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August Rain Omake

Earlier that night...

Francis surveyed the room, looking for his target for the night. Antonio was over by the coffee maker, talking to Feliciano and Ludwig, which left Lovino all alone in the corner. The elder Italy was sat on a chair, looking very put out because Antonio was paying more attention to his brother and the potato bastard.

The Frenchman sighed and placed his hand dramatically over his heart. "Oh, how I hate to see a beautiful man suffer the loneliness of unrequited love!" He completely ignored the stares he received from the nations around him and whisked himself over to Lovino's side like a knight would rush to the side of a weeping maiden.

"Ah, it's France!" Lovino screamed when Francis swooped in to grab his hand and clutch it to his chest. Romano still had not gotten over his fear of France. However, he quickly remembered his masculinity and yelled, "Let go of me you bastard."

"Oh, my dear, sweet Romano. I cannot bear to see you alone. It breaks my heart to see you so. Maybe the way to healing your heart would be for you to join me in my rooms for some wine and perhaps... some amour?"

"I'm not some pathetic little girl that you can seduce!" Lovino declared angrily.

"But look how alone you are while Antonio flirts with your brother. It breaks my heart."

"I'll break your face." But Lovino's resolve was weakening. He hated how Antonio always seemed to think that Feliciano was so much cuter than he was. Hadn't he been the one in Antonio's life all those years, helping with the tomatoes?

Francis sighed before giving Lovino a soft, mournful smile. A smile that foretold of lies and trickery. Francis was moving in for the kill. "If Antonio saw you with someone else, he would realise the mistake he made and regret it forever."

Lovino raised an eyebrow and looked at Francis. He was the nation of love, so he should know these things, right? "And do you think it would be a mistake to choose Feliciano over me?"

Francis nodded. "Feliciano is very sweet and he is dear to my heart but you are much more exciting and exotic. You add spice to this life. Let me show you the level of passion you drive me to."

And the elder Italy may have been hot-headed and he may have been very wary of Francis' attentions, knowing the nation was just after sex, but Lovino had always wanted to be told that he was more special than Feliciano in some way, despite how much he loved his brother. So when Francis leaned in to kiss him, he was sorely tempted to let him. However, Francis never got the chance. He was suddenly grabbed by his shirt collar and pulled back. He came face to face with Antonio, who was smiling the largest, most brilliant smile he had ever seen.

"Hello Francis. It's good to see you. I was just thinking, if you love Lovi so much, then you will really love it when I go Spanish Inquisition on you. Every time you so much as think about touching him, I'll increase the pressure while you're on the rack and maybe we'll see your limbs separate from your body!" As Antonio said all this, he was smiling.

Lovino blushed tomato red. "I don't need you to protect my virtue bastard!" he protested loudly but he was won over by Antonio's declaration of torture. He stood up and took Antonio's hand in his, saying. "C'mon, let's go see what they have in the way of tomato based foods in the cafeteria."

"Okay Lovi!" Antonio said with real joy, ecstatic that Romano was holding his hand. He dropped Francis on the floor and the two nations left for the cafeteria.

Francis was put out until he caught sight of Arthur. A new challenge awaited.