you!" Fergie cried wiping the snot form his nose "Thrax will kill me if I told you I was with him! Oh no... Oh nooooo! Now he's really gonna kill meeee!"

The virus continued to sob convulsively until Osmosis became very annoyed of it. He keeled down and grabbed Fergie's cheeks with both hands. His loud whimpering stopped.

"Listen to me Fergie. You're going to tell me where and when Thrax said he wanted to see you or he ain't gonna be the only one you're gotta be worrying about" Ozzy scolded shaking the frightened Fergie

"O-okay. But not a word of it to Thrax" Fergie moaned hoarsely "He told me to met at his hideout, that's a storage house up in the Right Sinus Cavity. He said I had to be there at five O'clock sharp or not to come at all. I don't know what he's up to - that's all he told me"

Fergie was released, he plopped to the ground still sniffling. Ozzy stood up straight and looked at his two friends. Drix had a contemplating look about him, Guanine stood with a disgusted face as she watched Fergie wipe away his snot and slobber.

"Okay Jones, the first thing we need to do is to take Thrax's hypothalamus chain. He needs it to carry the DNA beads and that will buy us some time for figuring out our plan to get rid of him once and for all" Drix mused

"I'm sure taking his chain will only make him mad" Guanine criticized

"Yeah, but what if he doesn't know we've taken it until it's too late" Ozzy said with a grin "I got a plan, but we all got to get up to where Thrax is hiding fast, it's getting close to five!"

The Nose 4:58 PM

The Red Death had seen some unconfident virus's but no virus was as mediocre as that young streptococcus who he picked in the Mouth when he arrived. Nor had he ever had such a headache over a henchman. Never had a germ caused him so much trouble, a small weak germ at that! It was embracing. Thrax was at the point when he just didn't care anymore, he could never see Fergie again and he wouldn't care - Fergie could come groveling back to him and he wouldn't care. He sat in a chair facing the door with his legs crossed.

The five O'clock hour was approaching and Thrax was anticipating the little germ to come through the door, begging for his forgiveness. Thrax is rarely ever wrong, Fergie came into the building with his tail between his legs, quite literary.

"You're early" Said Thrax lighting a cigaret with the tip of his claw glowing slightly "What's the hurry, baby?"

"No hurry at all! I'm soooo sorry Thrax, I didn't mean it! I-I'll come back when it's time -"

Before Fergie could continue his ranting Thrax began to laugh to himself, rather loudly. Fergie clenched his teeth together nervously. His trembling eyes trying not to look up to the skylight because he by now knew the evil virus could pick up on it and he would be discovered as a traitor and be painfully slaughtered. The laugher ceased. His red claws motioned him in closer and Fergie obeyed. Thrax put the cigaret in his mouth and inhaled.

"You know what time it is now?" he said breathing out a puff a smoke

Fergie gasped in the fume and began to cough hoarsely. A clock tower in the distant Windpipe District gongs five times.

"Five?" Fergie asked then held his mouth and gagged convulsively

"Aren't you a smart one?" mocked Thrax "And do you know what that means?"

Fergie shivered as he watched Thrax get off his chair and stand towering above him expecting that meant it was his final hour but the virus said something much more chilling.

"That means there's only 20 more hours 'til I break my record" Thrax had a big toothy smile, drawing a DNA molecule in the air with the blue smoke of his cigaret. He dashed it with his left claw, it dissipated into a mangled blue puff that he breathed back in.

"But I ain't gonna get ahead of myself" the virus said dropping his cigaret to the ground "I'm gonna rest for a little before the big show"

He turned and walked over to a couch in the middle of the warehouse, crushing the cigaret with his foot on his way. Fergie watched shyly.

"And if you got some surprise you're plannin' to do while I'm sleeping, ya'll better tell me now before I find out and you get in big trouble. I'm a light sleeper." Thrax plopping down on the couch and stretching himself out, popping his bones "You're in this to your neck."

Thrax gave Fergie a final death glare with his paralyzing gold eyes before folding his arms across his chest and dozing off. Fergie slowly approached the sleeping virus, he looked up to the skylight conveniently right above the couch. He nodded to the skylight so that the three Immunities could set their plan into motion.

"I can't believe it" Guanine said "How did you know he would go to sleep right under this window?"

"I've worked at this warehouse before I got accepted into the Force" Ozzy said shifting his eyes to her "I had a gut feelin' about the rest."

