The Wastelands


One year later

Zoe stood looking out her window, over the city. She was back in the same building that had been her only sanctuary for the past few years.

The city was still diminishing, only at a slower rate than it had been previously. A few humans could be seen wandering around aimlessly, looking for some kind of safety. Zoe pitied them, but knew only they were in control of their destinies, just as she was in control of her own.

Takuya came up behind her, lowering his lips to her bare neck. He kissed it softly, brushing his lips against her scar. Zoe shuddered, feeling his cold lips on her.

"What are you up to?" Takuya asked.

Zoe sighed. "Just looking down at the city."

The chestnut-haired vampire looked outside. "Yeah, but it's far too diminished for there to be much hope left for it. We'll just have to leave and go somewhere else."

The blond nodded. She could hear screams ringing through the night. Her eyes closed.

"You okay?" Takuya asked.

"I'll be fine." She ran her fingers though Takuya's hair. "Where are the guys?"

"They went out for something to eat. We might want to grab something soon as well."

"Yeah, that would be a good idea," she replied.

Takuya smirked. "Well, you've been a vampire for almost a year now, and you still refuse to put on that outfit I got for you."

"That's for later tonight," she teased, brushing past him.

"I'm gonna take your word for it then. You better put it on or you'll be in big trouble," he quipped.

Zoe faced him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You may be stronger and faster than me Takuya Kanbara, but I am still more trained when it comes to kicking a vampire's ass. So don't fuck with me." She gave him a playful peck on the lips.

"We'll see." Takuya shrugged his jacket on. "Let's get going."

The blond nodded, putting her own coat on.

He took her into his arms. "Ready?"

Zoe nodded. Although she no longer needed him to travel anymore, she liked it better this way. Before she knew it they were off, the world swishing past them as if they were on a racetrack. She could hear screams howling past them, each one seemingly more anguished than the ones before them. Zoe sighed, laying her head on Takuya's chest.

She knew that as much as she wanted to save them all, it was impossible. She was their angel in disguise, and a predator underneath. Their savior, and their bane of existance. A light in their darkness, and a killer in cold blood.

"Almost there," she heard Takuya whisper in her ear.

Zoe smiled to herself. Moments later, they were both feeding on a young couple. Takuya had the girl in his clutches and thirstily sucked out as much as he could. The boyfriend was shaking in fear.

"Shh. It'll all be over soon." Zoe took his head into her hands and sank her teeth deep into his neck.

The guy was writhing in pain, unsuccessfully trying to escape. He soon began to enter a realm of darkness and took one last look at the blond. Her eyes were closed as she forcefully drained his body. She was a creature in the night, and his angel of death. Zoe Orimoto had been reborn.

finally its over! yay! *jumps up and down* i honestly had no idea how to end it. i hope the epilogue wasn't too disapponiting. i wanted to end it in a way where i have the option for a sequel if i wanted to do one in the future. now i can work on my next story. the next one is a mature rated one-shot. i know i won't get many view or reviews or anything, but there are no other stories on takumi for that kind of content (none of which i could find at least) so fuck it, ill write one. will contain sexual content and not for the kiddies. since its only a one shot, i can have my next one after that up in running in no time. this one will be more like my usual stories, with the violence, the twists, and the suspense. it will be rated either T or M depending on how violent it is. probably T so i get more viewers. but anyway. those stories will be coming out soon. until then bye!