Sometime later, after Sabertooth was safely ensconced in one of the reinforced holding cells downstairs, the X-Men were gathered in Xavier's office with Sophie waiting in an next room to join them. The room was awash in voices, everyone arguing and sharing information about the fight, until finally Xavier had to hold up his hands for silence.

"I know you are all angry and confused but I believe we can get to the bottom of this situation if we all put aside our emotions for a moment." Xavier said calmly.

Cyclops shook his had and interrupted angrily, "I'm finding that very hard to do, Professor, when I just found out that we've been harboring Victor Creed's wife here!" There were a couple of shocked gasps from people who hadn't heard that particular bit of news yet.

Jean spoke up then, still unable to believe that Sabertooth even had a wife, let alone that it was a sweet young girl like Sophie. "What if this was some kind of delusion, something her mind created to help her deal with the trauma of the rape?"

Xavier sighed, almost sad that that was not the case, it certainly would have made this situation easier. "After speaking with Sophie at length I do not believe that to be the case, although I do have reservations about her ability to judge for herself how appropriate her relationship with Victor Creed is."

"So there is a relationship?" growled Logan from his usual corner. Today, however, he was chewing on his cigar with great frustration.

"I am afraid so. Sophie has agreed to allow me access to her mind in order to prove this to me herself. In fact, she is incredibly eager to do anything that would convince me to allow Mr. Creed freedom from his cell."

The room was thrown into an uproar again, only this time everyone one was in agreement that Sabertooth would not, under any circumstances, be released. Among the numerous voices, several could be heard to volunteer to kill him as an answer to their current problem.

Xavier held up his hands once again for quiet, "Everyone please!" He waited until silence fell. "I am going to bring Sophie in now. I would appreciate everyone holding their own council until she has explained herself and then we will see where we will go from there."

Sophie halted in her nervous pacing as Xavier's voice could be heard in her mind ~Sophie, we are ready for you now.~

She shored up her courage with a deep breathe and eased the study door open. As she walked over to the chair at Xavier's side, she took in everyone's faces. She knew they were all shocked that she and Victor were married and she just hoped they wouldn't hate her because they didn't like him.

Xavier looked at her kindly, trying to sooth her obvious nervousness. "Sophie, why don't you tell us about you're association with Sabertooth and give us any information you have on why he came here."

"Okay . . . Well, Victor wasn't here to hurt anybody." At Logan's audible only to her ears snort, she amended her explanation. "Well . . . I mean he was here to hurt people, but that was only because he thought you guys had hurt me. It really was just a big misunderstanding."

Scott could no longer contain himself. " 'A big misunderstanding!' He raped you!" he shouted.

"What?" Sophie said, aghast. "Victor didn't rape me! A bunch of humans did."

"Then where'd the scar come from and his scent, I could smell him all over you." Logan said, standing up from his usual slouch.

Sophie flushed and clapped her hand over the scar in question. She was uncomfortable with discussing so intimate a things, but she feared she would not be able to avoid it today. "This . . . It's just a love bite."

Hank spoke up at this, disbelief evident in his tone. "A love bite that scarred a feral mutant?"

"Oh that's not because it was deep. It's just . . . " she blew out a breath between her teeth. She would just have to tell them, no matter how much it embarrassed her. Slipping into her lecturing professor mode she tried to look at it analytically.

"It's sort of a marking thing feral mutants have. If during . . ." she said emphasizing the word so they would get her meaning, blushing the whole time. "one bites the other, pheromones from their mouth are deposited in the bite. The bite scars because of this, even though normally it should heal and that spot then emits the biter's scent."

"And I smelled that when we picked you up and thought he had something to do with your rape. That's why I couldn't pick up any trace of his scent at the scene." Logan said finally understanding what had been bothering him about that. There should have been some trace of Creed; nobody was that good. He'd been worried for a minute.

Scott spoke up sullenly, "Alright, fine, so he didn't rape you. That doesn't excuse him from attacking the school." Several heads nodded in agreement.

Sophie blew out a breath in exasperation, "He wasn't attacking the school. He was just trying to get to me." She knew she was giving out more information than Victor would be comfortable with, but this was the only way she could think of to get them to release him. She figured he could just be mad at her later. "He calls me once a week to make sure everything's okay and when I didn't answer on Monday he probably freaked out and tracked me here thinking you guys had kidnapped me or something."

