Okay, this is more of a public service announcement than a chapter, as the story is complete. But yes, Spazzkitty has given into temptation and written a sequel. It's called Turning the World Right-side Up, and it should be more dramatic than this story has been. Here's a preview for those of you who are curious, although you could just find it on my page.

Turning the World Right-Side Up



"Romano, why did you start smoking again?" America said quietly. He was uncharacteristically pensive and didn't meet anyone's eyes. "Don't you remember? Quitting was hell." Lovino said nothing.

"Nii-chan, just because Spain broke up with you doesn't mean you need to let yourself go back to that dark, sad place," piped up Feliciano. Romano glared at him.


Interested? If so, check out the full thing under my fics! I don't know how quickly I'll update it, though. Spazzkitty out!