"You're a cell, you don't have guts" she corrected


"Do you really think this will work, Jones?" asked Drix

"Of corse it will, when have a ever been wrong" he said

Drix and Guanine open their mouths to start a extensive list but Ozzy interrupted.

"Don't answer that" he said looking down into the interior of the building "Look, he's holding the chain in his right hand and Fergie gave us the okay that he's asleep. Drix go ahead and lower me down"

Drix gave Guanine an unsure look, Guanine sighed and held the bridge of her nose. Drix started, "I really don't think this is gonna-"

"You got a better plan?" Ozzy interrupted

Within seconds the white blood cell was lowered through the skylight into the warehouse via Drix's grappling tool that came form his right arm. Slowly he inched down toward the Red Death. Fergie watched uneasily, his ears flattened against his head, he held his tail in his hands - waiting to sprint off if Thrax awoke. Guanine watched scepticly with her hand on her gun to use when Ozzy's plan goes wrong. Drix was busy concentrating on lowering the cop down as quietly and slowly as he could.

Thrax was in the clutches of the same reoccurring dream that haunted his sleep since he day he climbed out of the alcohol mangled and mauled. Sleeping, like eating, was something the virus rarely needed to do, however, recently he's been needing it more. It was starting to sink into his mind that he might be starting to pass his prime but he would refuse to accept it. This was apparent in the slur of words that escaped his dream world that he murmured and growled as he slept.

As Jones came within reaching the chain the virus's words became very clear.

"Where? Where is it, where, where's my chain? It's you again, you have it, you, you, come back, you have it, get back" he grumbled as Ozzy reached his hand out to grab it "I'll, I'll get ya, get, make you pay, I'll, I'll..."

He couldn't reach. He looked up at Drix and silently told him to lower him a little more. He was dropped in closer to the virus. He still couldn't reach. He started to swing on the cord a little to get closer.

"You, you can't escape me, you... I got ya now, now, now you can't get away." the virus's claws kneaded his coat a little

Ozzy swung in close enough to grab the end of the chain. He tugged at it but Thrax's grip was as strong as stone. He used the chain as leverage to pull in closer. He came within inches of the virus's face. Thrax exhaled a foul snort into Ozzy's face and his mouth started to make an evil sneer, his brow tightened.

"I got him, I got him now" Thrax said as his body started to twitch "What is it? What is it?" he growled as his head started to turn to the side

Guanine watched nervously. He was waking up.

"Get oudda there you idiot" she whispered

Jones thought he unraveled the chain from Thrax's hand.

"It's a flu? No, no, it's a malaria? No, it ain't a virus" Thrax started inhaling quick breaths, he was smelling something

Ozzy pulled the chain but it was caught under the virus's chin. He tugged again, it wouldn't budge.

"What is it? It's a bacteria? No." Thrax turned his head so that his face brushed against the cell's hand who was trying to pull the chain from under his jaw, he continued to take in air "What's that smell. It's, It's..."

Ozzy finally dislodged the chain he was about to be pulled back up when Thrax finally discovered the identity of the aroma.

"It's... Cherry? Nasty. Jones." His yellow eyes flashed open, his pupils quickly contracted "Jones!" he roared jumping up and swiping his claws just above the cells head

The cord snapped and he dropped to the ground. Thrax quickly found that the cell was holding his chain, just like in his dream. He turned savagely aggressive at the sight and jumped at Ozzy. Ozzy evaded the strike and hoped up to the severed wire and began to climb up toward his waiting friends. Thrax landed on the ground and swung his head around to see Jones escaping with his chain. He stood up and trudged toward the wire. Thrax felt sharp claws around his waist.

"Thrax, wait!" Fergie shrieked clinging to Thrax

The virus pulled his arm back and knocked Fergie off. The small germ slammed into the wall and slid to the ground leaving a trail of dark purple blood. Thrax flicked the blood off his claws and jumped upon the wire and quickly clawed upward. Ozzy looked down to see the evil virus within inches of him. He was pulled up to the roof by Drix. A red talon shot out of the open window dug into the roof. Guanine pulled her gun out and shot into the hole. The cord severed but the claw still clung to the building, one finger ablaze.

Ozzy, Drix and Guanine turned and hopped off the building and sprinted toward the back of the Sinuses where the car was parked. Thrax pulled himself up on the roof. He took his fiery hand off the roof and it started to heat up. Hot orange veins snaked across the top of the warehouse and it began to burn. Thrax spotted his quarry running away and he jumped off the roof pursued them.

