"Do you want me to quit the mafia?" He asked me that but how could I make that choice for him?

So I said: "Whatever you want to do will make me happy."

"I'll take that as a 'Yes.' then." he sighed.

"Mello," I raised my hands in defense.

"No its okay Matt I agree. One disfigurement is enough for a lifetime."

"But Mello how are you going to do that?" I asked.

"Well, I'll be honest it won't be a total quit that just can't happen, we would be killed, but it'll be like the office version. I probably won't be in as much danger either." he added in a small voice.

That little tidbit almost made me scream for him to quit. "Whatever you want my love."

That's how the conversation played out and it seems like he still hasn't made a decision. I'd ask him but, today he's getting out of the hospital and I don't want to stress him out anymore. "Hey, Mello!" I greeted "I took all of today off so I could get you home safe an' sound."

Mello sat on the edge of his bed and smiled slightly at me "Thank you."

"Awww!" I swooned. "How do your burns feel today? Any better?"

"Yeah but even they did it wouldn't matter. I'm happy to be going home with you."

"Mello!" I cried and sat down next to him "Why do you say such sweet things!?"

"Because I love you."

"Shut up! You're gonna make me sick!" I stuck my tongue out. "Did they say when you can be checked out yet?"

Mello shrugged "Pretty soon I just have to get my prescriptions."

"That makes you sound like an old man." I mused.

Mello looked at me solemnly "You'll take care of me when I am right?"

"If you promise to take care of me." I grinned and raised my eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

"Weeeelllll," the doctor started while walking in the room and he was followed by the nurse who Mello said was a bitch. "you seem ready to go. All you need to do is apply this to the affected areas until it runs out. Lucky for you its healed up pretty nicely already."

"So I can go now?"

"Yes you can." Mello sighed happily. "Okay be careful now." the doctor smiled then left quickly.

Mello got up from the bed and stood next to me "Lets go." I followed him out of the room and into the elevator "Where are you parked?"

"Not to far."

"Good." he muttered. Is he making small talk?

"Are you okay Mello? You're acting a little--"

"I'm fine." he assured.

"If you say so." I grabbed onto his hand as we walked out into the parking lot. "I'm so glad you're coming home! I've missed you so much."

"Yeah I know." Mello said tightening his hand around mine "I missed you too."

We walked to the car and quickly started our way home "So Mello I've been wondering... have you made your decision about the mafia yet?"

I could feel his eyes on me "I thought I made it clear to you before?" I looked over at him for a quick second but then looked forward again. "Since our last discussion about this I've talked to Rod and he agreed to put me in charge of fixing games and s-some other things I can't tell you about."

I sighed "I'm glad I guess...maybe you can just kind of drift out of the mafia. Whatever I don't want to think about it at this second. The important thing is you're coming home." we came to a stop at a red light and I couldn't help but look over at him and sigh out "Mihael." in a long exaggerated way.

He looked at me, pausing his biting into a chocolate bar that I had bought for him. He took it from in-between his lips, something I'd never seen him do before. He asked "What is it Mail?" Even though we both dislike our names because of the memories and people attached to them. But when we used them for each other, for some reason it was like-- like our names really did belong to us.

"I love you." I said quickly and grinned at him.

"I love you too."


I parked the car in the usual spot and we got out. I rushed to Mello's side but he only pushed me off of him "I'm fine!" he growled.

"Mello don't get so defensive. I just don't want you to trip."

"I won't." Shit I think I'm making him feel like a whimp. What should I say now? I thought as we made our way into the apartment.

"Mello do you-- uh-mm want something to eat?"

"No." he sighed sitting down on the floor with his back against the couch. "C'mere." I walked into the living room and sat on the floor next to him "Matt," he pulled me to him "will you take care of me? Now?"

"I will forever." I moved down his body to his pants. Its been a while since the last time I just did this. I unzipped his pants. "Mello you're so tough! I don't think you'll ever need me to take care of you though. It'll always be the other way around." I rubbed him in my hands "You don't really need me all that much... well only when it comes to this but you could have anyone." I bent down and took him into my mouth.

