Captain's Log:

This starship has flown through a fold in our galaxy's local spatial continuum. It is an odd kind of anomaly not found in our data banks. Communication has shown signs of abnormality. Stand by for any information not known to us at this hour. Kirk out.

"Opinion, Mr. Spock - what is it?" Captain Kirk stood and grimly took in all information shown on his monitor. It didn't look at all good for his starship.

"Unknown, Captain. I cannot logically find any solution to our difficulty. Many unknown factors could form major obstructions to our mission. I find that communication is most impractical at this point. This quadrant simply won't allow normal talk."

Kirk didn't know what to do. "I'm going down to sickbay," said Kirk. "McCoy usually knows what's going on."

A turbolift took Kirk quickly to Dr. McCoy's workroom. "Hi, Jim," McCoy said in his comforting way. "Things don't look too good right now, hm?"

"Knock it off, Doctor," Kirk said. Captain Kirk wasn't up for McCoy's usual brand of small talk.

"Mind you, Jim, you took a trip from your chair to my sickbay. If you want to talk, spill it! What's going on, and why all this odd communication? It's as though I can't say a lot of words in our usual vocabulary. Can Spock find out what's up?"

Kirk said, "Spock's drawing a blank. I'm out of options, Doctor. What do you think?"

McCoy said, naturally, "Damn it Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a linguist."

Jim couldn't say anything back, for Spock was calling him on his communicator at that point. "Captain, a Klingon ship has just flown through our local anomaly. I think, logically, that a similar quandry to ours must occur on that starship right now."

"On my way," said Kirk. McCoy didn't know what to say. Kirk wasn't acting normal, but nobody was.

Klingons! A Klingon ship could only compound this difficult situation. Kirk said to Uhura, "Hail that ship. Just looking at it won't bring us a solution."

"Klingon captain on your monitor, sir," Uhura said.

Kirk said, "This is Captain Kirk. Our ship is having difficulty with normal functioning, particularly with communication. Do you know what our two ships might do to find a solution?"

"Kirk! This is Kang, my ship is Klingon Starship Qap'La! Our mutual difficulty is obvious, although I'd think an ordinary human wouldn't find a way out of it right away."

Kirk didn't much want to sit around and watch as a Klingon such as Kang cast insults at him. "Kang, look now! This is a major situation that could turn into a galactic war!"

"I don't know how that conclusion fits this situation," said Kang, "but I admit it's most annoying to talk this way."

Spock said, "Captain, if I may -"

"What is it, Mr. Spock?"

"I think a solution is obvious. Both starships must fly back through that anomaly again."

"Why didn't I think of that?" Kirk said.

"It is a logical solution." Spock's brow had that familliar Vulcan look.

Kirk told Uhura to put him on ship's P.A. "All hands, this is your captain. Our ship will go back through that anomaly, at maximum warp. Mr. Scott, stand by. Mr. Sulu, bring us about."

Kirk's ship and Kang's warship took a straight path back to that odd anomaly, for all aboard both ships had to talk normally again, or go crazy trying.

"Almost to impact point," Sulu said, and not an instant too soon. Just as Kirk's starship struck that anomaly, gravity shut down and Kirk was thrown about, along with Spock, Sulu, and Uhura. Kirk's uniform shirt was badly torn. It was classic, just as it was in an old TV show at such dramatic points in this sort of story.

"Status!" Kirk said loudly.

Spock said, "I think our situation will shift back to normal again in an hour or so."

Kirk found a grin. "Uhura, thank that Klingon Captain. On with our mission! Mr. Sulu, warp factor six."

The Enterprise escaped deep into space.