Ozzy looked back to see the building burst into a bright blaze and the virus that caused it quickly running after them. Then something very unexpected came from the fire. A small creature jumped out, tail on fire, and sprinted toward them incredibly quickly, even faster than Thrax. As it passed them they could see that it was Fergie, trying to put out his burning tail. He ran until he came to the drop off at the back of the Nose that fell down into the Throat. The drop off steadily sloped at first before going into an almost vertical drop down into Throat. He skidded to a stop (almost sliding off) and ran back a little. By then Ozzy and his friends had reached the drop off. His car was parked near the drop off by on an artery.

Before he could get to the road he was knocked to the ground by something powerful. He rolled across the ground before catching himself to find Thrax was coming at him again. The cell flattened himself to the ground and tripped Thrax before his claws could cut him. The virus stumbled closer to the drop off. Ozzy tried to run off again but he felt painful stakes drive into his back and toss him back toward the slope. He fell on his hands and knees, blood was oozing from the wounds. He stood back up as fast as his could. Thrax thrust his fist into Ozzy face. Jones slammed into the ground on his back. Thrax slowly walked toward him.

"Get up!" the virus sneered

Guanine was the first to react, she pulled her gun and aimed for the virus's head.

"Eat hot plasma, freak" she pulled the trigger but there was only a short click "Spit, I'm empty" she faltered

"I'm not" Drix replied raising his weapon

The blood cell pushed himself back up, still holding on to the virus's chain.

"Why should I?" he sassed

"Because it ain't sporty to hit a rival who isn't ready" Thrax hissed jokingly

There was the a sound from behind, Kkssshhhhhooooo!, Thrax recognized the sound. His body twisted to look and he was slammed in the shoulder by frigid ice mediation. The ice crawled across his arm a little. He backed away, trying to escape the cold, spitting curses.

"Like you would care!" Ozzy replied kicking him in the jaw

Thrax spun around once and regained his balance. He wiped of some fresh blood from his mouth.

"I don't, guess you don't either" Thrax smiled and approached Ozzy "We're more alike than I thought"

The virus bolted toward the cell knocking him down, closer to the drop off.

"I'm nothing like you, Thrax!" Ozzy snapped slamming a fist into Thrax's nose

Thrax stumbled backward. He caught himself and grinned.

"Corse we are" he said slowly turning toward Ozzy "You would love to see me dead, just like I would you, baby." his fiery orange claw heated up "Too bad you wont be able to see that day!"

Thrax lunged toward Ozzy with his left claw drawn back ready to snap foreword into the cell. As Thrax jumped above him his hand burst foreword, at the same time Ozzy kicked upward toward the virus. Ozzy's feet shot into Thrax's stomach and Thrax was flipped right over him, the orange claw narrowly missing Ozzy's neck. As Thrax fell he turned himself in the air, like a cat, so he would land on his feet. As this was happening Ozzy turned around and stood up so he stood facing the virus. Thrax's feet landed on the incline and he swiped at the chain in the cells hand once, twice, both missed with his claws but he grabbed the end with his teeth.

Ozzy was suddenly pulled toward Thrax. He saw that Thrax had the end of the chain in his mouth. Ozzy was swung around by Thrax but he would not let go of his end. The virus had not noticed that in his struggle with the cell he was at the very edge of the back of the Sinuses. He felt his feet hit a sharp incline and he rocked back. He looked down to see no ground but the Throat fading into a black hole below. He looked foreword and saw Ozzy on the other end of the chain trying to pull it back up the ledge. Thrax was still dead set on getting his chain, he steadied himself and pulled his head back on the chain.

Thrax had not counted on one thing. He knew that the pull was strong enough to rip it from the hands of Jones but he didn't know the strength of the chain. The chain broke. It slipped out of Ozzys hands. Without Jones holding on, Thrax fell back. With the chain still in his teeth he plumeted down into the drop off. Ozzy head his loud yell echo through the Throat then fade into nothing.

"Guess you got one thing you wanted" Ozzy said and he walked back up the slope to his friends who where relieved to see he was okay

They had witnessed the fight and watched Thrax fall down the Throat.

"He's dead, no one could have survived that fall, it goes all the way down into the Lungs" Drix said

"Yeah, yeah- if that was the case he'd died like three times. This time you'd better be right, Drix" Ozzy joked "Yeah, he's defiantly dead and even if he ain't he's defiantly out of submission for a while. Just enough time for us to get rid of the other scum bag. Let's head back to Chief's place and get everyone so we can take care of Mayor Cerebral!"