"Matt, don't say such stupid things. I need you a lot, more then you realize and not just for sex either." he pulled me off of him "I thought you knew that." Mello frowned.

"I-I'm sorry. I just--"

"Anyway with this thing on my face I really doubt anyone would want to get with me."

I frowned "Mello you're still good looking!"


Matt is so nice. I hugged him, tightly "Matt," I sighed and kissed him. Matt wriggled in my arms then I heard my shirt being unzipped followed by it sliding off. "that doesn't matter to me anyway because for some reason you love me and that's all I want."

"Mello." he placed his arms tightly around my neck and we kissed again. I grasped the hem of his shirt, pulling it off. Matt stood up and took his pants off giving me a chance to kick off my own. "Hmm you really know how to make me feel loved." he sat on my thighs "I think we both need to feel loved right now though." Matt touched my hair with his finger tips. "Pretty." he muttered before tightly gripping my cock.

"You don't want preparation?"

"I'll be fine. We've done it like this before." he slowly shoved my cock deep into his ass "Unh-ha!" he mewled until he was sitting completely on my dick. "Mello it feels like your dick is bigger then before... you have missed me." he grinned. Matt's eyes were glazed over and he licked his lips deliciously.

"See I wasn't lying... but actually I was gonna say I thought maybe you've gotten tighter." I groaned and grabbed his hips.

"Hmm." I lifted him up then let him fall back down "Agh!" he moaned, kissing my cheek. Matt moved to my neck and began to work at it making soft mewls as I continued my thrusting into him "Oh Mello! Harder." he cried.

I grabbed onto his shoulders, pulling him onto me roughly making him yelp. "Matt," I groaned, running my hand down to his hand and intertwining our fingers. I looked into his glazed eyes "I love you."

Matt continued to bounce on me. His free hand found its way into my hair, gripping it tightly "I love you too. Ngha!" he moaned at my grinding. His grip on my hair tightened and he pulled at it.

I felt some of the light pressure from my bandage loosen making me gasp in realization "No Matt stop!" I ordered.

Matt's grip immediately loosened "Did I pull to hard?" he asked letting go completely and the bandage slid down around my neck. Shit! I thought horrified.

I tilted my head down "Don't look Matt."

"But Mello." he whimpered.

"We should stop so I can fix m-my bandages... I don't want you to have to look at this while I'm trying to pleasure you." I grabbed at his thighs and started to pull out of him.

"Mello stop!" he cried. "I told you th-that the scar doesn't bother me." he cupped my face, turning it back up to look at him. Matt smiled at me, leaning forward he licked up the side of the burn then gave it a few kisses that lightly stung. "Now stop being such a baby and just fuck me!" I hesitated, still holding Matt up with just my tip inside "Mello." he cooed. "Don't be self conscious babe. You're still the same!... its all the same."

"I-Its not! I don't want you to be turned off by me." I sighed.

Matt reached down to one of my hands "Here," he wrapped my fingers around his member "see? I'm still hard. No matter how hard you try you'll still be a master of sexing me up." he smiled, the blush on his cheeks turning even redder.

I laughed "You're way to nice." I dropped him back onto my shaft. Matt screamed and scratched at my back "I'm sorry I'm not."

"That's how I love you. My sadistic master." he gurgled as I bucked into him. "Mello harder! Faster!" he gasped "Please! Ugh a-and pump me more! Shi-hit! Awh my gawd Mello!" he tightened around me unbearably.

"Are you gonna cum?"

"Mmm s-soon!" he nibbled at my ear.

"Ugh! Matt." I wrapped an arm around him and laid him on the floor "Fuck you're tight." I tightened my grip on his cock.

"Ngh-nnm! Mello I'm gonna cum." he whispered.

Matt tightened around me and screamed my name making me spill inside of him as my orgasm tore through me. "Fuck!"

I pulled out of Matt after a few minutes of calming down. He sighed "Mihael I love you." I actually smiled at his using my real name. He held the left side of my jaw, pulling me in for a kiss.

We pulled away. Matt softly rubbed my marred skin with his thumb "I love you too, Mail."

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