My first Hetalia chapter fic! Pairings should include SpainxRomano, GermanyxFeliciano, HungaryxAustria, AmericaxEngland, and perhaps some smatterings of ChinaxJapan. Maybe. A shout-out goes to the genius writer EJR-Blue-Rose, whose incredible and inspiring SpainxRomano story delights me in my daily life. EVERYONE READING THIS: GO READ HER STORY Usted Puede Ahora Besar a el Novio RIGHT. NOW. …I'll start the story now. Sorry bout that.


Turning the World Upside Down

Chapter 1: Introduction of Players

Chikyuu High School was famous (or infamous) for its uniformity. Just two years ago, the school had been known for its druggies, lack of general rules, delinquents, and disrespect to anyone of any person of status from teachers to police officers, to the student's own parents. However, last year, the school had been completely reformed. The school had a ridiculously strict dress code involving no jewelry, piercings, or even long hair for the girls, and ties required for the boys. Shirts had to be tucked in, Ties needed to be tied neatly around necks, and hair was against the rules if it was long or up for girls- boys only needed it be combed and neat. Dating was against the rules, as was smoking, violence, and any public display of affection. The students had a heard time adapting to the rules at first, but they quickly became second nature, and the change could be attributed to the four members of the student council. Those four were walking down the hallways now, surveying their handiwork, making sure the students were following the rigid guidelines.

"Hey, Spain-senpai!" one girl giggled, waving her fingers at the one furthest to the left in the line. The upperclassman grinned easily at her and waved slightly, causing her to blush a fire-engine red.

PROFILE: Antonio "Spain" Carriedo

Position in the student council: Treasurer

Year: Sophomore

Known for: His ever-present smile, love of tomatoes, and his obliviousness.

"Spain, stop flirting," sighed the blonde next to him. "We have a job to do."

Spain raised one eyebrow. "I wasn't flirting. I was just being nice." The blonde just rolled his eyes.

PROFILE: Ludwig "Germany" Einsamkeit

Position in the student council: Secretary

Year: Sophomore

Known for: His serious personality, love of rules, and how easily embarrassed he is.

The blonde next to Germany chose to ignore the two, slightly narrowing his lime-green eyes. "So, what's with the emergency meeting, Austria? You're interrupting tea, I hope you know.

PROFILE: Arthur "England" Kirkland

Position in the student council: Vice President

Year: Junior

Known for: Horrible cooking, sarcasm, and his love of tea.

The brunette next to England sighed. "You know we're getting new students tomorrow, and all you care about is your tea?"

PROFILE: Roderich "Austria" Edelstien

Position in the student council: President

Year: Junior

Known for: Being quiet, playing piano, and being generally agreeable.

England made a slight face, as if unsure whether to bristle at the possibly unintentional insult. After slight deliberation, he decided to tactfully ignore it. "I take my job seriously. I just don't want my tea interrupted by some transferred, idiotic delinquents who think they'll disrupt our system of order and revert the school back to the filth it used to reside in." Though all four of these high-school students varied noticeably in personality, they all had a great respect for rules and hated the sloppiness of Chikyuu High (except Spain who, being Spain, was just going along for the ride). They had worked hard to install the metaphorical fear of god in the students, and they didn't plan to lose their new reformed status now.

"Honestly, four new students?" scoffed Germany. "Won't even be a threat."

How very wrong he was.


An obnoxious pounding thudded against the bathroom door. "HUNGARY!" came a bellowed, furious reply. "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" The gorgeous brunette only laughed brightly.

PROFILE: Elizabeta "Hungary" Hedervary

Position in the group: Leader

Year: Sophomore

Known for: Playing matchmaker, drastic mood swings, and her frying pan.

"My hair is soaked, Romano! Do you want me to catch a cold?" Hungary chastised lightly, expertly blow-drying her long, wavy hair. She heard the person locked outside kick the door and she giggled. "Way to be mature." He growled with irritation.

PROFILE: Lovino "Romano" Vargas

Position in the group: Intimidating potty-mouth

Year: Freshman

Known for: His foul language, odd tomato obsession, and hatred of basically everything.

"Open the door," he said, his voice dangerously calm. Hungary smiled her 'I-don't-think-so' smile, but Lovino couldn't see it through the door Hungary still refused to open.

"Ne, Romano, don't be mad at Hungary-chan!" piped up another voice, this one childish and sweeter than sugarcane. Hungary couldn't help but call out, "See, Romano?"

"Shut up, Feliciano! God, I can't believe I'm related to such a suck-up."

PROFILE: Feliciano "Italy" Vargas

Position in the group: The immature one

Year: Freshman; Lovino's twin

Known for: Being a crybaby, his adorable doe eyes, and his absurd love of pasta.

"But Hungary-chan is so nice to me! She's my big sister!" Hungary beamed and shut off the hairdryer, opening the door wide and pulling Feliciano into a big hug.

"Aww, Feliciano! You're so sweet! Not like that jerkish older brother of yours." Romano simply scowled and stomped into the bathroom, closing the door with a slam. A blonde walked over jauntily, only to stop when he noticed Hungary squeezing a delighted Feliciano and the bathroom door shut again.

"I thought the bathroom was free!" complained the blonde. "This is so unfair!"

"DEAL!" snapped Romano. This was accompanied by the telltale click of the lock.

"ROMANO! RESPECT YOUR ELDERS! I'VE BEEN WAITING LONGER THAN YOU HAVE!" The other boy yelled. The sound of cackling came form behind the door, along with what sounded suspiciously like 'Make me'.

PROFILE: Alfred "America" Jones

Position in the group: Overconfident idiot

Year: Sophomore

Known for: His obnoxious attitude, ridiculous (yet often founded) self-confidence, and his crippling fear of ghosts.

"We don't have time anyway!" Italy said with a sunny, peaceful smile on his face. "We're going to be laaaaaaate!"

Hungary twitched slightly, turning with an aura towards the clock. It read 6:57. As in, three minutes until they were supposed to be introduced as the new students at their school. An introduction they were going to miss unless they MOVED RIGHT FRIKKIN NOW.

"AMERICA!" screeched Hungary, her cheerful morning disposition shattered, "GET ROMANO! NOW!"

America grinned. "Roger, Captain!" he said with a salute, and proceeded to punch the door down with one gloved hand, using his infamous super strength. He grabbed Romano, who still was holding a red toothbrush, and hauled him over his shoulder, putting on his rollerblades at the same time.

"AMERICA, YOU BASTARD! PUT ME DOWN!" Romano snapped, flushing from embarrassment. America proceeded to ignore him, grabbing Hungary around her slim waist with his left arm (the one unoccupied by the cussing Italian) and Feliciano leapt onto Alfred's back like a koala bear.

"Don't hold anything back," said Hungary fiercely. Romano's face paled.

"Don't you dare-" he began, but America grinned, a glint of determination coming into his deep blue eyes.

"Sorry, you heard the boss! Hold on tight, Lovi!" he said, then braced his feet and began rollerblading down the street at rocket speed.

"DON'T CALL ME THAAAAAAAAAAAT!" The Italian screamed, clutching the blonde's bomber jacket as the glasses-wearing idiot merely laughed like a maniac.

Oh yeah. Chikyuu High's student council was definitely going to have their hands full.


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