Drix and Ozzy started to go back to the car. Fergie went back to the warehouse as it had stopped burning and was actually mostly intact. Guanine stood looking down into the abyss.

"You coming, Guanine?" Ozzy asked

"You go ahead, I'll catch up" she replied

The car sped away. Guanine still curiously looked down into the pit.

"He must have landed in the Lungs..." Guanine whispered "Unless Frank was exhaling at the time, hmm..."

Front Throat 12:30 AM

It didn't take long for Guanine to hike from the Nasal Cavity to the Mouth below. She drove a small saliva buggy that she found deserted at the back of the Mouth. She saw what she was looking for. There was a tiny black object far off in the distance whose features became more clear as she quickly approached. She figured that the virus had been blown to the Mouth and landed somewhere at the end of the Tongue. If her math was correct, he should have landed right here.

She idled patrol buggy and jumped out through the window. Her feet hit the top of the taste bud where the virus lie, chillingly stagnant. She slowly walked to him. His upper torso lied mostly to the side, he turned at the hip so his legs lie atop each other. His head was on its side facing the opposite direction of his legs so that it appeared his neck was broken. Both his hands lie limp in front of his body. The broken chain was still hanging his in slightly ajar mouth. As she bent down closer to him she didn't feel any warmth from his high body heat as she has before.

"Dude must be dead" she whispered "Now, let's get that chain"

She apprehensively reached out her small blue hands and placed them on Thrax's upper arm and pushed him over on his back. He flopped lifelessly over.

"Ughk.." she groaned in revolt as she used one hand to push his jaw down, the chain dropped out and into her other hand "Gotcha! Now I should head back to the Chiefs place"

She couldn't bring herself to leave, not yet at least. Though she'd never openly say, Guanine was intrigued at this virus's abilities and was curious about how he worked, especially that Hellish claw. Maybe if she examined him she could discover an effective way to fight any Red Death that might invade in the future - it was a Blood Cell instinct.

She placed the chain into her jacket pocket. Her pocket jolted and out popped a little green stalk eye. Guanine saw her small friend and smiled.

"There you are. How long have you been there?" she asked

The green amoeba spotted his life long fear, the Red Death, lying in front of him. He shrieked and ducked back into the pocket.

"La murte roja!"

"So what else is new" she sarcastically responded cupping the small germ in her hands and taking him out of her pocket "It's okay. Old ugly's not getting back up to terrorize you anymore." she held him toward the virus's face "See, dead virus"

He jumped and bolted up her arm and clung to her shoulder. His eye peeked back out and stared at the unmoving virus. He became slightly less tense.

"That's cool, guess he's been after you for a while." she said "or maybe it was you after him" she mused as she looked down the virus's arm and stopped at his left hand "I gotta look at that claw"

She gently grasped the red hand that was now very cold and turned his over so the palm was up. His fingers curled into a relaxed pose. She ran a finger along the longest of the four claws. It was sharp as the edge of a razor blaze on both ends.

"This is so amazing, I've never seen anything like it" she said in awe of the deadly weapon

Guanine clasped the claw with one hand and lifted it up to get a closer look.

She shuttered "Boy, this part of the Throat really gets a breeze. Good thing this claw's nice and warm."

She cut of her sentence and looked at the talon that was slowly ceasing to be chilly. The bright red color was starting to come back.

"Wait, this is a dead virus. If he was warm then that would mean he's making body heat. If he has body heat that must mean-"

She heard a brief chuckle from behind her. The claws gently closed around her hand.

"No baby, I don't like you like that-" purred a seductive voice

She gasped and flung her head around. The red virus was leaning up and looked at her with a lustful grin and her hand was in his claw.

"-You don't gotta hold my hand" Thrax said

Guanine threw his hand away from her and tried to back up. She slipped and crashed atop Thrax who also was starting to get to his feet. She pushed Thrax back down in her fall. The small green germ was flung off Guanine's shoulder and right onto the nose of the Red Death. She briefly could fell his very hot thermal energy when she had her face in his chest, oddly he had no scent at all she could detect. He stood up, pushing Guanine off him. He snatched the chain form her hands. Thrax tried to get the little green germ off his snout but the germ was so terrified, he simply would not let go of the angry virus.