"You couldn't just call him and let him know you were alright?" Ororo asked concernedly.

She looked down at her hands, torn between trusting her new friends that she believed truly wanted to help and telling secrets that she knew Victor wouldn't want her to. "No. He contacts me not the other way around. No one can know about me, especially Magneto. So I never contact him because I have no way of knowing when he's being watched or not."

Hank spoke up, confused. "I'm sorry, but why, exactly, is Magneto not to know about you?"

Sophie looked up and grinned. "I'm a big secret because Victor's got a lot of enemies that would love to get their hands on me so they could make him do whatever they wanted, especially Magneto. See, Victor owes Magneto ten years of service and it's almost over, just sixteen months to go and he's getting desperate for a way to keep Victor around."

Scott was also confused. "What do you mean he owes him? I thought they were allies."

She shook her head. "Uh uh. Magneto did something for him with the agreement of repayment, that's why he's with the Brotherhood. In fact, Victor never really agreed with Magneto anyway, he's always said he likes what you guys are doing here a lot more."

Everyone was shocked at that pronouncement. More and more they were seeing a new side to Victor Creed, a side that many of them would never had guessed existed. The room was silent as everyone tried to reconcile the caring lover Sophie was speaking of with the vicious mutant they all knew Sabertooth to be. Finally, Rogue spoke up, "So, you're tellin' me, that you are happily married to Sabertooth?"

"For four years now." Sophie said proudly before she took a second to think about how that would be taken.

"You've been married since you were sixteen?!" Logan roared.

Sophie held up her hands placatingly. "Now, it's not what you think."

"Why, that's child abuse!" Jean shouted. "You could not possibly be old enough to make that kind of decision at sixteen."

Sophie stood up, unable to control her agitation at the accusation against Victor. "It was necessary. And I've never regretted it."

Jean couldn't let this line of reasoning go, she was sure Creed had to have coerced this girl in some way. "You just think that because he's convinced you of it. Left to you're own devices you would never have wanted to marry a man like that."

She jabbed her finger at Jean in anger. "Says you! It was my idea and anyway, if we hadn't been together then, I wouldn't be here to argue with you about it now."

Xavier chose this moment to speak up. "What exactly do you mean by you wouldn't be here now, my dear?"

Sophie blew out a breath and sat down, uncomfortable with how much information she was giving these people. This was her last hold out, something she had hoped she wouldn't have to share. "Look . . . Hasn't anybody wondered why there are so few female feral mutants?" She looked around at everyone, seeing their confused faces at the abrupt topic change.

"I think it has just been assumed that men are more likely to develop feral mutant powers." Hank said. Slowly he spoke again, as if he were pondering this idea for the first time. "But now that I think about it, no other type of mutation has shown a sex preference."

"Female feral mutants are just as common as males. The problem is that they are all dying in their teens, usually before they are identified as mutants at all." She could tell everyone was surprised by this information. She decided that if she was going to tell them some she might as well go all the way. "When female ferals hit their first menses, which occurs much later then normal, sixteen through eighteen, normally, they go into a kind of heat. Their bodies produce increasing amounts of an assortment of hormones that unless eased will eventually send them into cardiac arrest." Sophie paused, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. "The only thing that will even out the hormones in their body and allow them to survive is a significant amount of semen containing the corresponding hormones. Semen from a male feral mutant."

After dropping that bombshell, Sophie leaned back and tried to will her cheeks to cool. Everyone in the room was silent as they took in that insightful and incredibly embarrassing information. Growing increasingly impatient with the questioning she'd had to go through just to see her own spouse, Sophie finally had to say something. "Can I see my husband, now? You don't even have to let him out, just let me go in to him."

Xavier looked thoughtful. Eventually he said, "I see no reason you can't." He held up his hand, as voices rose in protest, although fewer then had previously. "You will be under surveillance, and from what you've said you should be perfectly safe. You understand if we are unwilling to release Mr. Creed at this time, despite your eloquent defense of him."

Sophie just nodded, eager to see her Victor again, no matter the circumstances, as she got up and began the trek downstairs.