Chapter One: Picture This


"Huff!" I exhaled a deep breath after setting down the last box inside the tiny kitchen.

"This place is kind of a dump." Mello grumbled. "Now picture this" he moved his hands in front of him for emphasis "how about our next home has a room with a view? With a sight worth seeing."

"This is fine for a first apartment." I defended "And anyway its not like we really have a lot of money to splurge."

"Ah Matt! Always seeing the best." he kissed me softly on the lips "Once we get on our feet more we're out of here! Its a fucking oven in here too." he fanned himself with his hand.

"Well what do you expect in June LA weather? You're the o-"

"Yeah I know." he interrupted my rant "I bet you were gonna remind me how I wanted to move here." he smirked.

I smiled at him. I can't believe how perfect this is all going! Let me fill you in on whats happened in the last couple of years to me. Mello and I stayed together through the rest of our years at boarding school and of course during the summers we spent every second together but Mello's being a year older then me lead him to graduate before me. It was depressing without him all the time and of course he called me and visited but those long hours and days without him became so mind numbing! I had to fill them with something other then gaming. So I began to study in my free time and even paid more attention in class. After a while I had gotten myself bumped up to number one! I couldn't believe it when Watari had called me to his office to tell me the "wonderful" news... I never told Mello even though I knew he wouldn't be mad or anything at me (he was even ahead of Near for awhile at the end of his years at school) but I did it in such a short time and it had taken Mello years to get past Near I knew he would be disappointed in himself. I didn't want that. So I never told him... technically he never asked so its not like I was lying.

When we told our parents about our relationship-- Well I guess my sister already knew, so did her boyfriend, now that I think about it Mello's aunt and uncle knew too... When we told my dad he seemed a little uncomfortable but said "Well I've always tried to make you happy and I know I just about failed every time so now that you have found this relationship-- whatever makes you happy makes me happy." I'll never forget how Mello held my hand the whole time than after my dad's long speech how he hugged me.

Well that's just about the gist of things for me. "Well I've got a job interview coming up so hopefully we'll be off to a good start." I said while opening a box.

"So how exactly do you know these girls?" Mello questioned for about the thousandth time.

"I told you I know them from the internet. Anyway they're sisters and you don't need to conjure up any sick fantasies because one is a lesbian the other one is in a relationship." every time I explained this to Mello he seemed to get a little more relieved each time "So do you have any plans for jobs?" I asked hoping I didn't sound like an impatient ass.

"Yeah-- Yeah I do." he looked away from me.


I wasn't 100% sure what kind of job I was going to be getting, but getting it wouldn't be to hard considering who I was or rather whose child I was. Let me tell you whats been going on with me for the last year or so. Once I graduated from school I considered going to college but when I was leaving, Matt had said "When I turn eighteen I can dropout of school and we can live together." of course I told him not to drop out but 'together'... that's all Matt wanted was to be together and that meant I had to find a way to give him a comfortable life for us to be together in but unfortunately the money my father had left me wouldn't be mine for a few more years. Clever bastard knew exactly what I would get into until I could get that money and I'm sure he knew once I got a taste I wouldn't be able to quit. I needed some fast-easy cash and that meant it was time to get into the 'family business'... the mafia. I'd found several numbers of old relatives and friends that could help me get into the business. I'd called them and spent the last year doing favors and small jobs that could get them to trust me. It did help being the kid of someone who was well respected. I probably climbed the ladder really fast because of that, in fact that's why I insisted we move to LA I had been offered a great job... in which I didn't know much about just that I wold be making a lot of money and Matt didn't and could not know about it. I'd broken the promise of me never getting into this shit to save another, the more important "we will always be together" promise.

I don't think it will be to difficult to hide Matt from the Mafia and the Mafia from Matt.

There were a few other reasons to move to LA though, like the whether. Yeah-yeah I was complaining about it but honestly I like being hot a lot better then being cold especially when I have Matt to towel off on. Another reason was I had wanted to get married to Matt but recently same sex marriage had become illegal. So that wasn't gonna happen soon but it will someday.

"Well the interview doesn't start until twelve but I'm gonna leave a few hours early so I can find my way there. Do you want me to make you breakfast or lunch before I leave?" Matt asked emptying a box of dishes. I have no idea when Matt learned to cook but he was great at it!

"Nah, I don't think you're gonna be cooking for awhile... but I don't mind eating chocolate until we can go shopping. Maybe we should try and get a car first so you don't have to take the bus."

"Yeah a car sounds good to me, but for now how about some take out? I'm not like you! I can't survive on chocolate bars."

"Sure we can take a break and look for somewhere to eat."

"Yeah!" Matt slammed a drawer closed.

Which somehow reminding me to ask him "Hey, I keep forgetting to ask but what exactly is your job interview for?"

"Oh-uh!" Matt's face went a little red "I uh- don't know really." Hes lying but I'll find out soon enough.

"Okay lets go."

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