Thrax madly thrashed his head from side to side, he also swiped at Guanine with his claws. Guanine backed away out of the frustrated virus's range. He was not outside her range.

"Suck on this, ugly" Guanine growled and she thrust her feet foreword

The powerful kick landed a direct hit on her target. The virus let out a loud yell and fell to his knees. He groaned as he bent over in pain holding his groin. During this Guanine made a dash for the saliva buggy. Thrax made a deprave swipe at her but missed by a great distance. She sped away. The virus would allow her to escape, for now. He stood back up.

Thrax grabbed the small germ and ripped him form his face. He held the squirming amoeba and stared at him with raging gold eyes. The virus had a stone cold serious face. The germ was sure his time had come. Thrax smirked.

"I don't got time for you now, only thirteen more hours" Thrax put the germ into the inner pocket on his chest of his coat "I'm saving you for snack time"

The germ didn't dare try to escape, it would be suicide, there's no way the virus wouldn't notice. Thrax cackled quietly, wrapped his chain around his wrist and began the trek back up to his old hideout in the Sinuses to prepare for tomorrow mornings big show.

The Sinuses 7:59 AM

Fergie was pushing a final box into place when the yellow glow of the dawn started to filter into the half-burnt warehouse. Fergie has fixed up the large building to his liking, all the clutter was pushed to the burnt area leaving a big open space for him to relax.

"Perfect" he complemented himself looking at his new hideout, he jumped onto a wheeled chair "Home, sweet home!" he grinned putting his feet up on the table

The yellow light warm on his face was blocked out by a big shadow. His eyes flashed open but couldn't make out the black shadow that quickly passed on. He shrugged it off and continued with relaxing. Fergie was soon jolted out of his rest by a click at the door. He looked toward the large wall and toward the front door. He grinned.

"Must be Fungus, Hissy and Wart" he said leaping out of his chair and bounding toward the door "Crawling back to me, as always"

He flung the door open eagerly with his eyes closed narcissistically.

"Fellas!" he called taking a step foreword and into a big black object

His big half-blind pink eyes opened and slowly looked up to see a sight he was sure he had been rid of. The small germ took slow rickety steps away from the tall virus standing in the doorway. Words failed to described his terror; he backed away petrified and panicked, he could only squeak small syllables.

"Th...Th...Thr...Th..." He heaved as the huge shadow covered him

"What's a matter, Fergie baby. Your acting like you seen a ghost" Thrax spoke as he walked toward the paralyzed streptococcus with a wicked smirk

Fergie bumbled into a pile of boxes that scattered out on to the floor. He took quick hops back, Thrax's pace quickened as well. Evil yellow eyes where locked onto Fergie's wide pink ones. The germ's back ran into a wall. His claws stretched the wall.

"No...No, please, no" Fergie begged looking up at the Red Death

"You shoulda thought your decisions through better. You shoulda listened to what I told you" Thrax snarled approaching Fergie

Thrax snatched him by the neck and slammed him to the wall. Fergie squirmed and yelped. He was crushed against the wall and was still. His head hung lifelessly down. Purple blood trickled down his mouth.

"What did I tell you?" Thrax pressed still holding the strep by the throat.

Fergie's head rose up and his pink eyes opened a sliver.

"You're in this to your neck!"

Big pink eyes quickly widened fully as the bright flash of orange bared down on the young streptococcus. The warehouse quickly went up into a bright sinister blaze. A tall, powerful virus exited the scene and only has one statement to say;

"Only dead men cross the Red Death"

And in the smoldering remains ended the story of Fergie Streptococcus. His luck had run out.

The Thymus 11:45 AM

Although Osmosis drove his car as fast as it could muster he didn't make it to the Chief's house as quickly as he hoped. Cerebral's guards were a rare sight, they where not the reason it took Drix and Ozzy so long to reach the Thymus; the thinner veins where starting to disintegrate. He had to take so many alternate routes he was briefly lost. The car skidded to a halt on the sidewalk in front of the large home.

The blood cell leapt out of the car, leaving Drix behind who was (as always) having trouble exiting the small vehicle. Osmosis ran up to the door and slowed to a halt when he noticed the sign attached to it. He stood and stared at it wide-eyed. During this Drix had won his whistling match with the car door and approached the house. He too stopped and stared at the notice posted on the door. There was a moment of stillness.

"Condemned...?" Ozzy spoke barley audibly

"Why?" Drix asked himself

Ozzy lunged toward the door and grabbed the knob. It would not turn. He pulled and pushed on it but it would not budge. He started to punch the flexible, yet tough, membrane door.

"Leah! Chiefy!" He cried pounding the door with his fist, "Chill! Anyone! Open the door! Open the door!"

"Jones..." Drix said sternly at his sudden outburst, the troubled cell didn't become any quieter

"Where are you? Open the door!" He slammed his body into the door

"They aren't here, they must have been taken somewhere" Drix said as Ozzy's blows to the door became softer

"Leah" He muttered quietly resting his head on the locked door, he read the signature at the bottom of the notice, "It was you, Cerebral, it was you, wasn't it? You took them." His head rose with a frighteningly grave expression, "You've gone too far now"

"Osmosis!" Cried a young female voice

His head quickly rose up.

"Leah?" He turned around

"Ozzy, he's alive!" Screamed the she-cell

Guanine stopped in front of Jones in a panic. She continued;

"Thrax isn't dead! He's still got the chain and now he's going up the Brain!" She stuttered

Ozzy had a blank expression, he shook his head and stared at the teenager angrily.

"What? You saw him? Why didn't you take the chain from him!" He yelled approaching the shocked cell, she took at step away, "You couldn't do that? Thanks a lot, now were all screwed. It's your fault!"

"I didn't mean it." She faltered

"Thrax is probably already up in the Brain. I can't believe you could be so stupid!"

"I'm sorry" Guanine choked stepping back

"You're sorry just doesn't cut it! You're sorry doesn't make up for what you've just done!"

Guanine face was blank as she stood there wide eyed. Her eyes where on the angry blood cell but he couldn't feel her graze was on him. Guanine was in some other place in time . . . She blinked once, twice, then yelled back;

"You sound just like my father!" She turned and ran toward Drix choking back tears

Ozzy's angry expression faded as he watched the troubled blood cell try to fight off her tears. She hid her face in Drix's chest, he gently put a hand on her back. He looked up at Jones with an almost angry face. He had just realized he had really hurt his friend.

"Guanine, wait. I didn't mean-"

"Let's go to the Brain and see if we can't find what's happened to Leah and the others" Drix interrupted coldly as he went to the car with Guanine

" . . . I'm sorry" Ozzy finished woefully

Only one car drove down the large highway. Ozzy was alone in the front seat as Drix sat the in back to comforting Guanine. She looked out the window and watched the decaying city start to dull in color. No other cells where around. It was a ghost town. There was a thick fog of sadness over the trio. The silence was broken;

"You know, I didn't have that fantastic of a childhood either" Osmosis stated

"Please don't tell her about the toilet paper cling-ons" Drix groaned rolling his eyes

"Sure I joke about it now but back then I was just like you, Guanine" Ozzy continued looking at her sad reflection of the window, "Angry at everyone for not giving me any respect just cuz I was a kid. Had big dreams too, but it seemed like the harder I tried the further they got away. Being a rebel didn't help me out much either"

Her eyes turned to him. He broke a small grin.

"I ain't gonna tell you I just tried harder and all my dreams came true and all that junk, nuh uh. But I can say this; I never thought I'd find someone I could relate to so much - that is until I really got to know you."

"Ain't this a bad time to start getting romantic?" Guanine said dully

"Don't let you're imagination get ahead of you, I got a girl" Ozzy quickly responded, "That's not what I was getting at"

Guanine turned her head at him. He took a hand off the wheel and looked around the seat at her.

"I'm really sorry, Guanine." He said, "Ya know I got a hard time with my temper"

"Likewise" She said with a lighthearted nod

"Think we can corporate and bring those scum bags down?" He asked putting out a closed fist

She was silent as she looked without expression at the Immunity cell.

"Absi-tively, posi-olutely" She responded with an eager smile, gently pounding his fist with hers

"Now that sounds like a great Immunity!"

"Ozzy, look out!" Drix interrupted

The while blood cell's head quickly swung around to see he almost crashed into a huge building. His car skidded to a halt before it could collide with the building. He looked up at the building that read "Cerebellum Hall" and the Brain above, starting to become dull in color. He felt his inner rage begin to come back to him, he threateningly growled;


Authors Notes:

Due to recent badgering for "MOAR!" I prematurly posted up this part. I havn't gone over it with my policy of "makin a story, checking errors twise, gonna find out how badly I write" so sorry if there's typos. . . . Tharx's the virus is coming to the Brain! :D